Monday, 31 December 2018

31st December 2018 - Round up of the Year

Thought for the day:"When I reverse Park it is Krap"

A recap of 2018 ...
we started with a quiet New Year's Day with no additional guests
An article in the Local Paper about myself - and my father Eric Sewell
5th January saw the funeral of my mother
Flat Clearing
Official Business in the Order of Athelstan - acting Grand Organist
A walk along Burry Port Beach - of Turbines and Stormy Times
Youtube shuts off the money for small sites - I will never be rich..
Start Project Album - transferring my mother's Photo albums
Burn's Night - with translation and more Burns
Saga of the Gas Board

Gas Board and Street History - Water Troughs and Road Works
Enough is Enough - Grand Lodge becomes pro-active..
Parking and Paths
Crimson Moon Day Out - walking on the beach
More Gas Troubles
Change of Policies in Grand Lodge
When I'm 64 - Post Modern Jukebox birthday and Flaming Eagles
Great Swansea Earthquake survived
Of Parking and Paramedics
Confirmation of place at Mythodea

St David's Day - Crete Style
Grand Outing - Athelstan - Sussex
Bard of the Year
LARP AWARDS Bard of the Year full ist
Winnie the Pooh - under the sign of Sanders
Vic stops Driving
On Bell-ringing
Founders Meeting in Bangor
Farewell to the Hoodies - Parlour Concerts

Surprise Visits - Exmouth and from Crete
On selling Vic's Car
Athelstan in Winchester
Green Moons and 420
Colonials and Bridgnorth Road Trip
On eating Cheese - Etiquette
Eulogy for Geoff Steel
Forgotten Force - Dyfed Powys commemorates 50 years and tells no-one

London for Scarlet Cord Promotion
Film of Crete with Family Stars
CP1 and Larp Book
Athelstan Photos
Barton and some Family History
Fan Videos and Purple People Eaters
Photos from CP3
Walk with the dog
Roof at the Warehouse leaking
Awaiting the Electrician
Hidden Masonic Temples and Dancing Girls
Of Jelly Moulds.. Jelly Art
Windy in Crete

Death of Malice
Of Crete and Food
A week in Crete is not enough
Bad Hair Days
Secret Monitor and Swords
Miss CP for first time in years - and shirts
On Father's Day - and commercialism
Ti a dy ddoniau - stage 1
Ambulances for the Country - Masonic Donation
Eulogy - Malice
Design Plans - Order of Athelstan
Open Mike - Kilkenny Cat
Profile for Mythodea - Vollsanger

White Rabbits
Euro-tunnel bought
Mythodea - a Retrospect
First Tracks Mastered
Consecration in Bangor
CP Images and a Poorly Bothy

Travels to Mythodea
Pirate Hand fasting

Crete Photos
Renewal Photos
Birthday Celebrations - Scarlett
Food in Crete
It's a small world
Photos of Crete
Llanelli Pubs
Photos - Sitting in a field
Viking Weddings
Susie through the Ages
New Trust in Dr John Lloyd's Name
Carmarthen Cheese Riots
Pirate Weddings
Commemorative Jewel
Hy Brasil - House of Interest

Swansea Jack
Ronnie Biggs and Mary Jane Kelly - the Masonic Influence
History of the Mark Degree in Llanelli
T-Pac and Crime Stoppers
Mythodea Photos and Safety Issues
On Royals and Icing
Floods in Carmarthen
Harry Potter dance Off
Dining in Bangor
Surbiton and Heads of Order
A Bright Spark - Being an electrician
Grand Court Images 

Crete and Fishing
Crete and Sunshine
Crete and Fireworks
Remembrance and an Empty Chair
The Game - A Detective Story
Travelling Gavel
Medieval Banquet - Bangor
Fenrah - Thoughts after US Accident
Jean Payne - Memorial Service

Royal & Select Masters
A rare bit of political comment 
Severn Bridge Free
Parcels and Parking
Southern Road Trip
Susie UnWhamm'd
Best Bard Ever - Larp Forge Shout out
Jan's Photo Albums - Oberammagau in a Kilt
Pressing more CD's - Sleeve Notes Completed

and that was 2018


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