Sunday, 4 March 2018

4th March 2018 - Winner LARP Bard for 2018

Thought for the day:"My wife just said "You weren't even listening were you?" I thought "That's a funny way to start a conversation"!

A sorry evening in last night - coughing and trying to skip the cough which is clearly a form of minor Bronchitis - watching some silly film on the telly because it was easier to wrap  up in a blanket on the settee rather than freeze at my desk - and not the laptop is still not firing up !! Should have got myself a USB boot disk sorted when I had the chance.....

But then - around about 11pm I get the news that I have at last been successful as Bard of the Year in the UK LARP Awards for 2018. I had hoped to get there - though I did not think I would come any closer this yer than the last couple - I have been nominated before but most of the judges are from LT or Empire which I do not play or have taste...

But no!!  Apparently I have been declared the winner ...

and 296 congratulations later the messages are still coming in - so that is a nice pat on the back....

So far I have managed "Lifetime Achievement Award" - 2013
Nominated BARD (unplaced) 2015
Nominated BARD (unplaced) 2016
Nominated BARD (winner) 2018

Not bad for an old man ...

Meanwhile - to get back into the mood for Mythodea - I edited a song from my old friends Saitenweise
 to be a Dwarf

Oh - the laptop finally got alive enough to say that it was dead and needed proper TLC

Ho Hum and a Cough Cough


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