Monday, 30 June 2014

30th June 2014 - Where there's a will there's a Wagon

Thought for the day:
"In Crucial Things - Unity
In Serious Things - Diversity
In all Things - Generosity"

A sensible thought for the end of June....

So, another month ends and we find ourselves half way through the year and downhill all the way to Christmas. Glastonbury is over, World cup and Wimbledon are almost over and there may, just may, be some television back on our sets in due time...

Yesterday included some practical workmanship again, and some effort on the Voll's Wagen. The exterior is about finished now - requiring some form of catch to close it and secure the door open so that it can hold the zither or lyre.... But some use of stain and varnish and the exterior now has a name...

[previously - the concept] 

Decided that the VW logo would be appropriate and a little funny so started with the W and the circlet.
Added in the V over the top and taped off the circle and cleared the surface.
A bit of judicial staining across the entire logo ....
Then for the front, we have the motif id the Western Alliance for Mythodea. The original is coloured but this one will be just the outline.
The bottom is completed  - only needing some more varnish ....
And the completed carry-all ... Only need to do the inside, carpet and felting and then see how many instruments we can pack inside before it all falls apart......

Might try some of that today... see if the weather holds...

Place and sign of the day
The Scottish village of Lost

Sunday, 29 June 2014

29th June 2014 - A Green One at Glastonbury ????

Thought for the day:
"I answered the phone today and all I heard was sneezing - I hate cold callers…"

So it is the last day of Glastonbury 2014 - and the furor last night over whether Metallica - a heavy metal band, should be headlining at Glastonbury seems to have shocked part of the nation. I seem to be missing the relevance of this in the same way I seem to have missed the World Cup, by having no realisation that there might have been an issue.

Over the years we have been to many Glastonbury's. Both as a paying guest, steward and on one occasion accidentally by showing my warrant card to prove my identity while waiting outside the gates. I do not recall ever using my warrant card in this fashion ever in my 30 years career as a police officer, not with the intention of saying "Here is my card - let me in!!" However, it was at a time when you could still get tickets at reasonable prices at the gates, and some security people challenged me as to why I was hanging around so I explained who I was and that I was waiting for my daughter and did what I always did - proved my identity with my card.

To which he opened the gate !!!  Of course it meant that we could not go out again as we had not proper official tag - but those were also the days where the official 100,000 visitors were increased by another 120,000 who jumped the fences.. Those were gentler times...

But, back to Metallica. Why shouldn't a heavy metal band be playing ??  I have always spent more time in the Circus and Performing fields that at the music stages, so I will admit that I did not know that heavy metal bands had not previously played as headliners. A few years ago when Jay Zee headlined as a rapper act I raised my eyes as I wasn't sure that the majority of Glastonbury festival goers were "into" rap - but that did not worry me. I simply went to one of the other stages. Apparently he went down well - and the bit I watched of Metallica on TV last night seemed to be fairly good.

I mean, some of my favourite moments in Glastonbury were Johnny Cash; David Bowie; I preferred a small set with John Tamms (40 shillings on the drum) to Neil Diamond; and I note that Dolly Parton plays today!!
I enjoyed listening to Tony Benn , and remember singing Puff the Magic Dragon to a crowd in the Green Fields - only because I heard them mention it as I was passing. An hour later - "we had sung up every song those punters knew.."    A good time...
The logistics of the event are immense. I recall being there on the occasion that there was a shooting incident in one of the main market areas - and thinking to myself "How would you approach that enquiry?" Even closing off the scene would be well nigh impossible and 30,000 people could have trampled over any evidence. "Make a list of possible suspects.....  urr ..yes"  These were the days, as I mentioned, when more visitors came over the fences than through the gates and this was also prior to the days of data bases of ticket holders....

And prices have changed from the early days ..
And of course there is parking as well and the distance that everything has to be carried in. In our case we naturally "Glamp" it taking far too much stuff in with us - but having the luxury of our own toilet facilities for emergency, and hygiene, as well as sufficient space to invite passers by to have a "Gin and Tonic on the Veranda"
We also went in as soon as the gates were open allowing me to get fairly close to the gates and only have 5 trips with a laden wheel barrow !!

Some things do not change though. The Mud!. To be fair it has not always been muddy at a Glastonbury that I have been to - but most of them it was. It is Winbledon Weekend and Mid June - of course it is going to rain. And the earth at Worthy Farm just turns into clay !!! This year is no exception!!

Yes - I recall this !!  I have never one for wading around in the mud and covering over - the thought of what you are going to wear for the rest of the weekend is daunting enough without trying to brush out 6 inches of mud!!   I have always had good water proofs - but it is easier to strip off to the minimum as it is not cold, and it is easier to dry skin .....

But I have had good Glastonbury's. Many a time I have woken to see the dawn while sitting in the Green Fields, on the stone circle or just on the veranda. True there were many years where as we sat around the campfire and some nefarious substance was being passed around - I have found it easier to walk from the firepit and commune withe the stars. I recall one year, while with my daughters who were fairly young at that time, and a young man came stumbling into the camp area asking "Anyone know where I can score some sh*t??" I replied -"Head over to the style between this field and the next - there are some guys down there selling.."

I got a very shocked "Daddie !!!!"    from both my daughters...
I said "What???  I don't want him here !! Better that he goes and bothers someone else !!  "
Seemed reasonable to me - There was no way anyone could arrest every drug taker at the festival. It was clear that no one was trying...

But if I were to go again, I think it would now have to be in the Bothy. I am too old now to try and slum and I think I would kill myself trying to hump Bertha our current tent into the site...  No, I shall just watch on television and enjoy in the comfort of my home .. Unless of course, Vollsanger should be asked to Headline on the Pyramid stage - singing "And A Green One" to a mass crowd of 90,000. Then I would go !!! And enjoy the all -access laminate and visit the Circus and Performance areas again...

That would cause more consternation than Jay-Zee or Metallica!!! 

So - a flash back to 2008 - and happy days in Glastonbury - the year we took the Crimson Moon ...Not for trading but for a base camp...

Here's to a warm bed, good toilets and a glass of Scotch to see you to bed.... Cheers.

Place and Sign of the day 
Beer in Devon
Devon is also well-known for being the home of beer – well, a village called Beer at any rate. There's some division over where the name comes from, but it's probably linked to the Ango-Saxon beauru ("grove").

Saturday, 28 June 2014

28th June 2014 - Silver Celebrations, Serving and Society...

Thought for the day :
"Are you insured for sex? Make sure you get the Correct Insurance for the sex you are having. Please find a list of companies below catering for most tastes:- 
Sex with your wife - Legal and General ....Sex on the telephone - Direct Line .... Sex with your Partner - Standard Life.....Sex with someone Different - Go Compare ... Sex with a Fat bird - More Than ... Sex On the back seat of a car - Sheila's Wheels .... Sex with a posh bird - Privilege ....Sex with a transvestite -"

A long and interesting day. As  a guitarist I continually find myself being asked to play organ for ceremonies, and in many cases it is like a one eyed man in the land of the blind....  Borrowing my mother's Yamaha Keyboard - not a particularly fancy one - but having a voice as "Church Organ" setting, and a friend kindly loaning me a Roland keyboard amplifier - the set up seemed to work. A quick re-working of "Abide with me" in D and the National Anthems and off we went..

The Mark Province of Dyfed celebrates 25 years since its inauguration, and today all four Provincial Grand Masters were present for the annual Provincial Meeting.

So congratulations to the Province of Mark on its silver anniversary .....

We have benefited well in the past from the Mark Benevolent Fund. Only recently £1.4 million was spent on providing the new Lifeboat at Angle - The Mark Mason ..
Mark Mason - Tamar Class 16-11
Previously I wrote about the Benevolent fund and the decision to spend £2.3 million that has been raised from within the order on providing Mobile Chemotherapy Units that will assist cancer sufferers in their own area - particularly in the rural communities. Vollsanger Blog - Mark Well....
Today we had the announcement that negotiations are under way in our own area to provide a Chemotherapy Unit to serve within Dyfed. Sadly it appears that though the fund and the charity are willing - the stumbling block at the moment may be within the Hywel Dda Health Trust itself. This seems such a pity when the Charity not only provides the vehicle, fully fitted, and the running costs for two years, as well as nurse support vehicles.

One can only hope that red tape does not prevent the introduction here.

We had the pleasure of being addressed by the President of the Mark Benevolent Fund RW Bro John Prizeman - who was one of those instrumental in creating interest in the charity. As he informed the meeting, the initial needs were identified in Provinces where some patients were required to travel round trips of up to 80 miles..  Those living in our own province know that round trips of twice that distance, and even more are required for many to visit and receive treatment. Many brethren and their families have been among those who have had to manage these distances on a regular basis - at a time when they are feeling at their lowest.

It is clear to me that our need is great and it is in areas such as our province that all members of society can benefit.

An additional snippet of information from today's meeting  was that, similar to the ubiquitous girl names upon the Eddie Stobart vehicle fleet - each of the current 8 Chemotherapy units are also named individually. Each with the name of a patient - each of whom lost the battle with cancer, but with the lady's name endorsed upon the vehicle as a lasting memorial...  I found this touching...

And so another day comes to an end - but I do have the quiet satisfaction of being a party to a great organisation and fellowship

And so the day comes to a close - and with a glass of scotch in hand I can reflect "Mark Well and behold with thine eyes, and hear with thine ear..."

The thoughts and views expressed in my blogs are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Mark Degree of Freemasonry - 
Place and sign of the day 

Friday, 27 June 2014

27th June 2014 - Of Pencils, Precipitation and Perfomances

Thought for the day:
"I went to the cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on a grave. As I was standing there I noticed 4 grave diggers walking about with a coffin..... 3 hours later and they're still walking about with it......I thought to myself, these guys have lost the plot!!"

Always thought my wife was the weather witch. You know the type - looks into the sky and says - rain's coming in - with the same conviction of Radar hearing the helicopters in MASH. Always used to be very useful when we were putting up or taking down the marquees. Sometimes there was nothing that could be done - but occasionally an extra spurt meant that the canvass went into the van dry - which was always a bonus as we had little room to dry it at home.

But I was musing on the question of rain yesterday, and sure enough - Glastonbury starts today and we have a much cooler day and light rain to sprinkle over the garden. It is much fresher, but for some reason the pollen count must be very high as I am sitting at the keyboard sneezing....

I try to avoid tablets and drugs of any fashion. Wave an aspirin under my nose and I shall probably fall asleep. But the Fexofenadine Hydrochloride sit by my laptop and on a day like this I wash one down with cheap diet cola. Apparently I should not take indigestion remedies within two hours before or after taking my tablet. I wonder what that is about!... Still, I do not take indigestion remedies so I do not think it will affect me.

Learned some new things yesterday. Apparently I am "on a pencil"
This is terminology to which I was previously oblivious!!!
I saw a posting that a casting company was looking for "Elderly men with long hair". I thought "That sounds a little like me" I have one piece of previous experience in filming, which was as an "Associate Artist" ( they don't call us "extras" these days! ) in the filming of Henry 5th for BBC2.  I was the barrow man ! My job was to take a barrow from one side of the road to the other. I got very good at it over the 23 takes that they required. Two days shooting as well. I think it was £150 I got after stoppages and fed well for two days.

But back to the advert - I duly went onto the website and filled in my details. Found a lot of information and read the rules.
a) They will send you notification to see if you are available.
b) you say yes.
c) if they want you they say "Be available" and your are apparently "on the pencil" - I presume the English Speaker would say that you are pencilled in...  
d) I will again presume that a director gets all the pictures of those who are "on the pencil" and chooses who they want by look.
e) So far - I have been released ! which means they don't want me...

But the rules are - if you are on the pencil you cannot back out - you are committed but they can say no at any time. I suppose it is fair .

So Yesterday I was "on the pencil" to be "Fit Older Man who gets stabbed in the crowd" for Da Vinci Demons to be filmed in Swansea. Seemed a fair idea and local. Two hour fitting on Firday ( today) for £30 and a day shooting in Swansea next week for £94. Not bad - but I was "released"

So waiting now as I am "on the pencil" to be "man in Townsfolk" for the filming of Atlantis TV series in Chepstow on Monday.  Same rate £94, but sadly no travelling expenses so I will lose some of that in travel. If I have to go - that will be a shock to the system as I have to be there at 6.30am !!!

Meanwhile I have appeared on the posters for Hanes Kidwelly - the "Old Kidwely festival".
I shall be taking Bertha the Tent as the Tavern for the Crimson Moon as it does not require any stakes to hold it down.
Not bad position in the listing... 
There is also a write up in the Cymru Culture Forum 

Cedweli town was founded by the Normans in 1106, who swept aside whoever and whatever was there beforehand, becoming the first Norman borough west of Offa's Dyke. Cedweli, in the ancient kingdom of Deheubarth, is celebrated in the Mabinogi. Through its hills and valleys rode and strode Rhiannon and Manawydan, Pwyll and Pryderi. Less fictional, but almost as mythical, are the characters who loved and fought their way through blood, bed and tears, as Deheubarth came to terms with the never-ending Norman greed for land - ours and anyone else's - and to make slaves of us all:

"The fun and games will come from the likes of two of Cedweli's and Cymru's finest up-and-coming bands, Fastabenj and Three Smiles Wide, see them now before they get too famous, and tickets to their gigs too expensive!

With them, on and off-stage, the brilliant Ysgawen minstrels, the comic Lazarus, stage hypnotist, Fanny and her Squeeze Box (no comment), Côr Meibion Dyffryn Tywi, Monster DJ and the Shabbies, the excellent Dai Sharkey, Original Home Brew, Rattlin' Bog, Professor Knowitalacus, Famous Last Words, Côr Pedair Heol, and last but not least, Paul & Steve, and the indescribable Vollsanger."

I can live with that.  Cheers!

Place and sign of the day

Thursday, 26 June 2014

26th June 2014 - Of Abseiling and Alternative Addresses

Thought for the day:
"Someone just called me childish...........I almost choked on my lego"

If you have a meeting called the "Pembroke Consistory", one might expect it to be in Pembroke !!! Yesterday was a little "senior" as I happily made my way down to Pembroke Dock with a few minutes to spare for a 5pm meeting. Arriving at the destination I was a little perturbed by the lack of cars which normaly prevent any parking near to the hall. My confidence was further shot by the chain and padlock clearly on the gate.  A check of the notice of invitation and the date was definitely correct.. The 26th June 2014.

Further down the notice I see the invitation to attend the meeting at Windy Street - FISHGUARD!!

Oops!!  I haven't travelled on the Cleddau bridge since the day I abseiled from the side into a police inflatable launch several years ago. I believe we did it for the Children's Hospice - the Noah's Ark Appeal. It was certainly high and as I am not the best with heights, the initial steps over the side were quite daunting.
The hanging in the air was not too bad, though the lowering on the ratchet was preferable to the normal rambo style rapelling - I was not skilled enough for that ...

Whichever way you look at it - it was pretty high !!
Sadly - somewhere in the galleries of photos over the years there will be a photograph of me actually getting onto the rope and dropping - but sadly it is not on the original website and my indexing system seems insufficient to be able to find that image....
BUt this was a fine fellow who could have been me !!!
Another view from the top - and as I recall it was not very warm....
And that boat looked very small and bobbed around a lot - but it was a venture well achieved and raised a lot of money for the hospice appeal..

But yesterday I was just crossing the bridge - and was fairly pleased to find that the  toll was only 75p. Of course 5pm is not the best time to be trying to cross Haverfordwest and travel up the coast to Fishguard... but all is well that ends well - I was a little late but still in time for dinner...

Pollen count is very high again today - I am sitting and spluttering into my diet cola .....

Ho Hum ... Not to complain.... It could be raining which at least would water the garden.....
It will no doubt rain over the weekend - It is of course Glastonbury Weekend and I will not miss the mud if it does rain ....

Place and Sign of the day

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

25th June 2014 - Of Hobbit Homes and Hope....

Thought for the day:
"Now I know what a statesman is; he's a dead politician. We need more statesmen"  Bob Edwards

A day of pleasant news in many ways. From the social media and newspapers I read that what is currently known affectionately  as "The Hobbit Home" of Charli and Meg in Pembrokeshire has got through another stage of its progress to prevent demolition...

Built on their parent's land and built to replace a leaky caravan (legal) which was on the same grounds, and to coincide with the birth of their first baby, it looks to be a lovely and eco-friendly building.

Sadly the local authority do not agree. Pembrokeshire County Council’s planning and rights of way committee met yesterday to discuss retrospective planning permission for the controversial one bedroom roundhouse, Pwll Broga, situated near Glandwr.
The council’s director of development is recommending that permission be refused, stating that the roundhouse is: “An unjustified development in the countryside contrary to the rural restraint strategy of the Local Development Plan.”

Megan Williams and her partner Charlie Hague initially built the roundhouse without planning permission. In 2012 the council ordered that it be demolished. A subsequent appeal was turned down by the planning inspector last summer.
They have now applied for retrospective planning permission under the Welsh Government One Planet Development (OPD) initiative.  Sadly - it seems that such an application requires more paperwork and red tape and different facilities from those created by Charlie and Meg..

OPD’s are low impact developments that either enhance or, through low impact, do not diminish environmental quality. However applicants have to fulfill stringent criteria and submit extremely detailed paperwork to qualify for OPD.
The director of development says the roundhouse does not qualify for OPD status, due in part to a lack of detailed paperwork!! 
“Despite its relatively low visual impact it erodes the rural character of its surroundings and represents an unsustainable form of development in terms of distance from day to day facilities.”
In his report he concludes that: “Anyone contemplating an OPD will be aware that, in order to satisfy Welsh Government planning policy and guidelines, a considerable volume of documentation and data recording is necessary. The level of information provided falls significantly short of the standard required to meet the essential characteristics of an OPD.”
However - on June 18th we can see what this means as the planning committee unanimously agreed to the development of a solar complex...
"The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has given the green light to a sustainable housing project in the north of the county.Members sitting on the planning committee unanimously approved Ty Solar’s proposals for six homes at Glanrhyd at their meeting on Wednesday, June 18.
Panel members spoke of the high quality of the development which would provide two and three bedroom homes for people living in the local area. Residents would benefit from free solar-powered electricity, Super BT Broadband and car sharing a subsidised electric car."
So what does this look like??
Yes - I see what they mean - obviously eco-friendly and fits right into the natural environment!!!

Now I do not really know the legality - but I would once more revisit the building of the "Hobbit Home"
If only in pictures which are taken from their Facebook pages...
I think pictures tell a thousand words so I will let them tell the story..

I think it is a shame - and I wish them well for the site meeting in July -

For more information their facebook pages are at Charlie & Meg's Roundhouse

Also more information and pictures on the Being Somewhere Website

On personal thoughts I do not understand why it cannot be granted in the same way that forestry buildings are sometimes granted, with a lien and rule that it is for their use only and should be taken down in the event that they decide that they wish to move. This would prevent the fear that it has been done for the purpose of selling on and flouting planning laws for gain ... But then again - I never did like red tape...
  Come the Zombie Apocolypse.......

But I will lift a glass of Chateau 41 - I see Susie has sterilized the bottles so may have another batch today - or maybe tomorrow ....      Cheers!!

Place and sign of the day

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

24th June 2014 - Of Watering, Wagens and Waffle

Thought for the day:
"If a tree falls on a woman and no one is around to hear her, what is a tree doing in the kitchen?"

Gonna get shot for that one !!!!

Another sunny day. The rain did not come so I shall have to start taking water across the road and up to the plotment. I should not complain. There are children all over the world that walk further for less clean water every day - and the news of the day is that the search for the 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria has been called off. Yet football is still the top story - with a snippet of Royals with the Queen visiting the Crumlin Road Prison meeting the first and second minister of Northern Ireland - both of them previous inmates of the Prison in what is laughingly simply described as the "Troubles".

Meanwhile, my tickets for Mythodea have arrived so it looks as though I am officially going. I shall once more be able to escape into the realm of the Ratio, the Viinshar and a fantasy world where I can write songs about beautiful girls and drink mead. If I have to choose one or the other, I know which I shall enjoy most...

Next task is to convert the Tesco Vouchers into train tickets for the channel tunnel. Decide when I am going and returning, and finish the Volls Wagen. Had a nice coat of woodstain and varnish and coming along nicely. Still no square edges - but I think the concept is proven....
 Next will be to get the logo on the front - an nice VW sign and some lettering and then carpet the inside to protect the instruments.
But in the meantime I had better get my nose into the book. Seems I have been nominated to cover for an Instruction in the Masonic Order of the Court of Athelston... Got a week - should be enough to learn the ceremony and try to get it right this time.....

But old Athelston was a canny fellow - laid down the rules for Operative Masons back in the 10th century that formed the basis for the standardisation of the guilds... He was King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924 to 927 and King of the English from 927 to 939... 

These are the 9 rules for all Masons - there are another 19 charges for Masters and Fellows....
  • First, that you shall be true men of God and holy Church and that you use no error nor heresy but be discreet and wise men;
  • Also that you should be true liege men to the king of England without treason or falsehood and that you know no treason unless you amend it or warn the king or his Council;
  • Also that you be true to one another, that is to say to every Mason of the Craft you shall do unto them as they should do unto you;
  • Also that you keep the counsel of your fellows truly, in lodge and in chamber or in other councils that ought to be kept by way of Masonhood;
  • Also that no Mason shall be a thief in Company so far as he may know and that he shall be true each to the other and to the lord or master and truly see to his profits and advantages;
  • Also you shall call Masons fellows or brethren and no foul names;
  • Also you shall not take your fellow’s wife in villany nor desire ungodly his daughter or his servant or put him to disworship;
  • Also you shall truly pay for his meat and drink where you go to board;
  • Also you shall do no villany where you go to board whereby the Craft might be slandered.
I'll drink to that ....

Place and Sign of the day

Monday, 23 June 2014

23rd June 2014 - Of Appointments and Asphyxia.

Thought for the day :
"Two Aerials met on a roof, fell in love, & got married The ceremony was
rubbish but the Reception was Brilliant."

Oh well. Another day in Paradise. Sitting in the back garden down in Barton on Sea and the sun is shining and the weather is hot. Had to get up at 8.30am to run the telephone lottery that is calling the Doctor Surgery to try to get an appointment. No idea how much it may have cost. I was using my mobile phone while also trying the home phone down hear and finally got through on my mobile. Not sure if every call gets charged when it is engaged.

Think a large garden is required sometime in the future. Very pleasant sitting out and throwing the ball for 'Thena who does not tire of playing  the same game continually.

Have discovered that my father-in-law's penchant for feeding the pidgeons by tipping handfuls of seed along the path does not help when you have a dog a) that eats everything and anything, and b) who is fed dried dog mix which probably also contains seeds.  Without putting a kind reader off, the garden has needed a spring clean this morning from multiple small deposits with raw seed all around the lawn.... He does not do things by halves - my father in law..He has three huge 30 kg bags of the seed. No wonder the pidgeons are all sitting in the tall tree - wondering if they will be able to fly - or reach terminal velocity first.....

Was slightly confused earlier as someone a few door away has chickens and morning musings were interrupted with the sound of a just laid egg call from some girlies - which sounded very similar to our own - which are probably making a heck of a racket back home.

Still hunting for an overhead projector - for murals to take out to Crete in the autumn for the new baby. Seem to keep missing them on Ebay - though there is one up the road from where we are - though it does not finish until late tonight. We have messaged but are waiting for a reply......

Luckily the area is pretty quiet and not crime ridden. The Bothy is sadly standing with the doors wide open and the windows down. Seems that when I went in to change last night to go out for dinner, I must have nudged the gas control on the cooker. The smell of Calor gas has a distinct smell of onions - I never knew that !! I was aware that gas itself generally has little or no smell and that the smells associated with house gas are as a result of stuff put into to prevent accidental death. But Onions????

Hope it clears soon - I shall have to drive and sleep in it soon .......

So, a doctor's visit and then the return journey.....

Think the Chateau 41 is running low - luckily we have a bottle of rose left from our antipodean visitor's sojourn. Pollen count high !! That is the third sneeze in a couple of minutes....  Pity my meds are back in Llanelli ... Oh well !!  Bless me !!!

Place and sign of the day 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

22nd June 2014 - Of Beaches and Bloomin' great Jelly Fish ...

Thought for the day : " After finding 5 mars bars, 3 snickers a flake and a packet of m&ms I'm starting to think I'm not cut out to be a bounty hunter! "

Sunday, and a trip down the motorway again to visit the South Coast and in-laws. The Bothy is out and about again, and a first major trip for 'Thena to a foreign house..

Meanwhile she has been enjoying the beach and the walks everyday across the cycle track and Millennium paths...
Of course, at this time of year - one can expect some visitors to the shoreline. No tall are attractive and some are very impressive even when dead..
The jelly fish are lining the tideline and to get some idea of the size of these things...
Luckily, of all the things that 'Thena likes to roll in and eat - these creatures seem not to be on her diet ...

But she does enjoy a good romp through the waves..
She now enjoys the swimming, which originally she was a little concerned about. Now she will chase off into the water and have a good flop around.... She also likes chasing some of the birds...

Burry Port sands near the harbour....

So, really just a thought for the day today... as the road will catch up on us ..

Maybe a gin and tonic and a glass of red vino later - cheers!

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