Thursday, 28 May 2020

28th May 2020 - Booking a Dump and Innovation on hospital beds

Thought for the day :"My stomach is flat – but the L is silent"

Office of National Statistics

Got up early enough to book a place in Trostre Dump... My Mum would be proud.. She used to enjoy being taken to the Dump... For reference as I have nowhere to put it and apparently you need it and there is no option to print it out ..

HWRCSB211441565. So it is here when I need it ...

Ahh - the email did come through so there is a form to print out .... Roll on 3.30pm June 1st.

Meanwhile - in other news...
A bit of thought went into this - Cardboard beds that double as a coffin!

A cardboard hospital bed that doubles as a coffin may seem morbid, but as Latin America emerges as the latest coronavirus hotspot, doctors have suggested it may be an innovation whose time has come.

With Covid-19 cases surging across the region, a team of Colombian designers came up with the idea as a grimly pragmatic solution for anticipated shortages of hospital beds and funerary caskets.

“We were shut down for a couple of months like everyone else, until we had this idea,” said Rodolfo Gómez, the founder of ABC Displays, which normally creates cardboard advertising props. “But when we saw what was happening in Ecuador, where bodies were piling up on the streets, we knew we had to prepare somehow.”

Colombia’s southern neighbour was the setting for one of the region’s first major outbreaks in April, when residents in the city of Guayaquil were forced to dump the bodies of their dead in the streets. In that instance, local authorities ended up distributing cardboard coffins to alleviate a shortage of funeral supplies.

Now, caseloads are quickly rising across the region: Brazil is second only to the United States in confirmed cases and deaths, and on Friday World Health Organization officials warned: “In a sense, South America has become a new epicenter for the disease.”

Confirmed cases are climbing at about 1,000 a day, with more than 20,000 people infected and more than 700 killed, suggesting that strict quarantine measures have done little to flatten the curve.

Colombia has about 8,000 intensive care beds for a population of nearly 50 million, and health professionals have already reported shortages in personal protective equipment.

Gómez says the company can produce up to 3,000 beds per month, and that each one, costing about $95, can support up to 150kg (about 330lb).
“People might say that we are making death beds, but we are trying to help during a crisis,” he added.

The company says it is fielding interest from potential clients in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile, and has promised to donate 10 beds to a hospital in Leticia, a hard-hit city in Colombia’s Amazon.

Some observers were unsure what to think of the macabre invention, suggesting that it may be a step too far.

“Is it ingenious or terrifying?” asked one Twitter user. “I still haven’t decided.”

But although the idea is unorthodox, doctors have not dismissed it out of hand.

“Honestly, if cases spiral out of control and there’s a desperate need for beds, and cheaply, then this could prove a pretty ingenious solution,” said Magda Tovar, a doctor in Bogotá, the capital.

In other news - there is more guidance about how to act in the shut -down - or rather there isn't... but you can always try the agony aunts..

I saw this and on the day that Trump has tweeted that he will shut down twitter and other social media platforms... it is a good thing that they are not still making portraits of presidents... (Background - Trump tweets that mail voting is full of fraud - Twitter applies a Fact Check symbol to take you to sites that show this is not true) 

And so it was time to change some profiles on the media pages ...

and then there is the Shut-Down Serenades.... we are up to 36 ... Garrison Nights..

Cheers !

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

27th May 2020 - Artwork around Llanelli

Thought for the day:"My drum fell off a shelf and knocked me unconscious ! I'm ok.. The doctor thinks I've got percussion..."

Office of National Statistics

Let's start with something intellectual
Little known words...

Then we can go on to ..
(reference is that Dominic Cummins went to Barnard Castle for an unknown reason...

Meanwhile - though this is a rolling 7 day list - it is still sobering thought..

And so, for other news we return to Llanelli and the street artist  Stephen Jenkins or "Jenks"  and some of the great artwork around Llanelli at the moment

Well done Jenks !

In other news - Well done IKEA..

and you have to love our Royal Family ...  well at least the Queen

And so Number 35 - I finally got around to doing the Crossover Hallelujah...

"I heard there was a secret chord that Data played and it pleased the Borg."

But you don't really care for androids, do ya."
"It goes like this, the Borg, the Sith, the crossover movie and the budget shift 
and a baffled fandom crying Hallelujah"!

Playing with some graphics as well..

Cheers !

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

26th May 2020 - Back to Work - err...

Thought for the day :"You don't see many EXIT signs anymore. I guess they're on the way out..."

Office of National Statistics

Picture of the day - The irate Media swarm criticising someone for not socially distancing...

1. Dominic Cummings’s Wife was unwell with mild Coronavirus symptoms.
2. Dominic wanted to care for his wife and child in isolation.
3. They chose a house near but separate to his family in Durham.
4. They fully isolated and did not step outside the house.
5. Dominic’s sister left food and essentials on the doorstep outside.
6. They chose Durham so Dominics sister could help.
7. They were not stopped and questioned by the Police.
8. They did not go to Northern Ireland.
9. They did not come into any physical contact with any extended family members,
10. Dominic became very ill but is now recovering.
11. He did nothing wrong.
12 He will not be resigning.

or not...  Really I don't care!

Meanwhile - Wales is still quite quiet and I am liking it ...

Croeso. Nawr ewch adref
Meanwhile in Alcoluminati Land Dumble Dor is busy ...

Let's look at the figures in 2 weeks time...

So at least we know which direction we are all going in ...

Hoping to hear something today about the house - not wanting to lift the phone and ask ...

On to No 34 today - The Court of King Caractacus

"A quick tongue twister from the Bard. The ladies of the harem of the court of King Caractacus. A favourite with the younger visitors to the Tavern, though parents will normally join int he "just passing by" bit. Caratacus was a leader of assorted tribes who resisted the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43. Having lost a battle or two, Caratacus withdrew into Wales, which no conqueror ever bothered with for understandable reasons. Once there, Caratacas presumably dallied with the ladies of the harem of his court -

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Monday, 25 May 2020

25th May 2020 - Bank Holiday,Towels and Band Camps

Thought for the day:"Don’t you hate it when you clean out your freezer and find people you do not even recognise!"

Office of National Statistics

Well today is Bank Holiday Monday and also May 25th - thus Towel Day in memory of Douglas Adams  - and personally I cannot think that he could have made up our current situation. Despite his imagination...

We have a witch hunt, possibly correctly, for Dominic Cummings, advisor to the PM and general hatchet man for Boris, for breaking lock-down and traveling 260 miles ostensibly to find child care for his son. I would be more supportive if I did not see a media frenzy every time they see the chance of getting someone sacked. We have stopped watching TV in the morning over breakfast - I have discovered that the TV can play radio and Ken Bruce is much more gentle.

I am seriously considering buying a DAB radio - we thought of it before but could not get the signals here before - but I am sure that they are probably good enough now. I think I would prefer it to switching the TV on and switching to radio.

So - our first picture is of Boris...  the man who has gone from the biggest majority and the strongest position as leader for years, to someone fighting to maintain his leadership.

Of course - the Bank Holiday brings its own form of muppetry ...

I rather liked this slightly more subtle image..

And then we go to the rest of the world..  In fairness I thought the USA would have hit the 100,000 by now - they are slowing quite drastically at the moment - not sure if that is waiting for another wave - or the fact that we still have no idea how many on the population have had this disease already. But they are at 1.6 million cases recorded. Of course the quote of the day has to go to the man himself...

There was a nice comment about teaching your children the value of education- it said "get your child to read a speech by Obama - and then read a speech by Trump - they will see the value of education" 

Meanwhile in New York...

Seems Trump still manages to ride the wave....

Oh well .... it gives him the ratings I suppose...

And so back to the Shut-Down Serenades.... Number 33 today... and Old favourite - Whisky on a Sunday...

"Whiskey on a Sunday" is a song written by Glyn Hughes (1932–1972), which became popular during the second British folk revival. It is sometimes called "The Ballad of Seth Davy".
The song laments the death in 1902 of a performer, Seth Davy, who sang and performed with a set of "dancing dolls" outside a public house in Liverpool. The dolls were attached to the end of a plank, and when the plank was struck and vibrated, this caused the dolls to "dance". Seth Davy was in fact a Jamaican who performed outside the Bevington Bush Hotel around the turn of the century. It was located just north of Liverpool City Centre.
The original song contains lyrics and idiom specific to Liverpool. In an Irish version, the first-line mention of Bevington Bush appears as Beggars Bush, referring to a location in Dublin. Other versions refer erroneously to Bebington, which is a township in Wirral, on the other side of the River Mersey.
My version is old Beggars Bush ... and kills Seth in 1903 but never mind...

Also been working upon a second on-line CD version on Bandcamp 

Volume 1 has 20 tracks of the "Funnies"

All I need to do now is get some followers... seems that I have none from Love Chronicles...

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We shall see how the day goes...

Cheers !

Sunday, 24 May 2020

24th May 2020 - Sunday Bank Holiday - yup

Thought for the day :" My electricity company won’t tell me why they cut me off. They are keeping me in the dark."

Office of National Statistics

Gollum votes Tory

In other news - I was given a list of Shakespeare Insults to make up - thought I would share it...

Sunday and the morning disappeared before I knew it.. Watered the ducks and walked the garden - so I have had my early morning exercise...
Susie back sewing scrubs after five days feeling poorly - no way of knowing if it was virus or just shut - down blues...  Headaches and lethargy, and generally "not feeling right".
They are talking about getting the vaccine out by September. Personally - I think the anti-body test would be more useful...but there you are...
Also in the news now are reports that the virus could be gone by September with no second phase.
You takes your choice at the moment ...

On  to No 32.... Drinking with Moxy

Think I need to get back to the Studio today ..

Cheers :

Saturday, 23 May 2020

23rd May 2020 - Bank Holiday Rules and Officer Crabtree

Thought for the day :"It was called the Dark ages because of all of the knights"

Office of National Statistics

At last we have some clear guidance....

Shut-Down Explained by Officer Crabtree - Good Moaning

Beginning to realise how long we have been in shut - down...

And in other news..

Pre - social distancing conferences..

And now that we have the official findings that hydroxychloroquine is bad for you ...

Meanwhile - Cummings decides that he is showing symptoms, as is his wife - so he decides to pop up to Durham from London with his child to visit his parents and this apparently does not constitute a break of the rules the Government has set ....   I refer you to Officer Crabtree...

Anti-body tests seem to be rolling out, and I even saw articles today saying that the epidemic may have a final date and it could be as early as August...  We shall see.

In other news I discovered that Pages on Facebook ( eg Crimson Moon or Vollsanger) can upload videos to Playlists so that videos can get linked... This is a bit of a pity as I had got to Shut - down Serenade 30  before I discovered that I was using the wrong profile to upload - have to decide whether to start from scratch again ...

However - here we are on No 31...  Agna's Lament - or "Maid when you're young never wed an old man"

Cheers :

Friday, 22 May 2020

22nd May 2020 - Life is a beach

Thought for the day :"After watching how some people wear their masks, I understand why contraception fails."

Office of National Statistics

The Back Room ... (20th May) "Ask China!  and Transitioning into greatness"

And here we had a summers day and people acted differently dependent upon where they lived..

Looks as though we could be in for a hard summer !

In other news, Superdrug now provide an on-line ordering service for Anti-body testing - £69 plus P&P - will watch to see how it reviews...

The dump opened yesterday and the on-line bookings were filled by lunchtime- No I didn't get a slot. Apparently once you have been once you cannot return int he month ...  This is going to be interesting as I have a number of trips to do ...

And on to number 31 in the Serenades... Agna's Lament

"Maid when you're young never wed an old man ..."

Cheers !