Monday, 16 May 2022

16th May 2022 - Gathering Pallets

Thought for the day :"Describe your average night – They wear Armour? No I mean at bedtime – They probably take it off! (unless they are on Night Shift!)"

Rainy day early - so decided to take the sign to the end of the road so it can be seen by passing traffic 

Drove to Newcastle Emlyn to pick up the Meds and also found that the patches from the Crimson Moon CMVQ 4 replacements were ready, so picked them up as well .
Bought 6 upright 3 x 3 posts for the lean-to Ty Bach and also another pallet from Chadzy's and gave them invitations to the opening .....

Then to Beulah for some layer's pellets - now up to £9.50 a bag - I am sure that they were about £7.50 not so long ago but they say that prices are going up everywhere ...
But another 5 pallets will stand me in good stead for the next few days ...

Meanwhile Susie was sanding down her little drawer unit and painting it white and putting the new door  knobs on it - looking good.

Back to the checklist

1.   Insurance  - completed  
2.   Urinal fixed - done 
3.   Trade prices from Bragdi - done
4.   Trade pricing from Glamorgan and other breweries - done
5.   Garden map for walkers  - done
6.   Disabled parking signs 
7.   No parking - turning and drop off only signs
8.   Consider new CM flags - ordered
9.   Decide of opening days - done 
10. TEN application -  done 
11. Local Advertising - on line - work in progress
12. Price lists
13. Local Leaflet / invitation 
14. Check Ukraine Support of Choice - looks like Disaster Emergency are used by the village 
15. Charity Collection options 

16. Risk assessment for event - done 
17. Selection of Country Wines for sale 
18. Order Ales
19. New taps for Casks - delivered
20. 4pt Jugs - ordered
21. Build Cask stand for casks in Tavern
22. Set up Stage Music options and test
23. Site examine for trip hazards and danger points 
24. Fixed bannister rails to the Greenhouse.
25. Update Main Website  

I am sure that the checklist will grow as we get nearer the day - it has been a long time since I had to do this 

Oh well - time to do some video processing 

Cheers !

Sunday, 15 May 2022

15th May 2022 - Further Yurt progress

Thought for the day :"Time is the best teacher... unfortunately it kills all its pupils."

This evening the rain has crept in and the gardens will have a needy refreshment.
But earlier it was a fine day and so hot that it required a shirt off approach to the work.

In my case it was to clear all the logs and wood from the rear of the Yurt and to stack the firewood in the storage box.. and then look at how to put together a lean -to for cooking and washing up in the yurt. We do not anticipate taking water to the yurt - bottle will be fine and perhaps some water barrels for washing up. Also in the air is whether we take electrics there or go for solar..

However, a structure to provide a portaloo solution and some pallet works for the lean to is now available to us.

Susie weeded her rose beds and has planted "stuff" all over the gardens to ensure that there will be colour for our opening...

Two chickens disposed for the freezer - two more to go. Three peacock eggs but it looks as though one may have been attacked by rats. Not sure what we are going to do about that - we wanted to let Zsa Zsa try and raise a clutch of her own - we shall monitor...
Ducks look to be 11 valid in the incubator...

Another day - another bit pf progress..
Tomorrow I need to look at ordering some wines and ciders...

Cheers !

Saturday, 14 May 2022

14th May 2022 - New Flyer, Community Cafe and clearing the wood piles

Thought for the day :"Every machine is a smoke machine if you use it badly"

An interesting day - starting with a trip to the Community Cafe at the Village Hall, which is apparently held every month and was well supported with about 40 villagers. Took the opportunity to take some flyers and introduce ourselves around and Susie won a nice bottle of red wine in the raffle - actually she won twice but we asked for a redraw ion the second one (there were no more bottles left)  

Seemed to get quite a bit of interest for the concept and hoping that we should see some customers. How many we can never tell.

So - completed the flyer..

So back to the homestead and the neighbours in the Romany Caravan were there to strim and cut the grass. Offered the use of the John Deer but they are thinking about it - not sure that they want to start the clearing of the wild area as once started it will have to be kept up. They confirmed however that they have no problems with using the fields for camping should the venue be free - thought hey say they are pretty well booked up for the summer now.

Hopefully we will have less pressure with the extra ground that we have found.

And so we headed down to the Yurt and started the job of clearing the felled tree by the yurt and started clearing all the ivy from the trunks. Managed to get most of the brush that has been in piles and started a bonfire and cleared a lot. Tomorrow is pick up the logs day and start stacking them. Also will be start the Ty Bach and Lean to construction.

Not a lot to show for a day's work - but for the record here we are...

Eurovision tonight - not that impressed. Just Saying. 

Cheers !

Friday, 13 May 2022

13th May 2022 - Progress Towards a Tavern

Thought for the day:"A dating group for pyromaniacs uses Tinder to meet up. Apparently you get a match straight away..."

Started the day digging in the waste pipe from the Urinal at the Tavern...  job done 

In other works ...

Susie weeded the fairy town

Weeded the tubs out front and replanted them and front of house.

Cut back the hedges to the greenhouse

Cut the brush to make her willow fedge around the yurt.

Yurt updates :
Put the new throws on the moon chairs

Started work on the lampshade for the German fat lava lamp and took it down to the yurt.

Walked dogs and started clearing the tavern. 

Decided to look at my check list :

Thoughts :
1.   Insurance  - completed  
2.   Urinal fixed - done 
3.   Trade prices from Bragdi - done
4.   Trade pricing from Glamorgan and other breweries - done
5.   Garden map for walkers  - done
6.   Disabled parking signs 
7.   No parking - turning and drop off only signs
8.   Consider new CM flags 
9.   Decide of opening days - done 
10. TEN application -  done 
11. Local Advertising - on line - work in progress
12. Price lists
13. Local Leaflet / invitation 
14. Check Ukraine Support of Choice 
15. Charity Collection options 

16. Risk assessment for event - done 

Another day done...


Thursday, 12 May 2022

12th May 2022 - Naasturtiums, Firecrests, and Urinals

Thought for the day :"I only get sick on work days – I have a Weekend Immune System"

Zsa Zsa laid her first egg 
Susie cleared part of the lower quarter and planted some nasturtiums


Snap dragons and Petunias

weeded the ponds

more nasturtiums

Susie burned some of the brush - but still a lot to clear.

Folding Chairs installed in the Yurt. 

Urinal finished but still have to dig the trench for the pipework ...

Susie thinks she saw some Firecrest birds on the Island - will have to take a camera down tomorrow in case...

this is what it looks like - need to get proper photos 

Cheers !

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

11th May 2022 - Rain Agi - but flyers out

Thought for the day : "Watching Youtube about a drill. It was a bit boring...."

More compost for Susie.

More pallets for me.

Some Poultry grain for the Chicks.

Zsa Zsa was sitting in her enclosure today so may be ready to start laying - that would be good.

Tipped down with rain overnight - should have put the tarpaulins up but did not think that the rain was coming in until this afternoon so it was too late by that time. Actually was quite sunny and warm later this afternoon. Did some flyers for the Crimson Moon Launch to take to the local shops.

Tried again to get in touch with local organisers for the Jubilee celebrations - looks as though we will have to wait until Saturday for the community cafe to chat.

Susie was clearing the hanging gardens today ready to plant her nasturtiums  tomorrow. Also finished a couple more cushions for the yurt. We seem to have a slight leak on the chimney but is very slight as there was very little water though it really rained hard overnight.




Tuesday, 10 May 2022

10th May 2022 - Ffynnon Wen in Colour

Thought for the day :"They told Beethoven when he became deaf that he could not longer compose music.... But he didn't listen to them!!!"

What a shock !
Had to get up at 7.30am to get to the Doctor by 8.45am - which was a little useless as they didn't even call me in until 9.20am and then the tests for breathing took another hour.
So a lot of blowing into a tube first slow and long and then as hard as I could with long blows as well.
Not really sure what the result was - though the process was explained - it did not really seem to tell me anything new. Apparently the nebuliser had some effect so it my be worth my while continuing with the use of the inhaler though I cannot really see a benefit -  it may be doing some good - and there is an indication of pulmonary disorder - but small so the next stage is to see the respiratory nurse on May 21st - so that is the next target ..

So the rest of the day was a bit of a non starter for me - I too the opportunity of resting a little - I do not do that very often. Restrung a couple of guitars in the tavern so there are spares and sang a few old community songs like Widdiecombe Fair, No John No,Vicar of Bray, ad dashing away with the smoothing iron.   Sat in the sun which was good - but it looks a though we may have some more rain ...
Didn't put the tarpaulins over - hoping there is not too much rain !

But the garden is blazing into colour and Susie managed to get some fishing done on the pontoon ..

And a bit of video

Cheers !