Saturday, 22 February 2020

22nd February 2020 - Bothy on the road again

Thought for the day :"I’m not wearing glasses any more – I have seen enough"

On the road to Bangor - Didn't we have a wonderful time ?

Googly eyes for the win !!!

And so I announce the Winners of the 2019 Challenge ...

And For 2019 - We had a winner..
All you needed to do was photograph the Bothy on its travels
(not at home or final location)
and we have a winner .....

And the winner was ...
Henning Lechner who had a picture of the Bothy on its travels
Okay - so he paid my speeding fine in Brokeloh
cos it would cost double to pay from the UK..
But as he said - "It counts!!"
And so we start the 2020 Challenge 


and our first trip .. Bangor for a Medieval Night

Looks like I will have to go via Oswestry and up the A5 - extra 45 miles - ho hum

Will catch up later - probably !!


Friday, 21 February 2020

21st February 2020 - Of Dad's Army and Books

Thought for the day:"Is the opposite of formaldehyde casualdejeckyll?"

In other news - this popped up in my feed - quite interesting....

Pte Godfrey - Arnold Rodley
Pte Godfrey, played by Arnold Ridley, was the only member of the original cast of Dads Army who had served in both world wars – as well as signing up for the Home Guard.

Arnold endured horrific hand to hand combat in the trenches at the Somme in 1916. A bayonet through his left hand rendered him unable to use his fingers. He also suffered blackouts after being hit on the back of the head with a German rifle butt.

Arnold first volunteered for the Army in 1914. But the 18-year-old was rejected as he had broken a toe playing rugby. After reapplying a year later, he was accepted to the Somerset Light Infantry. He was posted to France and within days of arriving was hit by shrapnel and shot through the thigh.
He returned to the front from convalescence only to be sent over the top twice during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The first time, was at Delville Wood, where many of his comrades fell. And during a second attack, at Gueudecourt, now as a Lance Corporal, Arnold’s battalion took even more devastating losses from machine gun fire.
When the survivors reached the German trenches they pushed back the enemy troops with bayonets and bombs, before Arnold was knocked to the ground by a rifle blow to the head. A German soldier lunged with a bayonet, but Arnold survived by deflecting the blade into his groin instead of his stomach. The next blow pierced his left hand and wrist. Arnold came round in a field hospital. It took 15 ops to save his hand and he was invalided back home.

Arnold volunteered for the Intelligence Corps in the Second World War, making films in France. After being discharged on medical grounds, he joined the Home Guard, before touring bases, entertaining the troops. While he described the First World War in detail in his unpublished autobiography, Arnold could not write about the Second World War. He said: “To recount events, I would have to relive them. I am too afraid.” He suffered horrific nightmares and regularly woke drenched in sweat. He was terrified he would black out on stage but was such a brave man and kept acting when he could.

And so day two of the great clear down... and lots of bags of "stuff" ready for places. Apparently the only Bra Bank in the area is in Crosshands - and I need to call the Coop there to see if they are still taking underwear. 
Started a Book Clear down with Music Magpire, Webuybooks, Ziffit and Moxom 

About £10.30 so far and that was just the top room and living room - though the large pile is ready 
for weighing in when I find someone taking books ... looks like getting a box a day and seeing how long it takes ...

Seems about time that we had a Trumpton ...

So - stop prevaricating !!! 

Cheers !

Thursday, 20 February 2020

20th February 2020 - Starting to clear the clutter - & Hidden Books

Thought for the day :"If there were a pill to cure procrastination I would probably take it tomorrow .. or maybe the next day."

So - went public on the progress towards a new premises.... On the Glamping Page, Group, and my own profile...

Glamping the Moon : Weekly Update No 2...
Well it is the 20th Feb so we are only a couple of weeks from early decisions and we have moved into a new phase...

Unexpectedly we have done what is probably a sensible thing and decided to downsize - a monumental task - but probably for the good overall...
House sale in New Milton proceeding well - getting near to exchange of contract I believe -
House in Llanelli - not up for sale yet - using as a staging post...
Sunday we viewed a 2 Acre "Market Garden" property in the middle of nowhere in West Wales - a village called Rhydlewis... (SA44 5QY).
With all the flooding in the country we have decided to buy a riverside property!!
It is not large enough for some of our previous plans such as the 30 acre glamping site - but is well laid out for veg and fruit, has room for some sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks and already has 3 peacocks in an enclosure.
Susie has plans for perhaps 2 glamping pods in the ornamental walkway (otherwise known as the overgrown bottom section) and yes - there is an area for a tavern - we will need it as the cottage is too small to keep my guitars in let alone our furniture.... and we will need somewhere to put the piano and harmonium....
So - let me introduce you to Bluebell Cottage .... Though we will probably revert to the original Welsh name of Ffynnon Wen - The White Fountain or White Spring (it has two!)
Offer has gone in and been accepted...

So please watch this space - we are now starting to downsize and will be selling many items - probably at nominal cost as we would prefer our life time of collected goods to go to people we know - Also keep in touch as we would love to invite you to our housewarming some day - and may even be able to Glamp the Moon
iain& Susie

In other news... I said I was not a mourning person !!

oops ..

Well today - I picked an old bedroom
picked everything up - anything that looks as though it could sell is photographed and put in a pile, sheets and bedding put to one side for local homeless shelter and animal rescue (charity will not take bedding) then a pile for Cash for Clothes - underwear and damaged clothes in a rubbish bag - nowhere near us pulping clothes.. Bras to Bra Recycling - (luckily a local bra bank)
Spectacles to local Spec Savers - a gathering place for overseas eyesight recycling.... and general rubbish.........
Photographed the bedroom furniture, and will take that to local furniture/ second hand shop tomorrow to see if they are interested ... and uploaded photos to google pictures for sorting later ..... A start but took all day for one room ....

Pile of clothes from the bedroom - those on the chair are for photographing - bag full of assorted hangers - bag full of underwear and rubbish...

Clothes not sellable but okay for Clothes for Cash

Clothes for Cash on Chair - sellable on the chest of drawers

Sellable costume and retro clothes

And off we go with day 2 ....

In other news
And a touch of history - the Coop Bridge in Llanelli Murray Street being removed

and then there is the power of books and the bookshelf ...
Sadly I think I will have to discard several thousand books ..
and then I see this ...

Love it ....

Cheers !

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

19th February 2020 - Sorting and getting Quirky

Thought for the day:"I hate when funerals are held at 9 a.m. I’m not really a mourning person..."

So letter for final offer and acceptance sent to West Wales and solicitor with proofs of identity and address. Seems that we have been in New Road since October 1988. We keep on forgetting!
Still it is 32 years -

But started on the top room today - sorting the clothing for a starter.  It is going to be a mammoth task!!  But we will get there ....

Looking at the retro market I think.
I other news...

Quirky Huts came up with some nice ideas for composting toilets, shepherd huts and similar.
Quirky Huts

There are options for these at the site we reckon...

So - back to the photographing ad the sorting

Cheers !

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

18th February 2020 - Starting a downsizing ... Gulp

Thought for the day:"This week is Diarrhoea Awareness Week. Runs until Friday."

Nice meeting in Caerphilly last night - Instruction Ceremony for the Masonic Order of Athelstan.
Managed to finish early so back home before the News at Ten.

Car is in the garage this morning to get a tow bar sorted - and that will allow us to start the mammoth task of downsizing !!!

And the first stage was to clear all the emails !!!
And done !!
And the car has a tow bar so that is good -

Weather is still playing up a little with Storm Dennis and 200 flood warnings across the country.

Seems legit !!!

and in other news


Monday, 17 February 2020

17th February 2020 - Birthday Thank-Yous and other stuff

Thought for the day:"There’s a man knocking on the door with a cloth cap. No wonder I couldn’t hear him”.

A mammoth task today - answering the long list of birthday wishes from yesterday - 6 hours it took but worthwhile to make sure that every one was read and responded to .
Caerphilly For Court of Penychen - Masonic Order of Athelstan this evening and a candidate at the last moment. a good trip down with colleagues who just may know some details about trusts and house buying and "stuff".. I think it was quite positive.

Back this evening in time for the news and not doing much else tonight. Need to have a new tow bar put onto the car tomorrow at 9am - so another early start tomorrow.

In other news - Fake News !

In US News - if you ever need to see where Kentucky is...

And a touch of parking news...

Cheers !!

Sunday, 16 February 2020

16th February 2020 - Happy Birthday to me - Have a present

Thought for the day:"Bet the person who coined the phrase ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ got fed up when everyone else started using it."

So - went to look at a Mill and a Cottage - and thought we could go for either.

But - decided to go with the Cottage...
Ho Hum
Downsizing it will be

Not sure how - but we will manage

and a few pictures ...

and on the worst day of the year . (bearing in mind that the rest of the world was flooded )
these are a couple of photos that I took...

and they have peacocks!!!