Thursday, 31 May 2018

Mythodea - Vollsanger - Here all week

(Submission for information of Fabian Geuss and Katll - Live Adventure)

How can I best introduce myself?  
My name is Vollsanger and I am "Here all Week".

The name Vollsanger, which did not exist anywhere other than in my imagination, is based upon a very bad made-up Viking language - "Voll" or Full, and "Sanger" for Song - or "Filled with Song". There are others who think that the character is full of something else - but we can leave that alone !!

After role-playing in the UK since 1999, in one of the largest game systems here - Curious Pastimes, in 2004 my wife and I formed the first dedicated LARP/Re-enactment Tavern in Britain - the Crimson Moon Tavern. With this mobile Tavern we covered most of the Game systems here in the UK as well as more established Reenactment events. Serving Meads, British Country Fruit Wines, real ales and ciders - and Vollsanger would come out from the bar to entertain..

Asking only a copper piece I would sing your favourite song. For a silver piece I would move onto another table and leave you in peace (I made a lot of silver that way!)  - or for a Gold piece I would write a song for you - extemporized there and then - and in many cases refined it and added to the creation of original and "filked" songs.

"Here all Week"  - Vollsanger - his song! 
(Herstmonceaux Medieval Fest)

Who are you and for how long have you been a musician?

I have played guitar since a child, the Autoharp more recently, and have sung in major Choirs as well as perfomances and local "open Mic" sessions, but mostly I play in the Crimson Moon - which still has over 40 bookings per annum - though under new ownership now.

I specialise now in "re-discovering" lost viking songs - "stolen" by others - "The Sounds of Violence", taken by Simon and Garfunkel, "Welcome to the Coast of Caledonia" taken by the Eagles. "Laars Trekking", and of course the now Notorious "And a Green One" which has now been performed in over 24 languages including Klingon and Dothraki!

2018 and I have been very proud to have been voted LARP Bard of the Year in the UK LARP Awards.

Where are you known from, where have you played on Mythodea/ConQuest, how could our reader know you?

I came to Mythodea first in 2013 as a player with the Grand Expedition. I played Vollsanger, arriving as Der Vollsanger - the head of a Bardic Order second only to Der Meistersinger. I played to camps and for friends and illegally in the town - refusing to join the Guild of Bards until they proved worthwhile - being chased around town with my Son in Law acting as a Lookout and Body-guard - great fun and lovely role play!! 

On my last day I decided to give the Guild the courtesy of a roleplay visit - I was invited to play at one of the Taverns which I did, and they offered me a beer token for my trouble. That fitted with my Bardic Heritage and sense of fun ....  The next thing I knew I was invited to attend the next year as Bard...  I have been in the Stadt/Tross ever since...

And so nowadays, if you are in the Town or the Tross you will find "Der Alte Bard" - the guy with the long Blond Hair (Platinum Blond - not White!!) pushing his Volls Wagen full of instruments, beer and meads. Playing the main Taverns in the evening - but you will find me at the Wein Stube, the Abtei, a street corner, a trader or anywhere someone wants  to hear a song..... or needs a Gin and Tonic...

The Volls Wagen
Do you have a specific / special Mythodea- or ConQuest-song? Is that song online available? 

I have many songs for Mythodea - but over the last years I have tried to celebrate the the great Taverns of Mythodea, and the beautiful people I have met. My Project "Love Chronicles of Mythodea" was almost ready last year and I hope to have the full CD available by next Conquest. 

It is a sad tale of the beautiful women that Vollsanger has met and fallen in love with in Mythodea, (and totally failed to make an impression) and the Taverns that he met them in.....

Taverns include the Heilige Krabbe, Black Pearl, Jollie Rouge, Scorpions, Rote Stern, Klabautermann, and his forsaken loves include Windlillie, Harma, Mona Mour, Finja, Sinistaire, Valeria,

an unknown lady stolen by the Viinshar,

and Tanja - "I said I would write you a song!"

These songs are currently all available on Soundcloud and individually on video - Find them on "Vollsanger Sings" on my Youtube Channel - or on the "Mythodea" Channel on the same place.

What’s your favorite LARP-song by a DIFFERENT bard/musician?

My favourite LARP song is also from Mythodea, by the amazing Klanggespinst : Des Lebens Kreis.

Written by Sarah Krause of Saitenweise - she and Michael Höfer made me welcome as a stranger in a strange land from my first visit into the Bard Guild. It also seems to sum up the whole concept of LARP and Life and Live Action. 

What’s your plans for next year (on ConQuest and elsewhere)? Where can we see/hear you?

This year I hope to once more join the people of Mythodea. To act as Bard and sing and enjoy the great camaraderie of the Bards, the players and the staff. Hopefully the Volls Wagen will be there ..

together with the many friends I have made over the last few years. Seems I have been adopted by a few more groups this year - most particularly "The Flaming Eagles" who are anxiously waiting to hear their new anthem ... "Fear in the Cities" - and a time to visit old and new Taverns.

Oh - did I mention that I also take my camera and video ???  See my galleries and video tracks for a personal view of Mythodea ...  Vollsanger's View - here all week

And Finally - from Conquest 2017 - and the official Website - The "Tavern" Song .... Bad Norderby

Link here : Bad Norderby
Hope to see you there ...

Mr V.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

23rd May 2018 - In hunt for an electrician...

Thought for the day:"I was wrong about how good my Chiropractor was - I stand Corrected"

Today's task is to try to find an electrician in Llanelli who will not condemn the wiring out of hand ...
We have an old house and unfortunately on two occasions the basement wiring system has tripped out. The trip unfortunately covers the main freezers not only in the basement but for some reason the wiring up in to the utility room where the other freezer resides.

That means that we have a lot of chicken in freezers and heading off to Crete for a week - and not wanting to find that there is a lot of defrosted food when we return...

So - wish me luck....


not one to scare you but....

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

22nd May 2018 - Profiles and German Songs

Thought for the day:"Why are things delivered by car a shipment, but those delivered by ship cargo?"

Time to change the profiles again - week 20 it seems 142 days into the year ...

Seems that in 1843 1st wagon train with 700 - 1000 migrants, departs Independence, Missouri for Oregon...  lots more happened but that seems to be the only one that is interesting ...

And a touch of nostalgia as we look back upon the pre party

PurPur - Beschissen !!

Klang Gespinst


21st May 2018 - Where did today go ?

Thought for the day:"My camera’s got ADHD, it just won’t focus..."

Looked for most of the day to find a theme for a Blog today

Sadly - found myself in Cardigan for the De Gorllewin Lodge of Grand Mark Officers and expected to have the day off  but then found myself hailed for work at Llanelli in Prince of Wales Lodge for Mater Elect and 2nd Degree to play organ ...

Means I have not ad much time today to consider Blog - so this is it really

Cheers ...
Have had enough Scotch over the street so will be on Water and Coke for the remainder of my evening

I raise my glass to whatever you are drinking


Sunday, 20 May 2018

20th May 2018 - How Old ?

Thought for the day:"Why isn't "palindrome" spelled the same way backwards?"

Another sunny day and a Sunday as well. Off to Nant-y-ffyn for Sunday Lunch with the Mark Provincial team. The Chickens are almost all in the freezer - the last three to be cleaned today and the "layers" are all in the outside pen and enjoying the sunshine. That means I shall soon get the basement back again and after fumigating will probably be able to think about recording again.

Took the dog for a walk to ease the pressure on the Chicken Factory yesterday. 'Thena seemed to enjoy..

a quick dip

wet dog

Who me ?

Yes there is a dog out there 

I managed to risk putting the television on this morning and almost managed a full ten minutes making a cup of tea without too much mention of the royal wedding. We can soon all get back to normal I hope and be re-unindated (if that is a word) with Brexit news...   I think I may have to give up TV.  I understand why people can nowadays stick to Netflicks or similar.

Apparently I have today been alive for 23,469 days - Susie decided to check this sort of thing first thing this morning - who would have guessed ? (there must be an app for that!)

Better Celebrate with a glass of Chateau 41

Saturday, 19 May 2018

19th May 2018 - Retrospect CP Event 3 2017

Thought for the day:"A friend from New Orleans has joined a band singing songs about the Mississippi going down to the sea. It’s a tributary band."

So - no TV today then !!!
There is some sort of wedding going on and it is taking up more TV space than Brexit. I really do not care who is walking her down the aisle and only found out yesterday that she is apparently an actress been in some TV series or other.. Register my interest in the whole thing !

I thought I was safe and had a Knight's Templar Provincial Meeting to hide in - but it turns out that it is next Wednesday and I cannot go due to other masonic commitments. So I shall just sit in the quiet or practise my guitar or something.....

Meanwhile some pictures from event 3 (Curious Pastimes) last year turned up on my desktop in a file that I hadn't noticed ....  So I posted them as a Retrospect...

All photos also on Flickr in high res


Friday, 18 May 2018

18th May 2018 - Fan Videos and Purple People Eaters

Thought for the day:"Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?"

Yesterday Ginga Bynt decided that it was time for her to change her hair style - or rather it's colour. Of course when I met her and she started working in the Crimson Moon she was quite decidedly Ginger - and thus she gained her wench name - but of course Vollsanger was never observant enough to work out that the hair was died...  so the name was there and the name stuck..

However - yesterday there is no way that her hair could be mistaken for natural...

And so it was only right that Vollsanger should mark the occasion with a song....

Purple People Eater - Vollsanger Style

and that was fun - but as I woke this morning - it was to find that I had also received a tribute video song written by my good friend and fellow Bard - Bob Edwards...
Now Bob is normally to be seen dressed in his pirate gear at the Botanical Gardens of Wales where he enacts the role of the Alchemist and sings some ditties....

However - imagine my surprise to find the following little film-ette on Facebook - and duly transferred it to Youtube..

Fame at Last I suppose 

Seems fair !