Monday, 29 May 2017

29th May 2017 - Bank Holiday and Dragons

Thought for the day:"I've found a job helping a one armed typist do capital letters - It's shift work."

So, Family all descended upon 41 last night, and pollen count is through the roof. It is a grey day today but the temperature is still high. Happy Bank Holiday to everyone.

So - a nice picture of Crete to keep the spirits up - thank you Bethan

and of course one with Scarlett in ...

and meanwhile in Caerphilly - the Dragon eggs have hatched..

so have a good day ..

Sunday, 28 May 2017

28th May 2017 - Backup us is hard to do ...

Thought for the day:"I don't like fish or snakes or any animal that doesn't have feet. I suppose I'm lack toes intolerant."

So, a clear desk - sort of - and the mammoth task of backing up - and find one of the hard drives is playing silly and does not want to connect. So- first priority is to back that one up while it still connects - could be a long day methinks...

Meanwhile a couple of photos from the Athelstan Provincial Sunday Luncheon

so - back to the grindstone..
I think this cat liked this post


Saturday, 27 May 2017

27th May 2017 - A Graphical Tale

Thought for the day: "You don't get a body like mine overnight. It takes years of bad decisions."

So - a massive storm this morning - so loud and dramatic that everyone was fascinated and could not stop talking about it on social media...  well almost everyone - I lept through it ... Quite happily!.  One advantage in a clear conscience - I think it is that - though possibly a glass of chateau 41 has a little effect as well!!

But, this morning I went to the Computer and suddenly the screen started pixelating. Now I learned very early that the best way to solve almost all computer problems is to switch the machine off and switch it on again!  So I did. And Nothing ! I mean nothing at all!!

Thus I went off to the Installation of Red Cross of Constantine in Bridgend a little perturbed.
An enjoyable meeting - a Past Master's lodge - so everyone knows everything and have been around for ages - a time to relax and enjoy without pressure. The toast to the District Officers was interesting - there not being anyone in the room who was not already a District Officer - so no-one to actually take the toast....

But the meeting went well and as I returned I thought that it was a good time to make sure that the rest of the machine should be backed up - if I was clever enough to get it up and running.... so I bought another hard drive form Maplins.... 

Then as I got home I thought to myself - there was nothing when I switched the computer on..  Nothing! That meant that it was not booting!! Or was it??  Even a poorly computer goes through its first stages even if it cannot load the software.. So - it was possible that the graphics output was the problem!!

Now - I was lucky enough to have a son in law who had a spare graphics card that he sent to me several months ago.. Not wanting to mend something that was not broken - I of course put it on a shelf until I had more time !! But now - there was no computer, so what better opportunity...

So - as I stripped the computer down - lo and behold there was a nice little slot for the card...  and then with it plugged in - the computer fired up !! thanks Stu !!

Of course, having moved the computer - I was faced with the gathered detritus of 8 years or so undisturbed dust and muck and rubbish and so many contact lenses that I could have build a 40K world  structure... so four hours later I have a clear desk and a computer that works ..

Tomorrow I shall back up the rest of the files!!


Friday, 26 May 2017

26th May 2017 - Suny Days in Llanelli

Thought for the day:"My friend says to me, "What rhymes with orange?" I said, "No it doesn't." "

A glorious sunny day. Really not Llanelli Weather at all.
Was passing the new build for the school in Burry Port and thought it may be nice to record some stages of the building - the ground has been leveled, and fascinatingly - the scaffolding goes up before any building is done. Here we are with a single tower having been built.... more later ..

A busy week - but really need to look at those accounts today .. so - sorry sunshine - I may be inside after all - Aberystwyth tonight I think



Thursday, 25 May 2017

25th May 2017 - just a thought

Thought for the day:"So what if I don't know what Armageddon means? It's not the end of the world."

lost the plot today

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

24th May 2017 - Day running away from me

Thought of the day:"I have the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the Whipsnade Zoo"

not sure where the day has gone
Provincial Knight's Templar in Bridgend
Rose Croix Enthronement Llanelli
and breathe !!

cheers !

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

23rd May 2017 - Just a thought for those in Manchester

Thought for the day:"I saw my mate Charlie this morning, he's only got one arm, I said to him, “ What are you up to today?” he said, "I'm going to change a light bulb” I said "isn't that a bit difficult?” he said “no, I've still got the receipt"

So, Manchester has a bomb atrocity and many youngsters killed and injured...
Was driving to Hyde (Cheshire) and threee unmarked people carriers with Thule roof rack boxes head past me at 80 mph with blue flashing  - not sure but guessing that they are replacement fireamrs teams heading into Manchester...  Saw another three unmarked blues flashing - so many unmarked vehicles !!!  Times change! Thoughts go to the families of all affected ... 

Athelstan Installation in Hyde - a long day - left at 4.45am and got back at 8.15pm..  But a good day and an enjoyable ceremony - plenty of new candidates gives hope for the future of the Order....
Weather here in Llanelli was rubbish all day - but glorious sunshine "oop north"..

On my return find that Roger Moore also died today.... found this little anecdote and thought I would share it..

Glass of wine I think