Wednesday, 22 September 2021

22nd September 2021 - Measure for Measure

Thought for the day :"Spartacus said nothing when he saw his wife getting eaten by a lion.. He was gladiator.. "

Another day at the homestead. Managed to see Vic for the first time ion 6 weeks, though he did not seem to realise that it was that long - which is a blessing ... He seems to be well. He enjoyed meeting Toby.

A bit more time clearing the last few boxes from the Tavern - a momentous day for clearing the last box... Tidying and finishing the paneling tomorrow.

Forgot to take my camera with me so just a thought today ...

In other news - Imperial measurements seem to be in the news over the last few days so I thought I would share these..

Cheers !

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

21st September 2021 - Dinner and Knockout

Thought for the day :"Apparently it takes 34 muscles to open a bottle of wine – I am working on my muscle tone"

And today's Puppy Piccie...

A dinner from the garden tonight, stuffed aubergine, peppers and courgettes

and a couple of shots of 'Thena being pushed out of her bed... we have changed the bed for a larger one now..

Also transferred pictures from 2001 regarding the Knockout.

Good days !!

Cheers !

Monday, 20 September 2021

20th September 2021 - Inner Wheel 2001 Concert - and Tavern Stuff

Thought for the day :"The institute of unfinished research has decided that six out of ten…"

Still working on the Tavern. Getting there thought the last few boxes are proving to take longer than the rest did as they are the IKEA boxes from the living room in 41 which had all the accumulated "kitchen Drawer" collection of items that are "useful" but nowhere really to put them !!

Did one box of "electrical stuff that is useful"  must have been four broken mouses, three phones and old microphones from a Karaoke machine that broke many moons ago.

Found some old Knockout articles which I have photographed for posterity and the work Susie did for the Inner Wheel Young Peoples Concert.

I will add the Knockout ones tomorrow 

But I also found these photos of the skyline at  Cynheidre Colliery in the miners' Strike
Photographer not known - again stored for posterity 

Cheers !