Friday, 17 May 2019

17th May 2019 - Mead Farm Day Trip

Thought for the day: "A lorry carrying snooker equipment has lost its load on the M1. The cues go back for miles."

So a day in the Mead Farm at Leighton Buzzard today. Feeding the animals,  and taking Torren out for the day ...  Fun had by all...


Thursday, 16 May 2019

16th May 2019 - Just a thought

Thought for the day : "I hate it when I go to the kitchen looking for food and all I find are ingredients"

Just a thought 


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

15th May 2019 - Not much happening

Thought for the day:"I once worked as an alien on the set of a sci-fi film. I was an extra terrestrial."

Today is the Centenary of St Elli Lodge in Llanelli, no 3942. They will be celebrating this evening and I shall be joining them as my last Masonic acitvity before heading off to Crete for the weekend.

A good evening and some interesting history..

Will sort things in the future..

Cheers !

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

14th May 2019 - London - Metropolis Court No 130

Thought for the day:"Someone stole my hedge during the night, I think I need a privet investigator..."

London for the Consecration of the Court of Metropolis No 130.
Remembering how busy London is as I had to stand on the tube from Hanger Lane to Green Park.
Taxi back cost £45.
Will have to see how much the tube actually cost - this contactless way of paying is very impressive but does not really let you know what you are paying - that goes for the bar as well !!
Though reason for the taxi was that we were carrying the banner and sword and to be honest the sword is distinctly more than 3"...   So not a cost to us!!

Back to Wales now and a few days before trip to Crete - looking forward I must admit...


Monday, 13 May 2019

13th May 2019 - A little bit of Freja

Thought for the day :"Had a dream about mufflers, woke up exhausted"

One advantage of setting up a blooming great tent in a field is that you can get some lovely photos..
Sadly - do not think that Erin bothered to pop in ... But Freja had a good sesssion   

Love the Jewelled Elven Ears

So, off to London this afternoon for a Consecration tomorrow of the Court of the Metropolis.


Sunday, 12 May 2019

12th May 2019 - Portraits and Prevarication

Thought for the day:"A German sausage has found dead this morning with 27 stab wounds.. Police spokesperson said “it is the wurst murder they've ever seen..”

The only photo of me at event 1 as far as I can see.. Ho Hum.

Decided to stay at home today rather than go the Chepstow for William Marshall 800. Just lay really and still recovering form the cold form the event weekend. Probably for the best as I will be away for a couple of days now to London and then getting ready to go to Crete at the weekend.

Processed another couple of photos from the weekend studio session..

All quite nice really

Cheers !

Saturday, 11 May 2019

11th May 2019 - Maybe should lose a few pounds!

Thought for the day: "You are dust – and you will return to dust .. So I don’t dust .. it may be someone I know"

Went for my postal vote today in the European Elections....

Court of St Elli this morning - went fairly well all things considered. Decided not to head off to Chepstow for the  William Marshall Re-enactment Weekend. Had an evening in instead.
Probably will not head down tomorrow either.

Meanwhile some pictures of the setup last week.

 Sad to say - I am not the Sylph-like youngster of my previous days

 But still working hard at set up

Oh well - portly but happy !

Cheers !