Sunday, 30 September 2012

30th September 2012 - another month gone!!!

A simple day today.
Late rise and English breakfast in Kaaren's  - a fine establishment - especially if wanting good english cooking in Crete ....  Karen and her other half who may be Tim - but can't be sure - also have a French Chalet for the skiing in the winter and go there early in December to do the season there .
Can't be a bad system.

Bethan and Niko joined us for a late breakfast and then it was down to kolykitho beach for swimming. Too many strangers for skinny dipping... but a few beers on the beach care of Niko made for a good afternoon.

Managed to go to HOPE bar in Mavrokanian - the home of Michaelis - the 90 something year old who had kept the bar for the last 90 years or so it seemed.
Dimitris and his lady now run the bar and it is completely refurbished and does a very good Meze at a reasonable price.
Had a Raki in remembrance of Michaelis - but Dimitris and his lady had no understanding of what I was talking about as I recalled the last time we were in the bar - counting out the bottle tops and the raki Bottles so he could work out the bill....

Now on the Balcony - listening to Sean Tyrrel singing "Time you old Gipsy Man - will you not stay.."
seems appropriate   for the end to another lovely day...

Chapters for Der Vollsanger now changed to Scenes - scene two posted...

Der Vollsanger - Scene two...

Saturday, 29 September 2012

29th September 2012 - Saturday

So the start of a weekend in Crete. Weather??  No change - still hot though a little hazy.
Breakfast of philly cheese and apricot jam and orange juice.
May need to go on a health kick when I get back as I think the pounds may be piling on slightly...

Internet connection very poor today - so on the mobile - no photos to upload until later methinks - this is the more expensive way of doing stuff.
What shall we do today ?? Same as every day Pinkie - try to take over the world!!..
Found this one on a German Website - Think it captures the mood....
Only a couple more before we have to get our heads around business and Hadrian's wall and getting the central heating working for another year ....- so - Gin and Tonic then I think.......

seemed appropriate....

Friday, 28 September 2012

28th September 2012 - Friday

Well, no change in the weather it seems - whatever the mackerel sky would mean in the UK. Another blisteringly hot morning and I am inside with the Air Conditioning blasting away - so rather pleasant.
Found out why it was so quiet on Wednesday - everyone was on strike.
Meant that the Banks were shut, the Post Office the schools and pretty well everyone else ..
Having a rough time here by the sounds of it and no-one is happy with the austerity plans that are being put in place.
Seems that income tax is to start at the first euro earned - no personal allowance if I understand properly, VAT has gone from 13% to 23%.
No wonder things are getting more expensive out here.

Ended up in Cypriano for evening meal and very pleasant too and long chat with Dimitri and Maria over the economy and general chat and then found ourselves for too long in Friends. Got back sometime in the night ... have changed the bins and put them for Gordon and Ceri who should be doing the rooms for us today - but think they can skip it while we recover.....

Looks as thought we will be having a restful day today .....

Thursday, 27 September 2012

27th September - Thursday

Another day in the high temperatures. Was 30 degrees in the shade at a quarter to ten this morning.
Decided to get an early start and do some driving around the island.
Sadly - our breakfast tavern seems not to open at that time - we thought that we were late risers and it looks as though we normally catch them just as they are opening !!

Instead we went to examine 6 million euro Villa just sold by Europlan - and very nice it was too.
Has its own de-salination plant and swimming pool and several feature bedrooms.
Was very Russian in style - but then it has been bought by russians - so they probably had the right idea!

Drive along the island to find a marble quarry and Mochlos - a rather nice little cove - not too spoiled - and a  Greek Salad and a beer and a decision not to snorkel and swim there - but come back to Elounda for a little fishing and a swim.

Lovely sunsets this evening - deep red across the mountains. May be a change in the weather coming - there was mackerel sky about this afternoon.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

26th September 2012 - Wednesday

Seems that the UK is covered with storms and rain and floods and cold. Hmm - I wonder how bad it is to not really care and enjoy the sun here ? It is too hot to get out onto the balcony this morning though I tried for half an hour or so.
The sky is again cloudless with a light haze across the land - just the heat rising form the ground.

Had a nice dinner in Kantoyni restaurant - our old haunt in Mavrokikis, and was quite impressed by the Chef/waiter there who not only recognized us from two years ago - but asked whether we were still doing the re-enactment bar and banqueting...

A stroll along the seafront then and a couple of drinks in Friends Bar - where again we had a very warm welcome - Dimitri buying the first round!!   which was a first, and also a champagne mixture later in the evening. I know it was already open but it was still a nice gesture. Of course we spent more time there as a result than we were expecting - so it worked - but he was pleasant company.

Can't get over how quiet everywhere is though - cannot believe that anyone is making ends meet.
There was a couple of minstrels in the square playing some traditional Greek music which was also very good.
Not sure if it is a saints day or something today - but the school seems to be closed - so it is reasonably quiet.. Having said that the kids have just started shouting outside - but I think it is just a couple playing.

30 degrees in the shade - a very warm day now. appears that there is a strike and the banks, post office, schools are all shut. Went to Cypriano for breakfast - was not intending to - but as we got out the car Dimitri waved at us and welcomed us back - so felt sort of duty bound to go there. Had a good English breakfast and stayed long enough afterwards for a beer as well..

Nice drive over the causeway and a bit of 4 wheel drive down to the skinny dip beach. Good for snorkelling I mam told... water beautifully warm and told that a heat wave is on its way - expect 35 to 40 degrees for the weekend...

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

25th September 2012 - Tuesday

Transfer from Agios Nikolaos was fairly painless. Managed to be up by 8.15am local ( a devastating 6.15am back in Blighty!!) and sent Susie off to town to find some local bread  that she may be able to eat, had to go right into the town in the heat poor soul..  but allowed us a nice breakfast of philadelphia Cheese and apricot Jam... our favourite holiday breakfast.

Bags packed and in the car - and a cloudless sky as we crossed the hills between Ag Nik and Elounda...   only to find that the fishing rod had been left behind in the flat - so a quick turn around to pick it up.

On again and through Elounda. Surprised to find Friends shut !!  Maybe not enough trade to keep staff on in the day !!.

Got to our apartments at Rob's and find ourselves in my favourite Kolokotha or something like that. It is the one that does not have the shade though - so may have to hide just inside the balcony for a while. It is very hot today. All unpacked and ready to go ...   Found the local Wi Fi and though it says Signal Poor - it seems to be better than we have had for the last couple of days.
The Game of Hammer !!!
Current best of five games of Hammer sees Susie winning - pretty well all of them!!

Final view of  Agois Nikolaos from Polydoros Hotel:

Monday, 24 September 2012

24th September 2012 - Monday

Another restful day in Crete.
Managed to get the internet link working at last - late afternoon Monday - having spent a while with the owner trying out different routers. This one seems to work at least ...Though it drops in and out a lot...

View across the bay towards Bunny's Flat
Seems to work fine for a while and then die a death !!

And one more for the record..
Managed to start a little writing today - decided to stick with my favourite subject ... me...
Chapter One of Der Vollsanger is in first draft..  Click on the link to read....

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Sunday in Crete seems very little different from any other day here in the sun.
The sea is a deep blue today - after the slightly choppy shoreline yesterday - though there is still a good wind blowing keeping us a little cooler ...   No Maid today so able to have a restful start to the day - strolling up the road to our old breakfast haunt for a full English.
Sign of the times I recon - the breakfast that cost under 5 Euro last time we were here was 8 euro a piece - but that seems the same everywhere - the cost of food has risen.
Saw a pomegranate selling for 5.50 Euro!!

Took the car into town to find a Pharmacy, I am being plagued with small insect bites that are all around the feet - despite the use of Repel anti-insect cream - mainly because I spend late evenings with the computer and a book in the quiet times by the sea front - must be a gourmet dinner for some creatures!!!

Found we had walked past the only open chemist in AG Nick three times by the time we found the right one and got the cream. Also managed to find a computer shiop that had a universal notebook charger - cost me 45 Euro but could not see myself being without a charge for the rest of the holiday - so will look to sell it again on Ebay when I get back....

Currently in Sportz Bar in Ag Nick - Susie on Iced Coffee and me on the free internet - will charge the laptop up later...
Charging the machine .... seems to be working..   but internet access is limited...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September 2012

So, 130 posts in and I now find that there is a title option on the Blog - so will try using that from now on if it works.

Up a little earlier this morning - at a fairly respectable quarter past nine local time and managed to beat breakfast preparation before the maid came to clean and sort the bathroom...  which was a little easier than trying to explain why we are still abed at 11.30 am because we are still on UK time, to someone in a country where everyone and their aunt seem to be up and bright and cheerful at 7am local !

Managed to get Susie a set of mini flippers to go with the borrowed snorkel and mask - so she enjoyed a pleasant hour and a half examining the local seabed before joining me for a beer and Frappe - seems to be the done thing here - cold iced coffee and a glass of water!! and a game of Hammer!

Most of the day has again been spent sitting by the water side and reading.

Apartment at Polydoros

that is the sea at the bottom of the steps

Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday 21st September 2012 - Another day in Paradise...

Another full day in Crete.
Sunny as usual - trying to get a little more aclimatised to the local time zone - 2 hours early !!
so managed to get up at 10 am this morning local time  (8am to real people)
Breakfast of fresh bread - Philadelphia cheese and apricot jam - orange juice and tea.
Swim in the sea outside the apartment - rest in the sun and then the shade - read 800 pages of Game of Thrones now - and a walk into town.

Bought Susie soem flippers so she can use the snorkel and swim about while I watch. A Worked out that the charging unit is the problem with the lap top - not the computer - so that is one step ahead ...
will see whether I can keep it charged enough in the bar or other places to avoid buying new charger before we get home.

Managed as trip to Limnes this evening for dinner.
Dinner for four with 4 carafes of wine - 28 Euros - Love this place!!

Back early to allow Bunnie an early start to London for her award ceremonies
Time for a quick Blog and then a chapter more methinks before bed...
Sitting in the ambient light on the shoreline as I type - what better way to get your work done ...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

20th  September 2012 - Crete

So, an uneventful journey to Crete. The new road is now open allowing us to by-pass Malia and that made the trip from the airport at least half an hour shorter - allowing us to arrive in Agios Nikolaus at about 11.30 pm local time -  time enough to get our cases stowed away in our hotel apartment and get back to the Sports Bar for a pint or two before they closed.

Crete is warm - a little humid but a pleasant change from recent UK weather.
Of course - the clocks are two hours ahead in Crete and therefore when we got up at a quarter past nine this morning it was already 11.15am to the locals - but we managed to get a nice cooked breakfast for 6 euros each in the apartment complex ( I won't call it a hotel as it is very nice - but it is not a hotel!)

Best of all - it is 5 yards from the door of the room to the sea and the water is pretty warm - certainly warm enough  to swim in first thing in the morning - which we will probably do tomorrow .

A lazy day - 430 pages of "Game of Thrones" read but the lap top is still playing up and will not charge.
Have found a local expert to see to it tomorrow ...

Sitting now in the warm night - almost the witching hour - five feet from the sea at one of the apartment tables - with a glass of local red plonk (1.95 euro for a liter and a half)and l
Bethan's  flat is just across the water. As we dropped her off last night she looked out over the water and whistled - the sound carried right across - and we could hear her say "Goodnight" as though she was only a hundred yards away .
She is still working tonight until one - but has the evening off tomorrow - so we should be able to go out to dinner and catch up on two years' news

Battery getting low - so that is it for one night ...
Cala Nichta  as they say here...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

19th September 2012 - International Talk like a Pirate day ...   ARRRRR!!!

So a couple of days without a blog to show for it - but that was really because life became very busy for a while.. Last event of the season under canvass was the Battle of Mortimer's Cross - where we were unable to run the normal large bar as the site had their own bar facilities - £3 for a bottle of beer and £1.50 for a can of coke !! so we decided on taking a Mead Emporium and Wine Tasting stall - but as a 30 x 20 so we had enough room to invite a few friends around in the evening to sit around the firepit for the last time.

A very pleasant weekend it was as well. Not hugely economic - but certainly worthwhile. Talking with the organisers they had about 700 through the gates on the first day and about the same on the second day - which ,made it about the same as the previous year. Of course - last year we had the main bar so we were far more busy - with the enactors and traders...  but this year we could see a little more about how the traders normally feel.

Still, had plenty of time to play with the new Lyre and guitar and play alongside the Harpies of Hellcote - I think they were called - Pip and co.........

They come for  Devon so may have the opportunity of practising and playing sometime in the future when visiting down in Exmouth.

So after the event we managed to get the tents down and pack away in an hour and a half !! that was a change on our normal take-down!!  and get back to Llanelli by mid evening on Sunday night.

Trailer is empty and ready for loading for the Hadrian's Wall walk - we will have a day to sort it out when we get back from Crete - and then it was time to load up the cases and head off to the South Coast to drop off the dogs for their holiday...    and then onto Gatwick.....

So sunny here in Blighty - rumour has it that it is raining in Crete.... sounds about par for the course....

Now a half past two in the afternoon and we are safely booked into the airport and only have a couple of hours to kill.
Car parked at the off airport secure parking at Cophall - about 10 minutes bus ride from Gatwick, and a pleasant ride in - with a family with a young girl who had obviously not been on a plane before and got very concerned when she saw a plane in the sky and started calling for it to turn around and go back to the airport so she could go on holiday.

Found lunch in the Hedgehog - next to the parking site - and luckily some WiFi so I was able to send some money via bank transfer to  pay for the rooms for the second week.

Sadly - at the airport - there are hundreds of wi fi connections around me - but all secure networks so I am unable to sign onto anyof them. I have paid for data in Crete but it seemed a waste of time to pay for a month of data in the uK when I will not be using it - though on a scond thougth - I will be wanting it when we are away on Hadrian's wall  - so I may as well go for it now - and there we have it....

Thursday, 13 September 2012

13th September 2012 - Thursday - One day to go to next event..

All about pre-planning at the moment!!
We have a day to Mortimer's Cross - which though not a large event will still be a full weekend away.
Also planning for the Trip to Crete - which follows straight on - with only a day for turn around.
When we come back - we have to get ready for Hadrian's Wall in a day as well - so really need to have everything ready for that before we go to Mortimer's tomorrow !!

We are nearly there - the trailer is empty and ready for setting up with everything we need for the Hadrian Wall trip. The van is mainly empty - apart from a small breakage yesterday which at least means that the van smells nice - the aroma of honey !!
A little thought and that should be all set up for the weekend.
All new clothes bought so should be able to pack a case ready for our return - mainly taking books - none of this Kindle Rubbish !! Must also see how I can pack the Lyre that we bought at the last event .
Am very surprised that I am having little problem in playing it - a 16 string,  harp-like instrument but it seems to fit with what I am doing in the singing role - so easier to carry to Crete than a Guitar ...
Very similar to this one 
Bought as a retirement present - and something that I can work on for the future. Have a few songs that seem to be going well with it already.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

12th September 2012 - Missed a day yesterday..

Not sure what happened yesterday... seems that the day came and went and never a moment to get onto the Blog!!
Managed to take the empty kegs back to Glamorgan Ales and as agreed they took the two Carlsberg back. Had hoped that the hot weekend would have given the opportunity to sell the Lager and Cider as well as the ales - but the lack of advertising meant that there really were only a few public around. Last year was not good for public, and Caldicot have never really pushed the advertising for the event - but this time everything was looking good - the weather was fine, the traders were up, the re-enactors were up - but the whole sale ratio was very difficult.  Have not done the sums yet - and there is no doubt that we made money - but a lot less than I would have liked for the last big event for the Crimson Moon in our hands.

Bonus - they also took one of the spare kegs of Ffarwel Haf - the Summer Ale - which was not the agreement - but as the ale had been well looked after - they were happy.

Managed to get some more oil for the Biodiesel - so another batch started last night.

Also looked at options to have the laptop repaired - seems that about £100 plus VAT will be the cost - which is not excessive - but needed to get the pictures the videos and the music transferred before letting it go for repair - as for many - it is my only copy other than the ones uploaded to Youtube.
Found a second hand laptop in Cash Converter - the Pawn Shop in town, which seemed a good specification and for the cash  came to £300 .... So decided to get a new one as well as the old - will get the old repaired in due course.  Spent a little time converting some software and learning Windows 7.

Managed to empty a few things out of the Van - but did not get to the Trailer....  Will have to do that this morning.

Up at 8am, Susie out - probably doing the Diesel - so a few minutes to catch up before going to make a cuppa...

10pm - and a successful day .
Went shopping for the holiday and spent some money - not too much - but enough for a set of clothes for a trip to Crete.
Trailer is empty and ready for set up with the kitchen for Hadrian's Wall
Van is empty except for a few boxes of mead for the Mortimer's Cross this weekend.
Ordered another 9 cases of Wines for the weekend to be delivered to site tomorrow,.
Have put the last set of photos onto the machine - but need to work on them before putting up onto Facebook and FLICKr

Misty Morning at Caldicot - Crimson Moon 

Copying videos from the old Lap top to the new one.

Worked upon figures for the business over the last four years for prospective purchasers.
 Now  watching Stallone in the Assassins - and resting ...
Maybe better get a glass of scotch ...

Monday, 10 September 2012

10th September - 2012 - Home again - Post EMA 

Sitting at home with a Chinese meal in my tummy and a glass of red wine ( well a couple actually) back home, at 9pm - washed, showered, warm ( well sort of ) and very tired!!.

Managed to get the 4-master down last night immediately after the public left the event at 5pm. All the canvass away with the threat of rain for the morning - so taking advantage of the moment to get the canvass away dry. Also separated into sections - for a little final repair before moving on. The 4 Master will not be use again by us!!  It will be packed now for the sale.

Then a very pleasant evening in the 2 master,   with some of our friends in the Early Medieval Alliance staying and having a pint or two and some meads while we sang some old songs and enjoyed the fire.

And the rain started about 9pm yesterday - and continued for the night. But we were warm and dry - the tarpaulin over the bedroom keeping all the water out.

Morning saw a wet ground and wet tent - but the sun was trying to break through...
Took until 4pm to sort all the bar and contents, and get everything stacked away  - and we dodged a rain shower or two - but over all the sides and main canvass went away dry. Thanks once again to the Weather Gods for looking after us !!!

Will look at the pictures to morrow - only took a few but hoping there will be a few worth while to remember the event by.
Had many people say nice things about the Moon and ourselves - I think we may be missed !!1.

But now - sheer exhaustion is setting in ...
Night !

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5th September 2012 - The year is flowing away !!

Seems like only a week ago that I started the Blog - but that was back in April and a whole season has come and gone since then. Still - one last load of the van for a Big event and then just the small events before the end of the year.

Managed to upload some photographs of the party in Exmouth while it was quiet yesterday.
Susie was up at 7am getting the Bio-diesel started and now it is 9am and a cup of tea and a quick check of the Blog and the emails before I start the big load.

Sadly will have to empty most of the van and trailer to get the extra stuff in - even though I will be needing most of the kit that is in both - but they will need to be packed differently. Is always the way !

Things to remember: Party Plastics, Cash flow, Orange and Vodka - not in any particular order !!
If I get the chance I will get the T shirts ordered and some new badges for those who served at the "Ta Ta Tiffin" ..

Tabs are still trickling in form the Renewal - at least half are in now and I will expect the rest over the weekend.

So - teas is finished - best get some work done !!

Time now 7pm - and work mainly done. Trailer was fairly easy to re-adjust and fill - brought it around the front of the house with the car - could not have done that with the old Suzuki!! Managed to get all the crates in - except anything for the kitchen tomorrow. The van was more about taking everything out and putting the bar pieces in and then re-filling the van -we are taking more than we need -cos I could not find all the bits of canvass to sort -but that is not really important - we can sort that at Caldicot. Weather still holding and looks good.

Got change - decided on £500 in pound coins and £200 in fifty pence - have a few in twenty and tens available as well.
Did not get to the T Shirt place in time - so will email the order through this evening.
Think we will have to drop off at Bookers on the way to get the Coke and Vodka and more Gin. This we can get away with everything else - may need orange in the end - but cannot get to the fridge to find how much we have left - I think it is a few slabs.
Party Plastics tonight to get the Pint pots - we have about a thousand wine glasses and about 2,000 1/2 pints which we can use for wine if we get short.
I think we will buy in 3 boxes - that is 2,100 pints - that will leave us a stock of about a box for the new buyers.
Sunset at Exmouth

Birthday Cake for Erin

Torren  and Oma
Stu in charge of the BBQ 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

4th September 2012 - Back to normal then ...

The small heat wave of the last two days has dissipated ... and only two days to get ready for the next one.. Seem to have drifted a little yesterday!

Had the bill form McGee's for the beer last event and quesdtioned the price on one keg - but otherwise we both had a good event methinks. I have taken three Eagle onwards with me towards this event - but otherwise we will be all paid for with a little money in the bank.

A little disappointed that the couple that we expected to be with us for the weekend are now no longer with us for set up and the weekend. Which means that we are short of staff really. I have not tried to arrange anyone else as there were four of us there . Luckily - Tarn has taken the weekend off and will be coming to join us.

Dentist this morning - seem to have lost a filling over the weekend but managed to get an emergency appointment..  

Firepit at Exmouth
Managed to get some more cooking oil for the biodiesel - but too late to start it until this evening as it needs to settle for 12 hours after initial heating.

Van insurance sorted - quoting me £506 for renewal - but Go Compare gave me £386 for the same - so they decided to equal that and give me a £25 voucher to renew the Market Trading Membership which we will continue with even though we are selling the business. Didn't get a Meerkat though as I went back to Market Traders.

Seems that I only have to give a couple of days notice for cancelling the credit card system - so that will not prove a problem.

Dentist was simple - quick change of the filling as there was no deterioration of the tooth underneath.
Vitis wines sorted - getting a selection of meads in 6 cases - and 8 cases of the more popular fruit wines delivered to the site - and 10 cases of Moniack  from Lyme Bay ...

Glamorgan Beer - I have ordered 4 x Ffarwell Haf - been popular in the past - 4.5% and a blonde ale ... to add to the 3 Eagle that I am taking from last event, ordered  4 x Black Rat as well and asked about sale or return on a couple of Lagers...

Need to think about change again tomorrow, T shirts still have not been ordered, ho hum
Tomorrow will be load the van day I think ...

Monday, 3 September 2012

3rd September 2012 - Back to Wales ...

Well, a couple of fine days by the seaside - but despite the sunshine and the wonderful views and the company, it was really time to get back onto the M5 and M4 and return home.

Took the opportunity of  calling in at Caldicot Castle to examine the ground - which was wet but not excessive - so should be suitable for the weekend. Contacted Vitis Wines and found that it will be necessary to get the Moniack from Lyme Bay direct - so will get a 1/4 pallet of fruit wines and other meads sent from Vitis direct to the Castle.

Other tasks for today

  1. Order new T shirts - paid for at last event
  2. Cancel Streamline the Credit Card service as we will be ceasing trading in a month 
  3. Van Insurance - due on the 8th 
  4. Details to be sent to Crete regarding flight times .... 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

2nd September 2012 - Exmouth....

Oh well - the original decision was to pop down today and stay over while the rest of the family went back to work...  The second plan - updated, was to travel down yesterday and have an evening around the firepit and then come back today...
Somehow - during the evening - the decision was to have another Gin and Tonic and not drive back today.....  So it is now lunchtime at Exmouth - overlooking the sea - grandkids are on the beach, Stu and I are in the living room on laptops while Susie and the Girls are building a gate in the fence between houses.

Slightly a role reversal - but not really for us!!

A few songs around the camp fire last night and a fairly early night for us - probably about 3.30am and sleeping on the floor but fairly comfortable..

One of the shots from the Tavern weekend...

Can't update from the new photos as not able to use my own laptop as the screen smashed when it fell off the fridge in the tavern!!   And if you wonder why it was on the fridge it was because I was using it as a music machine with the Angry Bird Speakers...

Now have a choice as to whether to replace the screen on the lap-top - which will probably be the best option and the cheapest.

Have to think about the next event tomorrow - Caldicott Castle and the Early Medieval Alliance.
For the moment - it will be a chill day at the seaside...

1st September 2012  - Summer is over ...

Well - surprise surprise - Summer is over they say because we are now officially into September and the Autumn. However - we seem to have lost Summer somewhere in the midst of the rain and storms of July and August.

But Renewal is over - we have been away for two weeks pretty well and back home. Most of the weather at the event was fairly good - sunshine with a few real downpours. Of course - the take down is always the important thing. Weather forecast was poor so we were up at 7am to get the 5 master down in the dry - and succeeded in getting everything packed. The two master was still up and we were getting on well when we get a phone call from my daughter - living 20 minutes away - asking if we were getting VERY wet !!!

Of course - as soon as I said that we had had no rain - it was jinxed......   Ten minutes later and the skies opened and we were soon soaked - pack up by 3pm - which was pretty good for a full set of canvass and a long drive home in the rain...

But we had a good time and the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone in Curious Pastimes - which was - after all where the Crimson Moon started......
Opportunity for a party at the Tavern on Sunday afternoon after the battle.
Ta Ta Tiffin at the Tavern was advertised and on the Facebook Event Page over 290 people stated that they would be attending. I think we exceeded the number. We set up tables under the canopy and used some old red banquet roll that had been hanging around since a wedding last year - and Susie and the girls including grandchildren dutifully iced all the fairy cakes - many of them as Green Ones !
Then hundreds of scones with Jam and Squirty Cream... just to continue the controversy as to whether  the jam goes on first (of course) or the cream !!!

But a fine time was had by all - and some lovely gifts were forthcoming......

As a last event it went very well......

Late decision that we would head down to Exmouth and celebrate Erin's 6th Birthday around the firepit and Pimms and Wine.....  so that is what we did...