Tuesday, 25 September 2012

25th September 2012 - Tuesday

Transfer from Agios Nikolaos was fairly painless. Managed to be up by 8.15am local ( a devastating 6.15am back in Blighty!!) and sent Susie off to town to find some local bread  that she may be able to eat, had to go right into the town in the heat poor soul..  but allowed us a nice breakfast of philadelphia Cheese and apricot Jam... our favourite holiday breakfast.

Bags packed and in the car - and a cloudless sky as we crossed the hills between Ag Nik and Elounda...   only to find that the fishing rod had been left behind in the flat - so a quick turn around to pick it up.

On again and through Elounda. Surprised to find Friends shut !!  Maybe not enough trade to keep staff on in the day !!.

Got to our apartments at Rob's and find ourselves in my favourite Kolokotha or something like that. It is the one that does not have the shade though - so may have to hide just inside the balcony for a while. It is very hot today. All unpacked and ready to go ...   Found the local Wi Fi and though it says Signal Poor - it seems to be better than we have had for the last couple of days.
The Game of Hammer !!!
Current best of five games of Hammer sees Susie winning - pretty well all of them!!

Final view of  Agois Nikolaos from Polydoros Hotel:

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