Thursday, 27 September 2012

27th September - Thursday

Another day in the high temperatures. Was 30 degrees in the shade at a quarter to ten this morning.
Decided to get an early start and do some driving around the island.
Sadly - our breakfast tavern seems not to open at that time - we thought that we were late risers and it looks as though we normally catch them just as they are opening !!

Instead we went to examine 6 million euro Villa just sold by Europlan - and very nice it was too.
Has its own de-salination plant and swimming pool and several feature bedrooms.
Was very Russian in style - but then it has been bought by russians - so they probably had the right idea!

Drive along the island to find a marble quarry and Mochlos - a rather nice little cove - not too spoiled - and a  Greek Salad and a beer and a decision not to snorkel and swim there - but come back to Elounda for a little fishing and a swim.

Lovely sunsets this evening - deep red across the mountains. May be a change in the weather coming - there was mackerel sky about this afternoon.

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