Thursday, 28 February 2019

28th February 2019 - Operations Julie and Superheroes

Thought for the day:"I have a Russian friend who is a sound technician, and a Czech one too, Czech one too"

Seems that a film company has decided to make a Comedy Thriller about the drugs but in the 70's called operation Julie ...

Operation Julie is a comedy-thriller telling the extraordinary true story of the undercover police operation that smashed one of the most bizarre drug rings the world has ever seen – and changed British policing forever.
In April 1975 a brilliant Cambridge biochemist, Richard Kemp, was involved in a fatal car accident near Machynlleth. The crash led to the discovery of evidence connecting Kemp to a suspected LSD “factory” in north Wales. On 26 March 1977, following a 13 month police investigation, officers swooped on 87 properties in England and Wales, arresting 120 suspects in the largest series of drugs raids ever seen in the UK.
With exclusive rights to the memoirs of one of these officers, Stephen Bentley, Operation Julie has all the tension, drama and commercial appeal of the best films in the undercover crime genre – but all given a gleefully British comedic period spin as a peace and love Donnie Brasco plays out among the free-love communes, sheep farms and horizontal rain of 1970’s rural Wales.
The film offers an exclusive first-hand account of the story’s human drama, shining a light on the escapades of two officers who went so deep undercover they were no longer sure what side they were meant to be on, and the loveable rogues who captured the hearts of the locals despite their double lives as members of an international criminal conspiracy.
Hmm !!!

I know some officers involved who will be rather upset by this take upon their work on this operation ....
In other news - Batman came to town yesterday ...
I took some photos - but was slightly more taken wit the fact that they had not advertised that other heroes would be there as well...  and they way it works is that you cannot get near to Batman as they had a little enclosure - so I got some pictures of the car - but not really the Batman himself....

and some photos form Alan Evans

Sorry Sir ! You can't park that there 

Phase One Cameras...
So - I have been discussing these beasties today with the man who taught me all that I know about photography in a 20 minutes lesson ... Justin McKie - see him on Instagram...
Powerful machines!!!  I do not think that they will be in my price bracket! but we are thinking of setting up stall at Curious Pastimes event 1....

And with those few thoughts ... I bid you well - I am off to a Getaway tomorrow with some Moonies!

Cheers !

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

27th February 2019 - Climbing for Awards

Thought for the day:"I say no to alcohol, it just doesn’t listen"

So - the Shortlist is out ... LARP AWARDS 2019

Bard of the Year


Just a lovely chap, always playing and helped make some really atmospheric moments this year for the wolves after several player deaths. 

Because ... well ... Volsanger

Iain is amazing. His humor, songs and enthusiasm makes every event he attends a joy. He upped his game so much this year at CP getting huge crowds of people singing along to him and his guitar

Granny and the boon

there album and tour just gave everyone something to interact and play with. they are second to none with entertainment of a crowd drawing them in and make them feel part of the experience.
The greatest goblin double act the world has ever seen, with possibly the greatest LARP album ever produced. In my opinion. 

they're both insanely musical and hilarious

Mark Chilvers

His ability to invent whole songs and ballads ON THE SPOT - means everyone - player or crew - get involved in the song!

Great artist and always has a song. I always enjoy hearing him play.
As well as an established repertoire he tailors lyrics and tunes to the event unfolding around him

Gabrielle Joanne

Runs songs and stories each night in the Navarr camp. Excellent balance between doing the entertaining herself, giving others a chance to perform and encouraging them to do so. Adds to the game rather than taking over as many bards do.

she sings beautifully but never hogs the limelight always encouraging other people to get up and perform.

shes good, shes modest and she brings the campfires she sings round to life without making it about her, unlike many bards.

Michelle Cleland

only bard iv ever really stayed up to hear tell storys and sing of times in games always song with such love and joy for making peoples games better

As well as being entertaining, Shell is good at remembering stories and spreading them throughout a system. She's a long-standing member of Lorien Trust and has recently brought her skills to Erda.
an accomplished bard with a phenomenal voice who is also an absolute star; no pun intended; when it comes to assisting new aspiring bards, being able & willing to offer good advice and support to folk both before and after their performances,
Good luck to all ...  


In other news...

Out for a stroll ??? I don't think so !!!

A Scary Walk ....

or this...

I'll just wait for you to catch up..

I'll take the easy way 
Or the whole video...

Well - you can keep that  :)

Cheers !
Found Him !!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

26th February 2019 - On getting Knotted and Conflation

Thought for the day :"Beware of the weight-watchers website asking if you will accept cookies. It’s a test !"

So, health has been good for a long time now - other than the occasional aches and pains, but seem to have picked up a sore throat and an itchy feeling that I am going down with a cold - which is a bit unfortunate with the weekend away coming up. Unusually for me I dosed up with a couple of paracetamol  this morning when the postman (lady) called at 8.30am to deliver a package which turned out to be some historical patterns for susie.

So - the sun is out again and the weather is still unusually warm - unlike the rest of the world. It was this time last year that the "Beast from the East" hit us with a sudden freeze!!!!

Trump confuses weather with climate change again: 'Wouldn’t be bad to have a little good old fashioned Global Warming right now!' (Independent Jan 2019)

Little more than two months since a similarly misleading conflation, the president tweeted: “Be careful and try staying in your house. Large parts of the Country are suffering from tremendous amounts of snow and near record setting cold.

“Amazing how big this system is. Wouldn’t be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned Global Warming right now!”

In November, Mr Trump conflated seasonal weather with climate change, suggesting chilly conditions meant global warming wasn’t real.

“Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?” he tweeted.

However, there is always a good side to everything - I learned a new word today CONFLATION.

Dictionary result for conflation

  1. the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc. into one.

    "the forceful conflation of two traditions"

Good to make a daily advancement

In other news I may have to practise my Knot skills...

Some knots that are useful to know

And so on to another day ...
Cheers !

Monday, 25 February 2019

25th February 2019 - Break a leg

Thought for the day :"Being told I was deaf was difficult to hear"

Out of the mouths of babes so they say - I saw this set of modern interpretations on proverbs...

I also found out why you say Break a Leg before the show...   interesting !

Another warm day outside - not that I have been !
Preparing for Lliedi Mark this evening ...   and procrastinating - lots of that as well


Sunday, 24 February 2019

24th February 2019 - Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Thought for the day:"I made a huge to-do list today. Next job - find out who is going to do it !"

Found an old Llanelli picture and thought I would save it here - early aerial photography overlooking Llanelli in its industrial days...

Llanelli 1948
And a question to be posed ....

Lazy Sunday - which means I really should be getting on with stuff...
We shall see .... at least it is Sunny again - It is snowing in Arizona apparently and twice the average temperature in Wales.... 

Oh, and there was a match yesterday.. Wales beat England...

Inother news it is the 400th Birthday of Robert Aske who founded the Haberdashers' Aske's Schools one of which I attended in Elstree.

And for whom I shall ever be grateful for teaching me about apostrophes. I had to learn where the apostrophe goes because of the name of the school - It was a school from the Haberdashers (plural) - apostrophe after the "S" and belonging to Aske (Singular) therefore before the "S".  Simples !

Cheers !

Saturday, 23 February 2019

23rd February 2019 - Jemima, Amuse, and Memoirs

Thought for the day :"My Coat of Arms ties at the back – is that normal ?"

Last year I celebrated WALES 1 : FRANCE 0

We can now add WALES  1: ENGLAND 0

And in other news - seems I have managed to get through the Spotify Trap on amuse..

Seems I have a UPC Number and everything  0635028711326

Tanja           - SE5BU1960209
Lillie           - SE5BU1960210
Viinshar      - SE5BU1960211
Finya           - SE5BU1960212
Harma         - SE5BU1960213
Mona Mour - SE5BU1960214
Valeria         - SE5BU1960215
Sinistaire     - SE5BU1960216

Enjoyed a Provincial Meeting of the Red Cross of Constantine today in Bridgend. Strangely had nothing to do...   Was a strange feeling ....

In other news - Susie has been getting on with the blog for Jack Weston - memoirs... 
these are linked to this blog  on the "blogs I watch" listing in the right .....
Or here ...  Link to Memoirs.