Sunday, 10 February 2019

10th February 2019 - Sunday, What else can I say?

Thought for the day :"If women in Nepal prefer dogs, what can a cat man do?"

Sunday, and the weather is fine and the storms have gone.
A day to have a look at the next bit of ritual - a 3rd Grade Ceremony on Thursday - but there will be a road trip this week as well - off to Bangor on Wednesday for an Installation, and to pick up some venison for the "away" weekend...

Probably will have to try Amuse again - as I have had no reply from my master mixer in the US - which is a little saddening - not even a standard reply ...

We shall see if it will load this time ...

Also time to play it he basement again with the new pedal and maybe some open mic this evening at the Greenfield ...

Other than that - not much news in the world. Prince Philip (dubbed the Duke of Hazzard after his accident the other week) has voluntarily given his licence up.
More Brexit fuss and the clock is running.
Apparently we are sending new negotiators..

The Ferry Company that had no ships and no port which was to "save" the country has had its contract pulled when they found out that an Irish company was backing it and has now withdrawn. They didn't even go to tender so there was some funny business going on there.
Out in America, Trump is ready to close the government down again to pay for his wall.
Venezuela is about to have a civil war and I am sure that Oil has nothing to do with the interest being shown by many countries.
Just another day - May you live in interesting times...

Me? I shall get my little red book out - no not the one that Chairman Mau issued, the one for the Scarlet Cord and read up on my bits as Provincial DC.

An oldie but a goodie

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