Thursday, 7 February 2019

7th February 2019 - Pedals Playlists Tanks and Road Rage

Thought for the day: "This year I shall be investing in Stocks – Chicken, Beef and Vegetable – I want to be a bouillonaire"

Well, I spent a long time looking at videos on Youtube last night to see how to use my new pedal and it all looks very interesting, and a little daunting!  But it also looks a little exciting - enough to push me towards thoughts of the second album - even if the first is not yet properly on streaming yet - nothing heard from my mixer in the USA yet - but he normally answers in a few days.

Return to Mythodea seems like a nice idea - while I work on "Songs from the Tavern" or "Songs from the Crimson Moon" maybe.

Looking at a playlist of 10 to start off:

  1. Ty a di Ddoniau - because it didn't make it to the first CD
  2. The West Awakes
  3. Klabautermann - or the red Star  - have to think about that one 
  4. Durch die Siegel
  5. Myfanwy / Mythodea
  6. Sospan Fach
  7. Vlammeder Adler
  8. Grand Expedition
  9. The Green One - needs to be on something soon
  10. Race you to Valhalla
Ho Hum...

Off to the studio it is...

In other news and on the subject of parking

The owner of an armoured personnel carrier has drawn heavy fire from a councillor who says residents are angry about having it parked in their road.
The former British Army vehicle - locally known as "the tank" - has been a well-known feature of the Didsbury area of Manchester for 20 years.
Councillor David Ellison said he wanted it to be removed following complaints.
Others have a more relaxed attitude, though, saying the large green vehicle is a "fun feature" of the area.
The military vehicle's owner, who did not want to be named, told the BBC he had a licence for it and that it was taxed and insured.

'Danger to pedestrians'

Mr Ellison, who represents Didsbury West on Manchester City Council, said: "A number of people have been to me with their concerns over the tank that has been parked for many months now at the corner of Old Lansdowne Road and Lapwing Lane.
"It may sound funny but it is partly parked on the pavement and it is very difficult to walk past it so people are walking into the road.
"Because it is on a corner it would be very easy for someone to run into the back of the vehicle in the dark."
But the majority of the 500-plus people posting on the Labour politician's Facebook page seem happy for it to remain.
"Leave the tank alone," wrote one. "The kids [love] seeing it and it's a fun feature for the area."
Greater Manchester Police say parking vehicles on the pavement is a "danger to pedestrians", can be an obstruction of the highway, and can lead to damage.
The Highway Code also cautions that parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, those with visual impairments and people with prams or pushchairs.
Of course Road rage can take different forms..
I saw this - made me laugh

And with that ..

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