Friday, 8 February 2019

8th February 2019 - Telephones - I hate Vivaldi

Thought for the day:"In the event of a weather catastrophe – put ham and cheese in your pockets – so the rescue dogs find you first"

It is blowing a lot today - apparently Storm Eric...   thanks Dad!

A day of phone calls yesterday .. I got up bright and early ( for me!) with full intentions of getting down to the studio to start working on the new pedal - having watched a lot of Youtube and thinkign I may be able to switch the machine on ! But was beset with issues requiring a lot of listening to Vivaldi - why is Vivaldi the favourite of call centres?

So - No 1 :
Seems that when we cancelled the cooker cover in 2017 they kept an insurance policy on for a Dyson hoover. at the time it was cheaper to get the cooker repaired if we took out the annual insurance. as it happened the company meant to repair the cooker messed up big time and continually so on the 25th January 2017 Susie cancelled the policy, and we got a refund from the cooker repairer. But it seems that Big Warranties decided to keep the insurance on the hoover running - indeed they did not refund the £67.83 - but I failed to notice it!   It was the beginning of January !
Sadly - this January the fee has gone up to £90.63 and was taken off the Tesco Card.
Which caused me to check - and sure enough I missed the fact that they had taken a payment of £79.23 in 2018.
According to them - they sent email renewals each November - but nothing received.
apparently the Customer Service guys on the phone cannot assist so I had to email the customer services department and wait for a return call  - does not sound promising.

No 2: Mortgage is coming to an end - and the £154 a month for the interest only mortgage has reached the two year fixed term - and will go from 1.5% to 4.6% - a hike of over £200 a month ...
Nice phone calls and the new fixed term comes back down to £240 - still an increase of £90 a month but a saving of £70 so gain one - pending one.

No 3: RAC renewal - up from £230 to £257. Sadly, though I have Nissan Assist with RAC for the new car - the Camper van still needs cover for Europe as well - but a call and a discount and we get back down to £214 a saving ...

No 4 : DWP over payment of Mother in Law's pension back in November - suggested a stage payment return - they will look at it to see if they can waive it

No 5 : Hampshire charges for care - in dispute awaiting return again

No 6 : Apparently I did not pay anything in NI in 1975/6 - hmm - may need to call the HMRC.

I think I will go and lie down in a darkened room for a while...

In other news...
I often post some pictures regarding Freemasonry - but today I decided to post a different picture.

It is often mentioned that Freemasons' Hall in Queen Street London is one of the finest Art Deco buildings in London - and this picture of the gent's toilet shows the style... 

In other news - it has been a little stormy last night - but I found this lovely picture of Aberystwyth at the height of the storms...  (1938)


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