Saturday, 29 February 2020

29th February 2020 - Leap Year & St Plegmund

Thought for the day :"Hired a landscape gardener – Sadly my garden was Portrait!"

Windy and blowy and a trip in the Bothy to Pontyclun for the Scarlet Cord Installation and the on to Wallasey for an overnight ...

Nice Tesco breakfast for £4.60 and all freshly cooked I think - it took 20 minutes to bring out.. Cup of tea would have cost £1.80 and that seems extreme for a tea bay and some hot water, so did without !

Consecration of a New Pilgrim Preceptor Conclave - No 34 - so not the biggest degree... Archbishop  Plegmund not the best known Archbishop but at least he was local to the area...

Little is known of the early life of Plegmund except that he was of Mercian descent. A later tradition, dating 300 years after his death, stated that Plegmund lived as a hermit at Plemstall in Cheshire. His reputation as a scholar attracted the attention of King Alfred the Great, who was trying to revive scholarship.[6] Some time before 887, Alfred summoned Plegmund to his court. There he worked with three other scholars – WærferthBishop of Worcester, Æthelstan and Wærwulf – on translating Pope Gregory the Great's treatise Pastoral Care into Old English

Plegmund was selected for the see of Canterbury in 890 by King Alfred. His election to the Archbishopric of Canterbury is recorded in Manuscript E of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: "Here Archbishop Plegmund was elected by God and all the people." Fulk, Archbishop of Reims, praised the election of Plegmund, stating that he would help root out the last remnants of paganism in the people. However, there was a gap in time between the death of the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Ethelred, and the consecration of Plegmund; this may have been because the see had been offered to Grimbald, a Flemish monk and scholar, who refused it. Plegmund was granted his pallium by Pope Formosus.
During the 9th century, the see of Canterbury was at a low point. One of Plegmund's responsibilities was to re-establish its authority, and, in an attempt to do this, between 909 and 918 he created new sees within the existing Diocese of Winchester in Crediton, Ramsbury, Sherborne and Wells. This meant that each future shire of Wessex had its own bishop; of Crediton for Devon and Cornwall, of Ramsbury for Wiltshire, of Sherborne for Dorset and of Wells for Somerset, as well as the diocese of Winchester for Hampshire. To do this, Plegmund had to gain the approval of Pope Sergius III, who had annulled all of the acts of Pope Formosus, and in 908 Plegmund travelled to Rome so that he could be re-granted his pallium. He was the first archbishop of Canterbury to visit Rome for nearly a century, and he returned with the relics of Saint Blaise.
Under Plegmund's archbishopric, the quality of the Latin used by his scribes improved, surpassing the poor quality used by the scribes of the previous two archbishops, Ceolnoth and Æthelred.  When Alfred the Great died in 899, Plegmund crowned his son Edward as king.
In addition to his religious duties, Plegmund was involved in matters of state and he attended the formal councils held by Edward the Elder in 901, 903, 904 and 909. He dedicated the tall tower of the New Minster at Winchester in 909.

St. Plegmund's well lies about 220 yards (201 m) to the west of St Peter's Church, Plemstall near the village of Mickle Trafford, Cheshire, England. It is named after Plegmund, who later became Archbishop of Canterbury, and who is believed to have lived as a hermit nearby.  The well is situated on the edge of a low cliff to the east of which is one of the channels of the River Gowy.  It is one of two holy wells in west Cheshire. An inscribed sandstone curb was added in 1907 which was dedicated by the Venerable E. Barber, Archdeacon of Chester, on 11 November 1907.  The earliest documentary evidence of the well is in a quitclaim dated 1301.
A survey of the well was carried out in 1995 which found that it is a square stone-lined pit with two large slabs on either side and two steps down from the southern side beside the road. In the bottom of the well is a ceramic pipe which has been inserted at a later date. At the time of the survey there was water present up to the level of the first step. The cover slabs show some signs of damage but there was no sign of the curbs added in 1907.

It is said to have been used for baptisms up to the 20th century. In the 1990s, it was noticed that the hawthorn tree overhanging the well was dressed periodically and during the later 1990s, archaeologists from Chester City Council led local children on a well dressing walk on St Plegmund's feast day (2 August). This continued until 2000, when a more formal annual well dressing event was revived. The well is a scheduled monument.
Bit of a blowy return journey - but got in and enjoying a G & T .... while Susie is out at a Concert

Cheers !

Friday, 28 February 2020

28th February 2020 - Traveling again ... Spot the Bothy

Thought for the day :" "describe yourself in a nutshell" Me: "well it's very dark and cramped"

Well it is dark and dreary and it is raining again. Not the sort of day that makes you want to jump out of bed and get on with things.

But the day has to start - and I will be finishing with a trip to Pontyclun for the Scarlet Cord Installation and then traveling on up to the Wirral for the Consecration of the Pilgrim Preceptor "Archbishop Plegmund Conclave No 34"

Hoping that the roads are clear in the evening .... 

In other news...

May not be true - but worth a shot...

It is amazing what you might see on the train these days ...

Cheers !

Thursday, 27 February 2020

27th February 2020 - Turbines and Silly Cuthbert

Thought for the day :"Wear short sleeves – defend your right to bare arms "

Another day in the Warehouse - downsizing. apparently old tyres have no value - ended up n scrap yard rather than have a £3 a tyre charge - think they rooked me but a little more space!!!
Lots of clothing bags ready and bric a brac - still working on the books - a little light in the space area..

Back in 2018 on Jan 16th I posted regarding the foundations to the Wind Turbine in Burry Port...

With all the storms it seems that the foundations are more exposed than ever and there is now some concern - however - more photos have been forthcoming  ...

Some more turbine shots ...

In other news - I found a copy of Tom and the Teenage Mutant Coastguard Life-boats (PDF)

Scanned it and stored upon the pigsmayfly website. (link above)

and another

That will be Nancy and Bunnie and Tom and Katy and Gwylim


Wednesday, 26 February 2020

26th February 2020 - Policing Strategies and Selling Stuff

Thought for the day:"I’m writing a book – I have the page numbers done already"

Another day looking through "Stuff"

Susie has been attacking the jewelry.

I have the Boat on line and the punch bags..

One enquiry from Southampton but they can't get to see it for a couple of weeks .

We shall see.

Today I want to find someone who does furniture so we can clear some of it ... Nice if we can get a few pennies but may be we will not achieve that. Take a photo of the Rotavator and find the make.
Have some Tyres to take to a part worn garage - get rid of some books. 

Did a little scanning as well...
1995 was the year that I worked on the Corporate Strategy for Dyfed-Powys Police and the training packs..

A Part of my life that has gone ... but memories are still there...
Have scanned them for posterity but do not think there is anyone who wants the originals..

Right - enough procrastination ...

Cheers !


Tuesday, 25 February 2020

25th February 2020 - Downsizing

Thought for the day :"My puns aren’t always juvenile. Sometimes they’re full groan."

Another morning of rain - and reports of flooding across the country. Tied the Duck shed roof up in the wind yesterday - it was blowing all over the place and scaring the ducks. Will look forward to getting it into a new location where we can reach most of the roof.

Lliedi Mark Lodge last night and a pleasant evening - except I forgot that I had volunteered to give the signs and secrets - which is about four pages of ritual !!! So, sitting at the organ pretending that I was watching the ceremony as I frantically learned the piece - had to be one that I had not done before !!  Head is in the clouds at the moment thinking of things that are needed for moving - mind not really on the ritual at the moment - or anything else!
Vic had some blood tests and his folic acid is down and thyroid - and some new medication may assist with memory. Not holding out great hope but anything is possible. Have to say that the medical profession and Social Services here have been wonderful - getting things achieved in short time.

In other news - the downsize continues - the boat is up for sale and other items are getting listed.

And in other - other news - saw this twinning sign - and chuckled...

Coronavirus seems to be spreading and people getting concerned - something they are not telling us - just saying ..


Monday, 24 February 2020

24th February 2020 - Making Change

Thought for the day:"I told my wife to embrace her mistakes – I was touched when she gave me a big hug"

Raining this morning - though there are reports of snow around the country.
Susie is taking Vic for his memory tests this morning. In fairness he was up and about at 8am getting ready for going out - he normally rarely stirs until after one o'clock.

So I am up and looking at the next stage of clearance.....
We have looked at the living room and identified what we want to take - the rest will go when the house goes....

Nothing from Purple Bricks and the Conveyancer - but it is still early days.

In other news - a helpful tip ....

You are welcome !

Clothes bag brought in £10.84 - found someone in Andrew Street paying 50p a kilo - he will also take books at 5p a kilo so making some progress...

Going to collect all the change in the house today and put it into a bag and take tot he coin drop in town and get it changed - we shall see how much is sitting down the backs of settees...

Also have some home made sausages from Bangor to have for breakfast- tummy is rumbling - have to wait for Susie to come home though.... 
Glass of Coke to stem the hunger !!

Cheers !

Sunday, 23 February 2020

23rd February 2020 - Bangor Medieval Feast - Vikings!

Thought for the day :"Why does society hate lazy people? They don't do anything."

So, went up to Bangor for a medieval Fest - saw that the roads were closed due to flooding so took the long way up - 5 1/2 hours pleasant drive ...
Bothy - ready for the off....

Clouds looming in the distance 

Still beautiful 

of course I am not taking photographs while driving !

wind blowing the waters - brrrr....
(Warm in the Bothy)
And so we get to Bangor Masonic Hall in good time - and time for a beer with the boss as they set up for the evening.  Knights Templar of all England I understand - a re-enactment group... A Fun group...

and a place set for me ....
 So Vollsanger - set up for entertainment ..

 With (of Course) the Alcoluminati

Bothy in Situ - ready for an overnight stay

 And in the morning
 And the drive home ...
 Oops - road closed at Machynlleth

 River was a little high
 No way through there

and so a small detour an home safely......

Cheers !