Monday, 21 August 2017

21st August 2017 - Back from Pirating

Thought for the day :"I thought the dryer shrunk my clothes - turns out it is the Fridge!!"

Just back from Caldicot Castle and the South wales Pirate Event 2017 - and a great time was had by all - though the number of public through the gates was quite small.

But many old friends from reenactment and Pirate events and a lovely weekend in the Crimson Moon Tavern ... and some good opportunities for future Pirate events at Swanage and Brixham.

Personally, I spent most of my time singing and cavorting as a pirate instead of my normal Viking persons - though I am not sure how much difference you would have noticed - other than the lack of headband !!

Sadly - Bothy got a little poorly on the way home, when the clutch pedal started getting very loose and then dropped out entirely - somewhere near Newport. Managed to nurse her to Penllergaer but the hill with the traffic light at the top defeated me and ended up waiting for the RAC. Of course - it happened at 5pm - peak time for the going home people  and I was at a major traffic light with my little red triangle which everyone ignored and then wondered why there was a traffic jam back up the motorway !!  A nice couple of police officers arrived - did a check on the vehicle and a person check on me and then towed me to a safer place - seems fair!

RAC man tried hard but it seems a cylinder needs replacing - so hopefully we may get a result tomorrow - fingers crossed!!!

So - no more photos tonight - a shower and  a plate of baked beans on toast with an egg on top... Sadly last from our own girlies - fox got into the pen over the last two days and killed them all - back to start again ....

So - a glass of wine in memory of some fine girlies ...
Cheers !

Friday, 18 August 2017

18th August 2017 - Piracy and Profiles

Thought for the day :"A giraffe's coffee would be cold by the time it reached the bottom of its neck. You ever think of that ? No! You just think of yourself!"

Off to play pirates today. Apparently it is raining so in no great hurry to get there really, but the sun is peeping through the clouds now so I shall make an effort and pull myself away from the blog and updates.

Played with the camera a little yesterday. Needed to have a formal picture for the Athelstan Year Book and was not getting anywhere with an official photographer so set up a couple of flood lights in the living room and used the red curtains as a backdrop with the delayed timer on the camera...

A couple came out fairly well...
Should not really be public until end of September - but they are here so thought I would put them up onto the Blog ..

Deputy Provincial Grand Master Designate..

And Friday Masonic Facts from the Order of Athelstan ..

Friday Facts...
The Anglo-Saxons were the first people in Northern Europe to write administrative documents and laws in local dialect.
Laws in Old English go back to Æthelberht of Kent at the beginning of the Seventh Century.

Have a good day - and remember - "Why are Pirates called Pirates???   Because they ARRRRRRR!!"

(Where's al the rum gone?)

Thursday, 17 August 2017

17th August 2017 - Dancing & Singing in Mythodea

Thought for the day:
"Help me! I am trapped

In a Haiku factory
Save me, before they"

Came across this nice bit of video on line
It contains some dancing from Mona Mour - of the song .... now called Amarena

And in other videos - some from Klang Gespinst - (Pur Pur and Saitenweise)

Des Bauers schönes Tochterlein
(The Farmers Beautiful Daughter)

And a few more from the websites...


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

16th August 2017 - On the Night Watch with IKEA

Thought for the day:"Just before I die, I am going to swallow a bag of Popcorn. My cremation is going to be epic!"

Having been out in Germany for a week and seeing the fantastic costumes that the players wear out there - it was interesting this morning to find an article about the costumes for Game of Thrones and the Night Watch...

"Being a member of the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones doesn’t sound like much fun. Constant threat of danger and death at the hands of Wildlings and White Walkers. Vows of celibacy. Freezing your ass off constantly. There really is very little about their job that you’d actually want. They do however have some pretty cool capes, and you don’t need to be a Brother to get one. All you need is a $79 SKOLD IKEA rug, because believe it or not, that’s what the tough guys of the Night’s Watch have actually been wearing on their backs this whole time.
The truth was revealed by head costume designer Michele Clapton at a talk at the Getty Museum in LA last year. “These capes are actually IKEA rugs,” She said. “We take anything we can; we cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps. I want the audience to almost smell the costumes.” Want to make your own? Then you’re in luck because IKEA have released a simple set of instructions in their trademark easy-to-follow format. Scroll down to see for yourself. Better hurry up though. Winter is coming!
So IKEA decided to issue the instructions on how to create a Night watch Cloak !!!

So - that is how you do it 
In other news - from the Heilige Krabbe - I put together a video of the Zwiebelgeschmack (The Onion Flavour) band - complete with didgeridoo and bagpipes...
Meanwhile - My friend Henning together with others has written a review - it is in German but will translate if you have the facililty ..

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

15th August 2017 - Impressum as they say in Germany

Thought for the day :"Some people say I act like I don't care - its not an act"

Another day looms and the sun is shining a little. Sitting here with a number of videos to put together, but they all take time ...

From yesterday we have Klanggespinst - which is good friends Pur Pur and Saitenweise who combine together for concerts - and one of my favourite songs Des Lebens Kreis - the Circle of Life
with its wonderful shorus - "Der Junge, Die Mutter, Der Alte - Der Tod"  The young - the Mother - the Old and the Dead...

Have to think about getting some photos completed as well - 208 still to process though many are of the same people so will cut down considerably I am thinking..
Meanwhile - some photos from other sites that I have enjoyed....

One of the Camps 

Some fine Costumes

Mythodea at Night

Another Fine Costume

Looking Out

The Portal

Off to the Tross


The Wood Tower - My camp is immediately to the side

Strange Creatures

Very impressive at night

Armour and Archer

Another Camp frontage

A closer look at this Creature

Friends in the Wild Boar Stall - I lived here 

The Wuo Long - And A Green One

Another group

The Flaming Eagles

Overhead Shots

More overhead shots

Nice Smile 



Michael - the Perfumery Stall - this was a Schaefer Wagen
a Wooden Hut as a Caravan

Caught my eye

Excellent Violinist could play anything 

A second Home - The Wein Stube

More tomorrow I think