Saturday, 12 August 2017

12th August 2017 - Scenes from the Tross

Thought for the day:"You think you are undervalued ? The Inventor of Camouflage has never been recognised"

So, a bright Saturday morning in Barton on Sea. The sun is shining and it is warm. The dog is enjoying the luxury of the lawn and a space to be able to run around - though currently too lazy to move from the armchair that she is not really meant to be sitting in ...

And so as I wait for the house to stir - I thought I might add a few more pictures to the lists from Germany ....

The Barden Heim complete with Volls Wagen

Bertha in the Guild Lager

Sunsets in Mythodea

and someone took a quick sketch..

the Tross - looking out from the Grand Expedition Stall

Bad Norderby Crew and players

Some people from all over - A Korean Bard

Not see this before - a Dutch Oven - you cook between the ovens

coals underneath and coals over the top - pancakes between 

the tross at night

Sir Gareth with Vollsanger
So ... good memories - just need to put them into an album now...


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