Wednesday, 23 August 2017

23rd August 2017 - Of Pirates - Thieving and British Gas

Thought for the day :"I am holding a Charity function for those who cannot achieve Orgasm - let me know if you can't come"

Not so good news today about the Bothy. Looks like it is the clutch after all - but they cannot tell for sure until they strip it down and check - parts could be £500 and four hours work as long as the gearbox is not damaged... Not really the news I wanted today - and will affect getting to Renewal this year...

So - some photos from the pirates:

The Velvet Buccaneer - Cocktail Bar
Hopelessly overcharging but everyone to their own

Crocodiles at the Moon

Some lovely costumes

Axe throwing with Avalon Axes

and temptations

multiple temptations

The Volls Wagen proved useful 

Some more fine costumes

and Black Powder and Smoke
Failed to get the muzzle flash timing 

Giraldus and Pirates

Nice lighting later for portraits

Cap'n Blackheart of Brixham

Becki - as non-mermaid

Bruce in the Tavern Fight
And some good news from British Gas at last - you may recall some of my previous hardships shown here in the blog : well it all got worse at the end of June this year.
They decided to estimate the bill and rather than look back over the year to see that the average bill was about £7 a month they decided to estimate it at £435.68 and proceeded to take is as a Direct Debit - which of course failed as I do not keep much money in the business account anymore. On returning from Germany I find that they have read the meter the day after the estimate and have given a credit note for - yes you guessed - £435.68 !!
However there was also a letter saying that they had been unable to get the money paid - and a bill from Santander saying that they were charging me £32 for the refusal to pay the direct debit as there was insufficient funds...

I decided to give British Gas a call and they told me to send the details to the Customer Services which I duly did as they promised to refund the bank charge.

Well a call ten minutes ago from a very nice young lady who apologised on behalf of the company and decided to credit the account with £100 - the £32 bank charge and the remainder because of the inconvenience! Well - I don't get the £32 back in the Bank but I will not be paying any bills for a year it seems ... So well done British Gas for a change!

So ...  A little good news for a change...


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