Tuesday, 31 May 2016

31st May 2016 - Pirates and the Dipping Forecast

Thought for the day : When Aphrodite lies naked in a huge clam she is a Goddess - when I do it I am apparently a "Drunk" - and "banned from the aquarium" as well

Recently went to a lovely little pirate LARP system called Buccaneers where a team of photographers competed with each other to take the best photos... and they were in a league of their own... One, Harry or "Aitch" as he likes to be known as - took two - or rather he took several hundred but two were the ones that he has posted ...

I rather liked them ....

I have on occasion reported from the musings of my friend Roger who is often seen in re-enactments as the Barber Surgeon.. today however I found amissive from anothe re-enactor / trader - a good friend Duke Henry Plantagenet... an amusing piece - which somehow managed to combine dirinking nudity and the Shipping Forecast - so put here to keep for posterity if not for prosperity ..

Duke Henry
From the Department of Don't Ask Questions On Your Status, Unless You Want Me Answering Them.

Dear Uncle Henry, Your Grace,
"" I have been bet a bottle of vodka to go skinny dipping at midnight Do I say "Yes", "No" or "Two bottles, and you've got a deal" ?""

Dear M

In areas Portland, Wight, Dover, Thames, & Humber, say Yes.
Demand Two bottles in areas Plymouth, Lundy, Irish Sea and Tyne.
Demand the very finest Highland Malt in areas Malin, and Hebrides, at least three in Fair Isle. 
Say No in all other areas, and demand a plane ticket to Fitzroy and Trafalgar instead.
Deliver a smack in the teeth, to anyone suggesting you skinny in South East Iceland, and that is the end of the Dipping Forecast.

So, another day of sunshine today - must be because my family are all heading out to Crete and leavign me with the responsibilities of the dog, the chickens, the ducks and watering the plants in the Greenhouse...  what could possibly go wrong ???   urr .... 
Best have a glass of Chateau 41 later..

Monday, 30 May 2016

30th May 2016 - Fun and Photography in the Forest

Thought for the day:" Don't trust the stairs - they are up to something !"

Enjoyed a couple more photos from the weekend - can't think why ?

Full links here on Flickr

Worked out quite well ...

Seems legit....
I'll drink to that - sins will be punished

29th May 2016 - Forest Argent and a few Friends

Thought for the day :" Join an Orchestra ? Not me - All that Sax and Violins!!"

Playing for a LARP group and possibly having a drinkie or two - you never can tell..
But a couple of photos from the weekend ..

Full links here on Flickr

Enough for one day - good fun was had by all...


Saturday, 28 May 2016

28th May 2016 - And a singing we will go

Thought for the day : " Every family has a weird relation - if you don't know who yours is - then it is probably you "

I shall be off to a local event this evening - in Carmarthen, at a location I was unaware of which is slightly strange as it has been used as a LARP location for a few years by all accounts and is right on my doorstep...  Cwmoernant Farm is located up a long road above Carmarthen and ends in the Farmyard where over the last 20 years Penny has been turning it into an activity centre for the local scouts and bee keepers, and other groups who attend and also forming an elaborate wedding or hand-fasting venue or just a nice place to hang out for a party..

(updated 31st May - apparently this was the first time that the site had been used for LARP and Penny wishes to keep the links to word of mouth and invite only - so, as only a few friends read this missive I shall add this update rather than re-writing the whole blog, which is always an outpouring of thoughts as they bubble out of my strange mind...)

I am lucky today in that the weather is glorious and brings out the best of the site - but here are a few pictures to give an idea of the place...

The Pizza /  Bread Oven

and bees

The Farm House

Inside the Barn

The stage - playing there tonight

Seating of all types

Useful for weddings

So - good luck to Penny - is really close to what we would like to be doing one day .... Full links here on Flickr


Friday, 27 May 2016

27th May 2016 - Empire Weekend ?? That'll be rain then

Thought for the day :"Sleeping comes naturally to me - I can do it with my eyes closed"

In my memories on facebook today it says that we were washed out and the Swansea show closed in 2008 - funny how these things slip your mind...
Of course - this weekend is Empire weekend which is now notorious for bad weather and mud and rain and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse descending. It was also in the past the weekend for the NSPCC Knockout where we had a couple of good years but to be honest the general weather was pretty foul.

But over the years we raised a lot of money for the NSPCC... This video mentions £850,000, the total for the period was in excess of £970,000 which was pretty impressive and involved a lot of people....

Of course - we never would have done it without the teams ..
 The Dyfed Powys Girls ..
and I do not know who this is but it is a great photo..

Well - I shall not be doing that this weekend - instead I shall be at the Secret Monitor Provincial Meeting - playing the organ int he dry and looking at the weather - and int he evening - playing guitar and singing a few bawdy songs for Wyvern LARP...

It s a hard life..

Thursday, 26 May 2016

26th May 2016 - Waiting for JarJar

Thought for the day:"What does it mean when Holy water sizzles when it hits your skin?? ( asking for a friend )"

Another month seems to be closing up, and for me a year in the Chair of St Teilo is drawing to an end. One final third degree ceremony and a recess for the summer, with the Installation in September to finish the full year. A mixed bag, but it will be nice to have completed my third sojourn in the Chair.

Meanwhile, this little missive popped up on my feed today and made me chuckle. As Beckett says "We are all born mad. Some remain so."  That seems a reasonable motto...  Also "Birth was the death of him..."

Amused me!  but I still would like to remember to prepare a sheet for the next time I pick up my sister at the airport -

And so, since today seems to be all over the place - there is no reason for this picture of the day either ...  but here it is ...

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

25th May 2016 - Double duties and Ducklings

Thought for the day : "I tried to eat a clock - it was time consuming"

Been a busy day...   Provincial Knights Templar in Bridgend this morning and playing the organ for Rose Croix in Llanelli this evening .. Ho hum ...

Meanwhile - learning the third degree ceremony for tomorrow - doing the full ceremony ...

But the ducklings are in situ in their new home - they were getting a little smelly in the basement, and most of the solar lights are now working a little better - though there may be a need for a couple of new batteries....

So - not much to report....  

Maybe a glass of Chateau 41...
Cheers !!