Saturday, 7 May 2016

7th May 2016 - Some Reasons that I LARP

Thought for the day:"So, he said to me "I'm going to hit you with the neck of my guitar !!"
I said " is that a Fret ??" "

So - there I was posting some new pictures and thoguth to myself - there were people who questioned why I liked to LARP...  and I would always say - "just look at my photo galleries".  Now, I know that it is said that a close examination of my galleries would suggest that the gender balance at LARP events is about 90% female to 10% male - but that is purely coincidental...    honest

One of my best performing videos was one that I experimented with a video editing suite and came up with "Reasons I like to LARP"

But in reality, here are some lovely people that respresent one of the Role Playing systems - Curious Pastimes...


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