Saturday, 21 May 2016

21st May 2016 - Applying Guitar Repairs ( Or Plier-ing )

Thought for the day :" My body is not a temple - it is a bouncy castle "

So, last event I find that as I tune my trusty "Lady Love" my favourite travelling guitar, the G String tuner peg comes off in my hand (Honest!)

So, there I am wondering what to do... Of course the old line that "Tuning?? No self respecting Folk guitarist worries about this...  Instead - at the end of the left arm is a thing with four fingers and a thumb - this is called a random chord selector ..."  doesn't really work very well..

So instead I found myself rummaging around in the Bothy for a pair of pliers - one should always carry some extra tools - you never know whent hey may be needed and the purpose thereof ...

And so, there I was - outside the Tavern with a fine Violinist, (thus needing to be sort of in tune), with a red pair of pliers struggling to remember which way to turn the metal pointy bit...

We managed - well pretty close...

and so we have the new shiny tuning thingummies... seemed easier to replace them both ..

So - all done ..
And a day off - best learn some songs..
Cheers !

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