Friday, 20 May 2016

20th May 2016 - If I were a carpenter

Thought for the day :"Drinking whilst on facebook must be social drinking .. Yes ?"

As I was drifting through various pages upon the intertweb, I came across a rather nice site with some grand ideas for woodwork projects - okay ... I know I am not the best craftsman - in fact, if you want the shelf to stay on the wall then it is best to engage my wife who can cut in a straight line and use tools..

But I am that sort of anomaly - like an octopus that can open jars, or a bird dropping snails onto stones, the creature that is not expected to use tools but has the imagination to try something different ...

And I rather like this little wine carrier - and thought how nicely it would go into the Bothy ... maybe a small project for Mythodea this year..

I accept that it is unlikely to be round, or indeed any really recognisable shape but I am sure that I can cut a couple of holes sufficient to hold glasses and a bottle 

Woodworking Projects

 But on a more fascinating project - the skill shown here is of a different nature..

 Rising Furniture

So that about does it for today ..
A glass of Chateau 41 this evening - Cheers !

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