Wednesday, 11 May 2016

11th May 2016 - Testing Lines and Trusty Spears

Thought for the day:" So God said there will be good and obedient wives in the four corners of the world, then he made the earth round and laughed and laughed"

Continuing the theme of music in the Moon ..

Meanwhile - the broadband man came today and ran the checks after we lost signal for most of yesterday - seems that the noise level was set to fluctuate down to a 3 whatever that means instead of the standard 6 or 7. As I understand it - the lower the noise threshold the faster the broadband speed will be - which sounds good - except it also seems that where the speed goes up then there is more chance of error and that leads to signal loss ...  It all seemed to make sense to me. Now set at 7, I am apparently getting about 93% of the speed I am targeted for - about 18MB  - which seems quite reasonable to me whereas he estimates that I was getting about 120% when the threshold dropped - and that would set up enough errors to knock the line out....

We shall see  -  I can only hope. There was a time when I was quite knowledgeable in all these technical matters - all gone now I am afraid...  But most of the correction seemed to be following a system of preset tests so who am I to say anything ...  The expertise must be in interpreting why the results are as they are...

But now the broadband is back - I was able to see a lovely clip about a medieval re-enactor who was annoyed by the buzzing of a drone watching his battle - and takes it out with a perfectly thrown spear

So - I shall get back to the paperwork and the videos and maybe a glass of Chateau 41 later ...


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