Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10th May 2016 - Found Friendships by a fire

Thought for the day : "My memory is getting so bad that I could plan my own surprise party"

So, Summer came and went . It was from the 8th to the 9th May 2016.
It was the hottest two days of the year and over 25 degrees Centigrade - but we are back to the rain now...  A fresh rain - and a day where I am glad I am not in a tent... Not that I do not enjoy being in a tent ..  I get to make videos with extraordinary people who are very skilled .. This is Harriet who popped down to the Moon ...

And here is another little video which I enjoyed ...

I love playing with people who are really skilled - who do not mind putting up with my vagaries..

Today, in England, many primary school children were taking their SATS. Many parents were making a decidion to keep their children away form school today. Other people were leaking the tests to the public and newspapers (who decided not to publish) to undermine the process. My wife tells me that she tried one of the English tests and could not make head nor tail of it . The Prime Minister failed to answer a SATS question in Prime Minister's Question Time and claimed that the questions were harder as the children of the next generation should be more intelligent than those of this generation...
Sounds like a cop out to me !

So another generation of  worried, depressed, anxiety filled youngsters are on the way - all fully diagnosed with a series of disorders, dyslexias, dyspraxias, bipolar, future pill popping, counsel taking, life threatening, with eating disorders, self harm, self loathing, low self esteem...

While another generation of children are fleeing war torn, ruined cities and farmsteads, risking lives and health and personal safety to find a roof over the head and food to syustain life - not gluttony.

So our elections are over and all those who wanted to vote have voted, and those who could not be bothered stayed at home or lived with their phone or played Candy Crush Saga and took selfies, and I wonder what has changed as a result of those elections???

Maybe I am etting too old ??  Part of me says I should care, but most says I should put on a vague viking costume and sit in a tent and play guitar and share some time with friends ..

Tonight I will lift my glass of Chateau 41 to those who are suffering suffering, and to friendships found by a fire ..

Cheers ! 

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