Monday, 11 February 2019

11th February 2019 - Up and about early ... zzzzzz

Thought for the day:"Caller asked me to sign the organ donor register. A man after my own heart!"

Up early this morning. Why am I up early? Because Susie is heading off to the coast to see her father and therefore she got up and made a cup of tea at 8am. Seems reasonable. However, after drinking the tea and sitting up for a while I decided that I may as well get up. At which point she decided that she really needed to go back to sleep for half and hour - so I am watching the clock.
So - may as well look at the birthdays for the day and sort the Blog out....

I saw this and it amused me - It was a Green One!

Meanwhile - a photo from the last trip to get the travelling gavel has appeared... A good turn out to Carmarthen Lodge ....

The only photo to come to light of the Burn's night is a little disappointing but it was posted yesterday so I will put it here for posterity .... I know that the video will be on the way in due course...

So, I have a couple of days to get my head around the Scarlet Cord 3rd Grade Ceremony which I will be leading as the Provincial DC.  Nice to keep busy.

So - profile picture day!!

Let's get it write ! Cheers

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