Wednesday, 6 February 2019

6th February 2019 - Pedals and Politics

Thought for the day:"My friend refuses to believe that working with decimals is easier than working with fractions. He is missing the point."

Well - I didn't expect the get a delivery so soon! I only ordered it Monday late afternoon and Tuesday morning there is was - new toy - will have to go and play with it this morning ...

Will see how it compares with the one I used at the open Mic last Sunday.

Opened up and seems to only have European and American adapters for the plug - but the company are sending me a new adapter - excellent service again - but a little annoying.

Will be heading up to Ashford Studios in Gorslas to see what they are doing there this afternoon.
Should be interesting.

In other news - Trump gave the State of the Union Speech last night and for the first time ever they (as far as I  know) they made reference to the guy who is the designated survivor - sadly - no-one did the job! and we get more of the same for another year.

Meme of the day is the sarcastic clapping by Nancy Pelosi - which seems to have gone viral... after all Trump seemed to be saying in his speech the exact opposite of his daily tweets ...

Meanwhile - a sign of democratic women's solidarity

Interesting times...

In other news - seems we have failed the Upload again on Amuse. There appears to be a sound problem and I think it is that there is a gap of over 5 seconds at the end of the track. I have looked in Audacity and cut the end off - and the track is now 7 seconds shorter. I am not sure whether a program like audacity reduces the quality of the output so have sent an email back to Andre - the guy at ADG mastering who mastered the tracks to see if he can send me another version a little shorter. Sadly we will not be able to get the album up by my birthday now - maybe for the weekend away at the end of February.

In other stories - I saw this grave tale -

 Tickled me ..

Had a nice response to my Flying Pig New Year Post yesterday ..

And so - back to the studio...

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