Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Sunday in Crete seems very little different from any other day here in the sun.
The sea is a deep blue today - after the slightly choppy shoreline yesterday - though there is still a good wind blowing keeping us a little cooler ...   No Maid today so able to have a restful start to the day - strolling up the road to our old breakfast haunt for a full English.
Sign of the times I recon - the breakfast that cost under 5 Euro last time we were here was 8 euro a piece - but that seems the same everywhere - the cost of food has risen.
Saw a pomegranate selling for 5.50 Euro!!

Took the car into town to find a Pharmacy, I am being plagued with small insect bites that are all around the feet - despite the use of Repel anti-insect cream - mainly because I spend late evenings with the computer and a book in the quiet times by the sea front - must be a gourmet dinner for some creatures!!!

Found we had walked past the only open chemist in AG Nick three times by the time we found the right one and got the cream. Also managed to find a computer shiop that had a universal notebook charger - cost me 45 Euro but could not see myself being without a charge for the rest of the holiday - so will look to sell it again on Ebay when I get back....

Currently in Sportz Bar in Ag Nick - Susie on Iced Coffee and me on the free internet - will charge the laptop up later...
Charging the machine .... seems to be working..   but internet access is limited...

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