Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September 2012

So, 130 posts in and I now find that there is a title option on the Blog - so will try using that from now on if it works.

Up a little earlier this morning - at a fairly respectable quarter past nine local time and managed to beat breakfast preparation before the maid came to clean and sort the bathroom...  which was a little easier than trying to explain why we are still abed at 11.30 am because we are still on UK time, to someone in a country where everyone and their aunt seem to be up and bright and cheerful at 7am local !

Managed to get Susie a set of mini flippers to go with the borrowed snorkel and mask - so she enjoyed a pleasant hour and a half examining the local seabed before joining me for a beer and Frappe - seems to be the done thing here - cold iced coffee and a glass of water!! and a game of Hammer!

Most of the day has again been spent sitting by the water side and reading.

Apartment at Polydoros

that is the sea at the bottom of the steps

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