Friday, 28 September 2012

28th September 2012 - Friday

Well, no change in the weather it seems - whatever the mackerel sky would mean in the UK. Another blisteringly hot morning and I am inside with the Air Conditioning blasting away - so rather pleasant.
Found out why it was so quiet on Wednesday - everyone was on strike.
Meant that the Banks were shut, the Post Office the schools and pretty well everyone else ..
Having a rough time here by the sounds of it and no-one is happy with the austerity plans that are being put in place.
Seems that income tax is to start at the first euro earned - no personal allowance if I understand properly, VAT has gone from 13% to 23%.
No wonder things are getting more expensive out here.

Ended up in Cypriano for evening meal and very pleasant too and long chat with Dimitri and Maria over the economy and general chat and then found ourselves for too long in Friends. Got back sometime in the night ... have changed the bins and put them for Gordon and Ceri who should be doing the rooms for us today - but think they can skip it while we recover.....

Looks as thought we will be having a restful day today .....

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