Thursday, 13 September 2012

13th September 2012 - Thursday - One day to go to next event..

All about pre-planning at the moment!!
We have a day to Mortimer's Cross - which though not a large event will still be a full weekend away.
Also planning for the Trip to Crete - which follows straight on - with only a day for turn around.
When we come back - we have to get ready for Hadrian's Wall in a day as well - so really need to have everything ready for that before we go to Mortimer's tomorrow !!

We are nearly there - the trailer is empty and ready for setting up with everything we need for the Hadrian Wall trip. The van is mainly empty - apart from a small breakage yesterday which at least means that the van smells nice - the aroma of honey !!
A little thought and that should be all set up for the weekend.
All new clothes bought so should be able to pack a case ready for our return - mainly taking books - none of this Kindle Rubbish !! Must also see how I can pack the Lyre that we bought at the last event .
Am very surprised that I am having little problem in playing it - a 16 string,  harp-like instrument but it seems to fit with what I am doing in the singing role - so easier to carry to Crete than a Guitar ...
Very similar to this one 
Bought as a retirement present - and something that I can work on for the future. Have a few songs that seem to be going well with it already.

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