Wednesday, 19 September 2012

19th September 2012 - International Talk like a Pirate day ...   ARRRRR!!!

So a couple of days without a blog to show for it - but that was really because life became very busy for a while.. Last event of the season under canvass was the Battle of Mortimer's Cross - where we were unable to run the normal large bar as the site had their own bar facilities - £3 for a bottle of beer and £1.50 for a can of coke !! so we decided on taking a Mead Emporium and Wine Tasting stall - but as a 30 x 20 so we had enough room to invite a few friends around in the evening to sit around the firepit for the last time.

A very pleasant weekend it was as well. Not hugely economic - but certainly worthwhile. Talking with the organisers they had about 700 through the gates on the first day and about the same on the second day - which ,made it about the same as the previous year. Of course - last year we had the main bar so we were far more busy - with the enactors and traders...  but this year we could see a little more about how the traders normally feel.

Still, had plenty of time to play with the new Lyre and guitar and play alongside the Harpies of Hellcote - I think they were called - Pip and co.........

They come for  Devon so may have the opportunity of practising and playing sometime in the future when visiting down in Exmouth.

So after the event we managed to get the tents down and pack away in an hour and a half !! that was a change on our normal take-down!!  and get back to Llanelli by mid evening on Sunday night.

Trailer is empty and ready for loading for the Hadrian's Wall walk - we will have a day to sort it out when we get back from Crete - and then it was time to load up the cases and head off to the South Coast to drop off the dogs for their holiday...    and then onto Gatwick.....

So sunny here in Blighty - rumour has it that it is raining in Crete.... sounds about par for the course....

Now a half past two in the afternoon and we are safely booked into the airport and only have a couple of hours to kill.
Car parked at the off airport secure parking at Cophall - about 10 minutes bus ride from Gatwick, and a pleasant ride in - with a family with a young girl who had obviously not been on a plane before and got very concerned when she saw a plane in the sky and started calling for it to turn around and go back to the airport so she could go on holiday.

Found lunch in the Hedgehog - next to the parking site - and luckily some WiFi so I was able to send some money via bank transfer to  pay for the rooms for the second week.

Sadly - at the airport - there are hundreds of wi fi connections around me - but all secure networks so I am unable to sign onto anyof them. I have paid for data in Crete but it seemed a waste of time to pay for a month of data in the uK when I will not be using it - though on a scond thougth - I will be wanting it when we are away on Hadrian's wall  - so I may as well go for it now - and there we have it....

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