Thursday, 20 September 2012

20th  September 2012 - Crete

So, an uneventful journey to Crete. The new road is now open allowing us to by-pass Malia and that made the trip from the airport at least half an hour shorter - allowing us to arrive in Agios Nikolaus at about 11.30 pm local time -  time enough to get our cases stowed away in our hotel apartment and get back to the Sports Bar for a pint or two before they closed.

Crete is warm - a little humid but a pleasant change from recent UK weather.
Of course - the clocks are two hours ahead in Crete and therefore when we got up at a quarter past nine this morning it was already 11.15am to the locals - but we managed to get a nice cooked breakfast for 6 euros each in the apartment complex ( I won't call it a hotel as it is very nice - but it is not a hotel!)

Best of all - it is 5 yards from the door of the room to the sea and the water is pretty warm - certainly warm enough  to swim in first thing in the morning - which we will probably do tomorrow .

A lazy day - 430 pages of "Game of Thrones" read but the lap top is still playing up and will not charge.
Have found a local expert to see to it tomorrow ...

Sitting now in the warm night - almost the witching hour - five feet from the sea at one of the apartment tables - with a glass of local red plonk (1.95 euro for a liter and a half)and l
Bethan's  flat is just across the water. As we dropped her off last night she looked out over the water and whistled - the sound carried right across - and we could hear her say "Goodnight" as though she was only a hundred yards away .
She is still working tonight until one - but has the evening off tomorrow - so we should be able to go out to dinner and catch up on two years' news

Battery getting low - so that is it for one night ...
Cala Nichta  as they say here...

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