Wednesday, 12 September 2012

12th September 2012 - Missed a day yesterday..

Not sure what happened yesterday... seems that the day came and went and never a moment to get onto the Blog!!
Managed to take the empty kegs back to Glamorgan Ales and as agreed they took the two Carlsberg back. Had hoped that the hot weekend would have given the opportunity to sell the Lager and Cider as well as the ales - but the lack of advertising meant that there really were only a few public around. Last year was not good for public, and Caldicot have never really pushed the advertising for the event - but this time everything was looking good - the weather was fine, the traders were up, the re-enactors were up - but the whole sale ratio was very difficult.  Have not done the sums yet - and there is no doubt that we made money - but a lot less than I would have liked for the last big event for the Crimson Moon in our hands.

Bonus - they also took one of the spare kegs of Ffarwel Haf - the Summer Ale - which was not the agreement - but as the ale had been well looked after - they were happy.

Managed to get some more oil for the Biodiesel - so another batch started last night.

Also looked at options to have the laptop repaired - seems that about £100 plus VAT will be the cost - which is not excessive - but needed to get the pictures the videos and the music transferred before letting it go for repair - as for many - it is my only copy other than the ones uploaded to Youtube.
Found a second hand laptop in Cash Converter - the Pawn Shop in town, which seemed a good specification and for the cash  came to £300 .... So decided to get a new one as well as the old - will get the old repaired in due course.  Spent a little time converting some software and learning Windows 7.

Managed to empty a few things out of the Van - but did not get to the Trailer....  Will have to do that this morning.

Up at 8am, Susie out - probably doing the Diesel - so a few minutes to catch up before going to make a cuppa...

10pm - and a successful day .
Went shopping for the holiday and spent some money - not too much - but enough for a set of clothes for a trip to Crete.
Trailer is empty and ready for set up with the kitchen for Hadrian's Wall
Van is empty except for a few boxes of mead for the Mortimer's Cross this weekend.
Ordered another 9 cases of Wines for the weekend to be delivered to site tomorrow,.
Have put the last set of photos onto the machine - but need to work on them before putting up onto Facebook and FLICKr

Misty Morning at Caldicot - Crimson Moon 

Copying videos from the old Lap top to the new one.

Worked upon figures for the business over the last four years for prospective purchasers.
 Now  watching Stallone in the Assassins - and resting ...
Maybe better get a glass of scotch ...

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