Monday, 23 June 2014

23rd June 2014 - Of Appointments and Asphyxia.

Thought for the day :
"Two Aerials met on a roof, fell in love, & got married The ceremony was
rubbish but the Reception was Brilliant."

Oh well. Another day in Paradise. Sitting in the back garden down in Barton on Sea and the sun is shining and the weather is hot. Had to get up at 8.30am to run the telephone lottery that is calling the Doctor Surgery to try to get an appointment. No idea how much it may have cost. I was using my mobile phone while also trying the home phone down hear and finally got through on my mobile. Not sure if every call gets charged when it is engaged.

Think a large garden is required sometime in the future. Very pleasant sitting out and throwing the ball for 'Thena who does not tire of playing  the same game continually.

Have discovered that my father-in-law's penchant for feeding the pidgeons by tipping handfuls of seed along the path does not help when you have a dog a) that eats everything and anything, and b) who is fed dried dog mix which probably also contains seeds.  Without putting a kind reader off, the garden has needed a spring clean this morning from multiple small deposits with raw seed all around the lawn.... He does not do things by halves - my father in law..He has three huge 30 kg bags of the seed. No wonder the pidgeons are all sitting in the tall tree - wondering if they will be able to fly - or reach terminal velocity first.....

Was slightly confused earlier as someone a few door away has chickens and morning musings were interrupted with the sound of a just laid egg call from some girlies - which sounded very similar to our own - which are probably making a heck of a racket back home.

Still hunting for an overhead projector - for murals to take out to Crete in the autumn for the new baby. Seem to keep missing them on Ebay - though there is one up the road from where we are - though it does not finish until late tonight. We have messaged but are waiting for a reply......

Luckily the area is pretty quiet and not crime ridden. The Bothy is sadly standing with the doors wide open and the windows down. Seems that when I went in to change last night to go out for dinner, I must have nudged the gas control on the cooker. The smell of Calor gas has a distinct smell of onions - I never knew that !! I was aware that gas itself generally has little or no smell and that the smells associated with house gas are as a result of stuff put into to prevent accidental death. But Onions????

Hope it clears soon - I shall have to drive and sleep in it soon .......

So, a doctor's visit and then the return journey.....

Think the Chateau 41 is running low - luckily we have a bottle of rose left from our antipodean visitor's sojourn. Pollen count high !! That is the third sneeze in a couple of minutes....  Pity my meds are back in Llanelli ... Oh well !!  Bless me !!!

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