Monday, 16 June 2014

16th June 2014 - Chilling out in Caledonia....

Thought for the day: "Did you know that you can freeze yourself to -273.15 Degrees Centigrade and still be 0K"

Monday and fairly hot !!! And as interesting, it is 10pm at night and it is still light.. I know we are getting near to the solstice, but it is still fairly remarkable.
A day at the machine sorting some paperwork and looking for the photographs of the mural that Susie drew back at Nancy's old house prior to the birth of our first grandchild. Searched all the stored pictures and only found them after trying her screensaver - sadly did not have other versions available. But found it in the end.

A trip to Burry Port to examine a car that had an altercation with a bush... walk Delft across the green, and a quiet sit in the flat. Chat with Sky regarding the extra Broadband usage that was being used - unbeknownst to me, as a result of downloading an episode of Eastenders from Iplayer on Sky HD. Strange they did not mention that when selling you broadband - at 2 gigabyte per month for free. One episode at HD was 1.6 gigabyte off her monthly allowance. Is a bit of a cheat really ! Give you a free HD box without telling you about the effect upon your broadband usage...

An evening with my first official outing as Grand Officer for Mark at the Installed Masters' Installation, acting as Provincial Grand Junior Warden, and a quick change and an evening at Burry Port Folk Club at  Burry Port Yacht Club. Came out of the Lodge building and across to the Civic Car Park - very quiet in the evening - no-one about so quick change by the car door into casual clothes...  Seemed private. Looked up and saw the CCTV cameras above - oh well - someone will get a shock later if they examine that !!!

Folk club and an opportunity to try out the Chorded Zither again in a live environment .. Seemed to go down quite well. Got asked afterwards if "Welcome to the Coast of Caledonia" was really the original words!!!

Back home now - closing the curtains finally at a quarter to eleven. Best have a glass of Chateau 41.....

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