Friday, 27 June 2014

27th June 2014 - Of Pencils, Precipitation and Perfomances

Thought for the day:
"I went to the cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on a grave. As I was standing there I noticed 4 grave diggers walking about with a coffin..... 3 hours later and they're still walking about with it......I thought to myself, these guys have lost the plot!!"

Always thought my wife was the weather witch. You know the type - looks into the sky and says - rain's coming in - with the same conviction of Radar hearing the helicopters in MASH. Always used to be very useful when we were putting up or taking down the marquees. Sometimes there was nothing that could be done - but occasionally an extra spurt meant that the canvass went into the van dry - which was always a bonus as we had little room to dry it at home.

But I was musing on the question of rain yesterday, and sure enough - Glastonbury starts today and we have a much cooler day and light rain to sprinkle over the garden. It is much fresher, but for some reason the pollen count must be very high as I am sitting at the keyboard sneezing....

I try to avoid tablets and drugs of any fashion. Wave an aspirin under my nose and I shall probably fall asleep. But the Fexofenadine Hydrochloride sit by my laptop and on a day like this I wash one down with cheap diet cola. Apparently I should not take indigestion remedies within two hours before or after taking my tablet. I wonder what that is about!... Still, I do not take indigestion remedies so I do not think it will affect me.

Learned some new things yesterday. Apparently I am "on a pencil"
This is terminology to which I was previously oblivious!!!
I saw a posting that a casting company was looking for "Elderly men with long hair". I thought "That sounds a little like me" I have one piece of previous experience in filming, which was as an "Associate Artist" ( they don't call us "extras" these days! ) in the filming of Henry 5th for BBC2.  I was the barrow man ! My job was to take a barrow from one side of the road to the other. I got very good at it over the 23 takes that they required. Two days shooting as well. I think it was £150 I got after stoppages and fed well for two days.

But back to the advert - I duly went onto the website and filled in my details. Found a lot of information and read the rules.
a) They will send you notification to see if you are available.
b) you say yes.
c) if they want you they say "Be available" and your are apparently "on the pencil" - I presume the English Speaker would say that you are pencilled in...  
d) I will again presume that a director gets all the pictures of those who are "on the pencil" and chooses who they want by look.
e) So far - I have been released ! which means they don't want me...

But the rules are - if you are on the pencil you cannot back out - you are committed but they can say no at any time. I suppose it is fair .

So Yesterday I was "on the pencil" to be "Fit Older Man who gets stabbed in the crowd" for Da Vinci Demons to be filmed in Swansea. Seemed a fair idea and local. Two hour fitting on Firday ( today) for £30 and a day shooting in Swansea next week for £94. Not bad - but I was "released"

So waiting now as I am "on the pencil" to be "man in Townsfolk" for the filming of Atlantis TV series in Chepstow on Monday.  Same rate £94, but sadly no travelling expenses so I will lose some of that in travel. If I have to go - that will be a shock to the system as I have to be there at 6.30am !!!

Meanwhile I have appeared on the posters for Hanes Kidwelly - the "Old Kidwely festival".
I shall be taking Bertha the Tent as the Tavern for the Crimson Moon as it does not require any stakes to hold it down.
Not bad position in the listing... 
There is also a write up in the Cymru Culture Forum 

Cedweli town was founded by the Normans in 1106, who swept aside whoever and whatever was there beforehand, becoming the first Norman borough west of Offa's Dyke. Cedweli, in the ancient kingdom of Deheubarth, is celebrated in the Mabinogi. Through its hills and valleys rode and strode Rhiannon and Manawydan, Pwyll and Pryderi. Less fictional, but almost as mythical, are the characters who loved and fought their way through blood, bed and tears, as Deheubarth came to terms with the never-ending Norman greed for land - ours and anyone else's - and to make slaves of us all:

"The fun and games will come from the likes of two of Cedweli's and Cymru's finest up-and-coming bands, Fastabenj and Three Smiles Wide, see them now before they get too famous, and tickets to their gigs too expensive!

With them, on and off-stage, the brilliant Ysgawen minstrels, the comic Lazarus, stage hypnotist, Fanny and her Squeeze Box (no comment), Côr Meibion Dyffryn Tywi, Monster DJ and the Shabbies, the excellent Dai Sharkey, Original Home Brew, Rattlin' Bog, Professor Knowitalacus, Famous Last Words, Côr Pedair Heol, and last but not least, Paul & Steve, and the indescribable Vollsanger."

I can live with that.  Cheers!

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