Tuesday, 24 June 2014

24th June 2014 - Of Watering, Wagens and Waffle

Thought for the day:
"If a tree falls on a woman and no one is around to hear her, what is a tree doing in the kitchen?"

Gonna get shot for that one !!!!

Another sunny day. The rain did not come so I shall have to start taking water across the road and up to the plotment. I should not complain. There are children all over the world that walk further for less clean water every day - and the news of the day is that the search for the 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria has been called off. Yet football is still the top story - with a snippet of Royals with the Queen visiting the Crumlin Road Prison meeting the first and second minister of Northern Ireland - both of them previous inmates of the Prison in what is laughingly simply described as the "Troubles".

Meanwhile, my tickets for Mythodea have arrived so it looks as though I am officially going. I shall once more be able to escape into the realm of the Ratio, the Viinshar and a fantasy world where I can write songs about beautiful girls and drink mead. If I have to choose one or the other, I know which I shall enjoy most...

Next task is to convert the Tesco Vouchers into train tickets for the channel tunnel. Decide when I am going and returning, and finish the Volls Wagen. Had a nice coat of woodstain and varnish and coming along nicely. Still no square edges - but I think the concept is proven....
 Next will be to get the logo on the front - an nice VW sign and some lettering and then carpet the inside to protect the instruments.
But in the meantime I had better get my nose into the book. Seems I have been nominated to cover for an Instruction in the Masonic Order of the Court of Athelston... Got a week - should be enough to learn the ceremony and try to get it right this time.....

But old Athelston was a canny fellow - laid down the rules for Operative Masons back in the 10th century that formed the basis for the standardisation of the guilds... He was King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924 to 927 and King of the English from 927 to 939... 

These are the 9 rules for all Masons - there are another 19 charges for Masters and Fellows....
  • First, that you shall be true men of God and holy Church and that you use no error nor heresy but be discreet and wise men;
  • Also that you should be true liege men to the king of England without treason or falsehood and that you know no treason unless you amend it or warn the king or his Council;
  • Also that you be true to one another, that is to say to every Mason of the Craft you shall do unto them as they should do unto you;
  • Also that you keep the counsel of your fellows truly, in lodge and in chamber or in other councils that ought to be kept by way of Masonhood;
  • Also that no Mason shall be a thief in Company so far as he may know and that he shall be true each to the other and to the lord or master and truly see to his profits and advantages;
  • Also you shall call Masons fellows or brethren and no foul names;
  • Also you shall not take your fellow’s wife in villany nor desire ungodly his daughter or his servant or put him to disworship;
  • Also you shall truly pay for his meat and drink where you go to board;
  • Also you shall do no villany where you go to board whereby the Craft might be slandered.
I'll drink to that ....

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