Tuesday, 3 July 2018

3rd July 2018 - Euro Tunnel Bought -

Thought for the day:"Today in Church I was asked what a Bishop does.. apparently “Move diagonally” is not the right answer"

Not a plane Crash
This look very interesting - but is apparently a hoax - I don't care - I enjoyed it

30 days and counting....

Interestingly - in 2013 I posted this bard's licence and stated that I had just bought my euro Tunnel trip with my Tesco Vouchers.. I cannot remember how much it cost that year - I seem to remember £55 of vouchers paying for the trip - sadly - £292 this year . £175 for the outward trip and £115 for the return. Both at stupid O'clock but best price available. Managed to get the trip for £100 of Tesco Vouchers so only lost £7 on the transaction ...

and a bit of Trump = Lie Lie Lie
Well I enjoyed it !!!


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