Friday, 8 June 2018

8th June 2018 - Hair today - Gone tomorrow

Thought for the day:"The hardest part of making skimmed milk is throwing the cow across the lake"

I am being constantly reminded that I should have my hair trimmed to make it stronger - a concept that I find very difficult to undserstand - not really believing that cutting the dead part at the end makes the live stuff at the head grow any quicker....

But on the other hand I see how much comes out when I brush my hard and realise that it must still be growing.... 

I have a friend, or at least a colleague mason from the South Wales area who has a more impressive head of hair than mine will ever be. Sadly due to cancer treatment which is forthcoming I suppose that he anticipates that he will lose it ...  In either case he decided to have it cut to provide hair for those who need it and also to raise money for the local hospital.  I am impressed.... So will let these pictures sit here on the blog as a memorial to his gift.  His name is Rob Hughes... He has raised £1,400 so far on a target of £1,000.
Congratulations to him ..

 and in other news...

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