Thursday, 14 June 2018

14th June 2018 - On desktop machines and Garden Lighting

Thought for the day :"Want some sound advice? Listening to loud music is bad for the ears"

So my desktop machine is back in one piece and working. It seems that I have mismatched memory - or at least the computer does and that can occasionally cause some problems - I thought I had checked that before adding it but must be wrong...

Also a glitch with windows but that self corrected apparently.

And now I have a decision - having used office 365 for a week do I stick with it?
Word and Powerpoint all work much faster in 2003 - but I can at least access files and calendars from the phone with 365. The rules and sorting does not seem to work in the same way in 365 - but that is probably because I have not found the right way to do stuff yet ....

I think all in all I shall stick with the new system - though if I can keep my 2003 word and powerpoint and exel I would be happy ....

Also bought a garden umbrella for the garden seat by the pond and have some new solar lights. Also found some replacement batteries for the first time ever in B & M Stores so I may be able to get some of the old lights working again. We shall see.

First day for a while without having to learn something - so a bit of a hiatus for me today - though I seem to have another task ahead of me with the DWP and my father in law. The good news this week was that the overpayment that we mistakenly received since last May - some £2,400 will be repaid at the rate of £3.57 a week from his wife's pension. That was a relief as I was having problems seeing where I could find the money from.

Maybe tomorrow !!!

So - let's have a look at this software then ....

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