Saturday, 2 June 2018

2nd June 2018 - Another Sunny Day - must be Crete

Thought for the day: "Jokes about sugar are rare. Jokes about brown sugar - demerara!"

Sun and sea - took a trip down to the end of the Island today - someone will tell me the name later it could be Paleokastrou - but it was a place where you grind the clay into mud and rub it all over yourself as a beauty treatment.  I thought the whole thing to be a little superfluous considering the fact that my body is a temple (the acropolis) so I stuck to splashing about in the water which was deceptively warm once you got into it ....
I can find it on Google Maps and the Dolphin Tavern where we had a bit of salad and some chips - as you do

Ready for a trip into town for a spot of dinner and maybe a couple of games of cards ont he return ....

It's a hard life....

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