Thursday, 21 June 2018

21st June 2018 - Longest day again

Thought for the day :"Longest day ? No - it is 24 hours the same as every other one!"

Yes it is the Solstice - but let's be fair - a day is a day !

In other matters I went to Kilkenny Cat last night for the open mic night and played a set of three - Mr Bo Jangles, Ti a dy ddoniau and Tanja's Song. Apparently the Welsh is not too bad ...

Working upon pronunciations and accent - after all they say that I speak Welsh with a Japanese Accent!!

Ti a dy ddoniau

A link to Ty a dy ddoniau - You and your Talents

Ryan and Ronnie 

Tristan a Gwidion

Jodie Marie
So I will leave these here for links


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