Monday, 21 January 2019

21st January 2019 - Never too old to be scammed - once in a blood moon

Thought for the day :"If your eyes hurt after drinking coffee – take the spoon out of the mug…"

Never too old to be scammed. 
Now I like a bargain the same as everyone and subscribe to the old adage that if it looks too good to be true then it is too good to be true - but I have had a number of small items from china over the months that have been ridiculously cheap by comparison, cables, radio converters, speakers, headphones. So when I saw some LED lights reduce 80% which would provide good lighting for the Bothy it seemed that I would not worry if it took a couple of months to arrive from China or Korea or somewhere unknown. Postage free - well it happens that way with most stuff that comes by shipping - and bulk buys seemed legitimate..

A clue should have been that there was no Paypal link. I find that annoying these days but still happens on sites - but is going to be a guide for me in the future. Paypal seems to have really made its way in maintaining security on on -line transactions.

Anyway - went to check out and checked the £1.48 and free postage and hit the button with the Tesco Card details thereon ....  and sat back... Two minutes later Tesco Fraud algorithms  must have flagged - as I get a text message saying "Have you authorised a payment to AGlkljlj!! for £73.30?

Um - no I answer - is this coincidence or is it a scam ?
I text N for no I do not recognise this transaction  and five minutes later I have a phone call from a real Fraud type person...

Well it is not my card - but Susie's so we have to go through the can I give you my wife for security - which sounds worse than it means!!  and we discuss.

Now - apparently - as I have actually made a purchase under normal circumstances I would have to take it up with the supplier, wait 30 days to see what arrived, (looking back on the site they have now placed 17 items on order rather than my LED light) and then take it to dispute...  Because it is a foreign transaction - the cost difference can be changes in currency conversion - but we both agree that this would be a little excessive - even for Brexit Times. So it seems I am to be lucky and they will pass to dispute straight away and refund my money....

We discuss a number of other transactions that are a little dodgy - like why I spent £6 for diesel last Friday, and then another £13 for more diesel - and then £75 for more diesel in the space of two hours... Seem suspicious - but I will tell you the story of the fuel pipe that came off the fuel pump and caused me to call the RAC for the CashQuai, and how they changed the battery on warranty "just in case"..  but that is how I missed the Executive Dinner last Friday and nothing to do with the scam...

And so - they cancel the cards - which is reasonable. Apparently I will have to contact all the standing order people - but that is a task for  next week when the new cards arrive...

So - back to the company - a check ( a little late I agree) on Scam Check shows..

Domain only 4 days old - oops
Registered in USA - but coming from China - well I expected that
Ho Hum ...

In other news...  Blood Red Moon last night
I got up and was totally unimpressed - My wife reminded me that I did not put my glasses on and I was not wearing contact lenses so the blur I saw in the distance was not what was there - she took some photos but they did not come out as well as she had hoped...
I found this one though...

Apparently we do not see again until 2021 - so I will leave that there ...

Or maybe I will add to it slightly ..

seems legit

Cheers !

Sunday, 20 January 2019

20th January 2019 - Discounts and Departures

Thought for the day:"My wife asked for some peace and quiet while she was cooking Sunday dinner – so I took the battery out of the smoke alarm"

So, advertising can work apparently. This is a real advert from a Mexican Company that understood the American Psyche - we hate Mexico - but we love discounts...

Only in America (or Mexico)

Busy day yesterday with the installation in Llanelli of the Court of St Elli in the Order of Athelstan.
All seemed to go smoothly and I did the inner workings to install the new Master.

In other news Windsor Davies died - which was sad -

"Oh dear! What a pity! Never Mind!!"

And in Brexit news - no change

So - Happy Sunday to all...
Have some Guitar - Beethoven's 5th for solo Guitar - Marcin Patrzalek

I will never be famous ...
Cheers !

Saturday, 19 January 2019

19th January 2019 - At Last - Brexit Explained

Thought for the day: "Not sure about this new Restaurant.  I have my reservations."
In the wake of the Royal Car accident ( Prince Phillip crashes his Range Rover)

I have a number of people outside the UK trying to work out what is going on with the "B" word...

I saw this (sadly un-attributed) explanation which I thought I would put her to help explain exactly what is going on ...

David Cameron made a promise he didn't think he'd have to keep to have a referendum he didn't think he would lose. 
Boris Johnson decided to back the side he didn't believe in because he didn't think it would win. 
Then Gove, who said he wouldn't run, did, and Boris who said he would run, said he wouldn't, and Theresa May who didn't vote for Brexit got the job of making it happen. 
She called the election she said she wouldn't and lost the majority David Cameron hadn't expected to win in the first place. 
She triggered Article 50 when we didn't need to and said we would talk about trade at the same time as the divorce deal and the EU said they wouldn't so we didn't. 
People thought she wouldn't get the divorce settled but she did, but only by agreeing to separate arrangements for Northern Ireland when she had promised the DUP she wouldn't. 
Then the Cabinet agreed a deal but they hadn't, and David Davis who was Brexit Secretary but wasn't said it wasn't what people had voted for and he couldn't support what he had just supported and left.
Boris Johnson who hadn't left then wished that he had and did, but it was a bit late for that. 
Dominic Raab become the new Brexit secretary. 
People thought Theresa May wouldn't get a withdrawal agreement negotiated, but once she had they wished that she hadn't, because hardly anybody liked it whether they wanted to leave or not. 
Jacob Rees-Mogg kept threatening a vote of no confidence in her but not enough people were confident enough people would not have confidence in her to confidently call a no confidence vote. 
Dominic Raab said he hadn't really been Brexit Secretary either and resigned, and somebody else took the job but it probably isn't worth remembering who they are as they're not really doing the job either as Olly Robbins is. 
Then she said she would call a vote and didn't, that she wouldn't release some legal advice but had to, that she would get some concessions but didn't, and got cross that Juncker was calling her nebulous when he wasn't but probably should have been. 
At some point Jacob Rees Mogg and others called a vote of no confidence in her, which she won by promising to leave, so she can stay. 
But they said she had really lost it and should go, at the same time as saying that people who voted Leave knew what they were voting for which they couldn't possibly have because we still don't know now, and that we should leave the vote to Leave vote alone but have no confidence in the no confidence vote which won by more. 
The government also argued in court against us being able to say we didn't want to leave after all but it turned out we could. 
She named a date for the vote on her agreement which nobody expected to pass, while pretending that no deal which nobody wants is still possible (even though we know we can just say we are not leaving), and that we can't have a second referendum because having a democratic vote is undemocratic. And of course as expected she loses. 
Some people are talking about a managed no-deal which is not a deal but is not no-deal either.
Thank goodness for strong and stable government."

You are welcome...

And so we completed an Athelstan Installation under the watchful eye of the Deputy Grand Master  for the Order...   and I can breathe again - until Monday of course - RAM elevation !!

So Cheers !

Friday, 18 January 2019

18th January 2019 - A Bit of Admin and learning

Thought for the day:"Birds sing in the mornings – ‘cos they don’t have to go to work!"
Been a day for paperwork today - sorting out installation for tomorrow in Athelstan and an elevation in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree for Monday with a Committee meeting that I cannot attend this evening ...  busy busy...

In other news - Prince Phillip turned his car over at 97 - one wonders if he should be driving - and whether anyone has the guts to tell him !!!

Bets get back to learning  - not there yet !!

Cheers !

Thursday, 17 January 2019

17th January 2019 - Haggis Hunting - and Open Mike Profiles...

Thought for the day:"Nelson was about 5ft 6”, his statue is 17ft 4” – that's Horatio of 3:1"

Need to go out Haggis Hunting....  We have 82 booked for the Burn's Night at the end of the month which is getting close to the 90 that I think is the maximum that we can hold an get around to pipe the Haggis around the room...

I think there are some wild Haggis about....

In other news I went to Mumbles for the Open Mike last Thursday ... some quite nice photos came out of the session ..

I can live with those..
Have the remastered CD with top pressing done with metadata and file structures... 
Now to find out what to do with them ...
Another day - another dollar -

Back from quick overnight journey down to the New Milton. No weight loss - Couldn't resist the Burger !! and a bottle of Wine...
Quick check on the Lecture for Knights of Constantinople (AMD) and then head down for the Installation on Saturday (Athelstan)...
Busy Busy -
Cheers !

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

16th January 2019 - RIP Pippa Mills

Thought for the day:" I'm disappointed with this thesaurus. There's no other word for it."

Life can be short...   sometimes it deals unexpected hands....

Pippa Mills - In memorium - special from LarpBook 


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

15th January 2019 - Admin Day

Thought for the day:"My wife says I have two problems – I don’t listen and something else…"

Saw a nice variation upon a horn for the Bothy -

In Dry news...

Alternatively ...
Ho Hum

Arranging the Provincial Grand Senatus today - wish me luck