Saturday, 30 June 2018

30th June 2018 - Polar Bears and Provincial Meetings

Thought for the day :"I don't care what you think of me - I don't think of you at all"
(coco chanel)

John Lawler poses this problem :

In 1252, The King of Denmark (either Abel or Christopher I), presented Henry III with a "white bear", which was kept in the menagerie at the Tower of London. and frequently taken to swim in the Thames (from Bear Wharf?). To prevent it getting mislaid, it was attached to a chain (or possibly a strong rope) held by a dozen "stout fellows", who, at the end of the exercise period, would haul it out of the water.
What I want to know is: given the size and the uncertain temperament of Polar Bears, and the fact that they can sprint at about 25mph, which way did seniority run along the chain (was the senior man in the place of honour at the front, or was he shouting from the back?)
Also, did the men face the bear (as in long- or short-drag hauling, or have their backs to it (as in a stamp-and-go, which would give the faster runners a a chance)?

any thoughts ?

meanwhile - Mark Masters Provincial Grand Lodge - Designated driver...

a good crowd ... 
I also heard an interesting quote from W Bro Elfan Bell GLO - in discussion about the ritual for the Red Cross of Constantine...  he said the ritual was sort of like Rose Croix on Speed .. with a bit of latin thrown in ...
seems legit to me 

Cheers !

Mythodea - Vollsanger - Here all week

How can I best introduce myself?  
My name is Vollsanger and I am "Here all Week".

The name Vollsanger, which did not exist anywhere other than in my imagination, is based upon a very bad made-up Viking language - "Voll" or Full, and "Sanger" for Song - or "Filled with Song". There are others who think that the character is full of something else - but we can leave that alone !!

After role-playing in the UK since 1999, in one of the largest game systems here - Curious Pastimes, in 2004 my wife and I formed the first dedicated LARP/Re-enactment Tavern in Britain - the Crimson Moon Tavern. With this mobile Tavern we covered most of the Game systems here in the UK as well as more established Reenactment events. Serving Meads, British Country Fruit Wines, real ales and ciders - and Vollsanger would come out from the bar to entertain..

Asking only a copper piece I would sing your favourite song. For a silver piece I would move onto another table and leave you in peace (I made a lot of silver that way!)  - or for a Gold piece I would write a song for you - extemporized there and then - and in many cases refined it and added to the creation of original and "filked" songs.

"Here all Week"  - Vollsanger - his song! 
(Herstmonceaux Medieval Fest)

Who are you and for how long have you been a musician?

I have played guitar since a child, the Autoharp more recently, and have sung in major Choirs as well as perfomances and local "open Mic" sessions, but mostly I play in the Crimson Moon - which still has over 40 bookings per annum - though under new ownership now.

I specialise now in "re-discovering" lost viking songs - "stolen" by others - "The Sounds of Violence", taken by Simon and Garfunkel, "Welcome to the Coast of Caledonia" taken by the Eagles. "Laars Trekking", and of course the now Notorious "And a Green One" which has now been performed in over 24 languages including Klingon and Dothraki!

2018 and I have been very proud to have been voted LARP Bard of the Year in the UK LARP Awards.

Where are you known from, where have you played on Mythodea/ConQuest, how could our reader know you?

I came to Mythodea first in 2013 as a player with the Grand Expedition. I played Vollsanger, arriving as Der Vollsanger - the head of a Bardic Order second only to Der Meistersinger. I played to camps and for friends and illegally in the town - refusing to join the Guild of Bards until they proved worthwhile - being chased around town with my Son in Law acting as a Lookout and Body-guard - great fun and lovely role play!! 

On my last day I decided to give the Guild the courtesy of a roleplay visit - I was invited to play at one of the Taverns which I did, and they offered me a beer token for my trouble. That fitted with my Bardic Heritage and sense of fun ....  The next thing I knew I was invited to attend the next year as Bard...  I have been in the Stadt/Tross ever since...

And so nowadays, if you are in the Town or the Tross you will find "Der Alte Bard" - the guy with the long Blond Hair (Platinum Blond - not White!!) pushing his Volls Wagen full of instruments, beer and meads. Playing the main Taverns in the evening - but you will find me at the Wein Stube, the Abtei, a street corner, a trader or anywhere someone wants  to hear a song..... or needs a Gin and Tonic...

The Volls Wagen
Do you have a specific / special Mythodea- or ConQuest-song? Is that song online available? 

I have many songs for Mythodea - but over the last years I have tried to celebrate the the great Taverns of Mythodea, and the beautiful people I have met. My Project "Love Chronicles of Mythodea" was almost ready last year and I hope to have the full CD available by next Conquest. 

It is a sad tale of the beautiful women that Vollsanger has met and fallen in love with in Mythodea, (and totally failed to make an impression) and the Taverns that he met them in.....

Taverns include the Heilige Krabbe, Black Pearl, Jollie Rouge, Scorpions, Rote Stern, Klabautermann, and his forsaken loves include Windlillie, Harma, Mona Mour, Finja, Sinistaire, Valeria,

an unknown lady stolen by the Viinshar,

and Tanja - "I said I would write you a song!"

These songs are currently all available by  CD Streaming and Download on BandCamp Spotify | iTunes | Amazon

Purchase here

What’s your favorite LARP-song by a DIFFERENT bard/musician?

My favourite LARP song is also from Mythodea, by the amazing Klanggespinst : Des Lebens Kreis.

Written by Sarah Krause of Saitenweise - she and Michael Höfer made me welcome as a stranger in a strange land from my first visit into the Bard Guild. It also seems to sum up the whole concept of LARP and Life and Live Action. 

What’s your plans for next year (on ConQuest and elsewhere)? Where can we see/hear you?

This year I hope to once more join the people of Mythodea. To act as Bard and sing and enjoy the great camaraderie of the Bards, the players and the staff. Hopefully the Volls Wagen will be there ..

together with the many friends I have made over the last few years. Seems I have been adopted by a few more groups this year - most particularly "The Flaming Eagles" who are anxiously waiting to hear their new anthem ... "Fear in the Cities" - and a time to visit old and new Taverns.

Oh - did I mention that I also take my camera and video ???  See my galleries and video tracks for a personal view of Mythodea ...  Vollsanger's View - "here all week"  (Die Ganze Woche Da!)

And Finally - from Conquest 2017 - and the official Website - The "Tavern" Song .... Bad Norderby

Link here : Bad Norderby Video
Hope to see you there ...

Mr V.

Further reading:
Vollsanger's Home Page

Facebook Pages
Have a Green One!!!

Friday, 29 June 2018

29th June 2018 - Of heatwaves

Thought for the day: "His butler lost his left arm - serves him right "
So we are officially in a heatwave - apparently more than 5 days at more than 25 degrees - and the garden is a lovely spot to sit for a while under the umbrella. Of course it is time to learn again with a rehearsal set for Sunday and more meetings on the way....   

A definition based on Frich et al.'s Heat Wave Duration Index is that a heat wave occurs when the daily maximum temperature of more than five consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5 °C (9 °F), the normal period being 1961–1990

Of course the Met office official pages make it simpler (!!!)

In the United Kingdom, the Met Office operates a Heat Health Watch system which places each Local Authority region into one of four levels. Heatwave conditions are defined by the maximum daytime temperature and minimum nighttime temperature rising above the threshold for a particular region. The length of time spent above that threshold determines the particular level. Level 1 is normal summer conditions. Level 2 is reached when there is a 60% or higher risk that the temperature will be above the threshold levels for two days and the intervening night. Level 3 is triggered when the temperature has been above the threshold for the preceding day and night, and there is a 90% or higher chance that it will stay above the threshold in the following day. Level 4 is triggered if conditions are more severe than those of the preceding three levels. Each of the first three levels is associated with a particular state of readiness and response by the social and health services, and Level 4 is associated with more widespread response

Make sense ???

I'll just get back to the book I think....

and a cool drink would help !!!
Cheers !

Thursday, 28 June 2018

28th June 2018 - Open Mic at the Kilkenny Cat

Thought for the day:"As I pass through the Valley of the Shadow of death – I remind myself that you can’t always trust a sat nav"
Another open mic session last night at the Kilkenny Cat. Last week I tried Mr Bojangles, Ti o dy ddoniau and Tanja's song. Worked fairly well - but the seat was just the wrong height and the guitar started jumping up and down as I hit a nerve on my knee - trying to hold the guitar in place...  But I opened up the evening while it was quite quiet - so not too bad... Sounds seemed about right.

So Last night I decided that I would stand... and that worked fairly well. Had in mind doing the Old Dunn Cow but the first two acts were very good and finished with a resounding Pink Floyd number - We don't want no Education and Stereophonics Dakota....  Leaving the crowd very lively ...

So I decided to jump into my own area of comfort and introduced myself as a Re-enactment Entertainer - and decided that they should all sing - if nothing else a "Hey Nonny Nonny" 
and Commenced with the Chastity Belt - which went down quite well - at least some started singing! 

Followed with Tom Lehrer - "I hold your hand in mine" - also went quite well - so finished once again with one of my own "Mona Mour of the Jollie Rouge" which lost most people but they were polite enough with their claps afterwards...

Will have to miss next week as will be doing the Lecture for Knight's Templar on one of the last meetings of the year ....

So a morning finishing some accounts and the annual returns for Athelstan Court where I am now secretary as well !!  Also a new selection of Birthday cards for the next couple of weeks ...

And it is still very hot out...  

A cool drink - and a cold shower !!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

27th June 2018 - Of banners and inspirations

Thought for the day:"Some say that nothing is impossible - but  do nothing every day!!"

Been playing around with some concepts for a banner for the Order Atheslstan, Province of Magonsætan ...  the concept is based in History - King Athelstan reigned form 926 to 939 and in the end called him self Rex Totius Britannicus - King of all Britain - and is generally called the first King of all England in that he unified most of the warring areas and got defeated the Vikings in the North. 
The welsh Princes were happy to have him as King - and bent a knee - but were never subjugated
Therefore it is worth considering that the Welsh supported King Athelstan rather than were servants..
So an image of the Welsh supporting the King seemed a reasonable start... 

Rather than the Dragon - it was thought that the Red Kite now represents the Welsh rather well - so I decided that a Red Kite holding up (supporting) the Crown of Athelstan would be a good start...

In addition I felt that the Motto "YMA O HYD"  represents the Province well. It is the anthem of the Welsh - written by Dafydd Iwan - and represents the will of the Welsh - "WE ARE STILL HERE"

The fact that it is also the base for my song "Race you to Valhalla" is neither here nor there!!!

And so version one :

The Scarlet background is picked out by the Green of the Lettering - being the two colours of the Order...

Or the second version :

I rather like the circle drawn out in the Green...

Yes - I know that the bird is not actually a red kite - but it is a proof of concept at the moment ...

We shall see how we get on...

In other news- my ticket for Mythodea came today ...

Brings it home how close it is ...

Still waiting on getting the Bothy Looked at - and need to get the tickets for the euro star / ferry

and do some learning for the Instruction Consecration of the Court at Bangor...

Ho Hum

Maybe a cook glass of coke - it is 34 degrees outside today - but that is another story

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

26th June 2018 - Malice....

Thought for the day :"She asked for a bit of peace and quiet while she cooked – so I took the batteries out of the smoke alarm"
A sad day today - or a day of celebration of the life of Andy Vaughan - know to many as Malice the Mage....  A trip to Gloucester on the hottest day of the year and a stunning place  to have a cremation...

He was someone who managed to work through the most severe disabilities and still play the LARP game that s many of us have enjoyed for many years .... He played a Mage - and he was great to role play with ... a couple of old photos ...

sadly - had not seen him for a few years - as his health deteriorated

Men of Malice
RIP Andy...

I lift a glass - a parting glass


Monday, 25 June 2018

25th June 2018 - A Daily Trump and Another Conspiracy Theory

Thought for the day:" I am afraid of negative numbers I stop at nothing to avoid them."

A time for your daily Trump....

And Back to Llanelli.....

Meanwhile - In Cardiff 4 ambulances have been donated by the Mark Masons -
(Part of the great conspiracy to make the world a better place)

4 more ambulances donated (of the 52 vehicles which have been secured thanks to a capital grant by the Mark Benevolent Fund) to the St John Ambulance.

The donation of over £3 million is providing new ambulances, treatment centres and support vehicles to St John Ambulance.
Vehicles are being handed over in England, Wales, North
ern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in a phased programme throughout 2018.

On Saturday, 23 June 2018 the President of the Mark Benevolent Fund, the official charity of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, R.W.Bro. Dr John Wright, RD, P.G.S.W., handed over three ambulances and a treatment centre to H.R.H. The Duchess of Gloucester, GCVO, GCStJ, Commandant-in-Chief, St John Cymru – Wales. The vehicles were dedicated by the Archbishop of Cardiff.
The ceremony took place on The Green above Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff following their Annual Investiture Meeting and Centenary Service. The vehicles will give their service in the Mark Provinces of North Wales, South Wales, Dyfed and Monmouthshire.
In attendance was:
R.W.Bro. Dr John Wright, RD, P.G.S.W. with wife Julia
R.W.Bro. Ryan Williams P.G.J.W., Honorary Secretary
R.W.Bro. Peter Talbot, Prov.G.M. for North Wales
R.W.Bro. David Powell, Prov.G.M. for Monmouthshire
W.Bro. Jeff Clarke, Dep.Prov.G.M. for South Wales with wife Andrea
W.Bro. Darren Coleman-Heald, P.A.G.D.C., Charities Manager
The new vehicles are just 4 of the 52 vehicles which have been secured thanks to a capital grant by the Mark Benevolent Fund to the St John Ambulance.

The donation of over £3 million is providing new ambulances, treatment centres and support vehicles to St John Ambulance.
Vehicles are being handed over in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in a phased programme throughout 2018.

(Part of the great conspiracy to make the world a better place)

Meanwhile - a picture of the day
Can't see it myself

Sunday, 24 June 2018

24th June 2018 - Down on the South Coast again

Thought for the day:"Found an Origami Porn Channel – it is paper view"
So, I Am down in New MIlton and do not really have the opportunity to comment on the world ...

But have been playing with an idea for a Banner for the Province of Magonsætan - 
Concept created by the Provincial Grand Master - he wanted a Red Kite 
I thought - the Princes of Wales bent a knee but were never subjugated by Athelstan
so in fact they supported the King as Rex Britannicus
So a Red kite supporting the Crown would be appropriate 
And for a Motto ???

Yma o Hyd - we are still here

seems the right answer to me 

Red for the background 
Green for the lettering  - being the two great colours adopted by the Order ...

ans so ...

I think the upper and lower sections - Province of Magonsætan should be circular top and bottom - not sure how to do that at the moment - but the principle is there except susie says that my google search didn't get me a Red Kite - it is a buzzard - but she will draw me a real one 
I like it    


Saturday, 23 June 2018

23rd June 2018 - Just a thought

Thought for the day :"Bacteria – the only culture some people have"

Day ran away with me this time - Provincial Meeting of OSM in Caarmarthen - good day out

Cheers !

Friday, 22 June 2018

22nd June 2018 - Daffodils

Thought for the day :"If you’re kinky and you know it clap your.. oh they are tied – never mind"

Went out today to get a Daffodil
That may not seem the most usual task for a day - but Côr Curiad have a forthcoming choir fund raiser for Marie Curie in Stradey Castle...  

It seems that Penarth Hospice have a Daffodil that could be used for such events - and it was meant to be quite large - but as we took the details of the size it looked that it may go into the car if we put the back seats down ...

So, Susie requiring a visit to her Chiropractor in Penarth it seemed like a good day to go for it. And so we did ... 
We found the place and went to look at the Daffodil with a chair...

Only the Daffodil was described as being about 4 ft diameter - they didn't mention the 7 ft stem that went with it!! It was a lovely daffodil - with a car battery to light the LED lights and the chair was yellow and covered with daffodils but weighed a ton - I am not sure that we could have lifted it into the car - even if it had fitted

But they had not really mentioned the base!!
They had mentioned that it was round and wooden - but had not mentioned the steel structure and the wrought iron and the 1 ton weight limit....    Apparently -when it arrived at the Hospice they brought it in a lorry into the park and then 4 of the handymen staff rolled it into place as it was impossible to lift ... 

All in all it was not really an option ...

But we had a lovely guided tour around the Hospice - the most lovely place for anyone to stay. Each room looks out upon the sea. It is peaceful and bright and it is clear that it is a place that would be uplifting to attend - as we looked through the recreation rooms we looked out through the window and saw the workmen putting the daffodil back together again - it seems that they had taken it apart for us to use - and we got a clear idea of the real size of this thing ....

It was lovely to have a guided tour of an amazing place and a really worthwhile cause for fund raising.

This view does not give an idea of the view you get from the building...   but I was impressed  

Good luck to Côr Curiad for their efforts to raise funds 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

21st June 2018 - Longest day again

Thought for the day :"Longest day ? No - it is 24 hours the same as every other one!"

Yes it is the Solstice - but let's be fair - a day is a day !

In other matters I went to Kilkenny Cat last night for the open mic night and played a set of three - Mr Bo Jangles, Ti a dy ddoniau and Tanja's Song. Apparently the Welsh is not too bad ...

Working upon pronunciations and accent - after all they say that I speak Welsh with a Japanese Accent!!

Ti a dy ddoniau

A link to Ty a dy ddoniau - You and your Talents

Ryan and Ronnie 

Tristan a Gwidion

Jodie Marie
So I will leave these here for links