Sunday, 24 June 2018

24th June 2018 - Down on the South Coast again

Thought for the day:"Found an Origami Porn Channel – it is paper view"
So, I Am down in New MIlton and do not really have the opportunity to comment on the world ...

But have been playing with an idea for a Banner for the Province of Magonsætan - 
Concept created by the Provincial Grand Master - he wanted a Red Kite 
I thought - the Princes of Wales bent a knee but were never subjugated by Athelstan
so in fact they supported the King as Rex Britannicus
So a Red kite supporting the Crown would be appropriate 
And for a Motto ???

Yma o Hyd - we are still here

seems the right answer to me 

Red for the background 
Green for the lettering  - being the two great colours adopted by the Order ...

ans so ...

I think the upper and lower sections - Province of Magonsætan should be circular top and bottom - not sure how to do that at the moment - but the principle is there except susie says that my google search didn't get me a Red Kite - it is a buzzard - but she will draw me a real one 
I like it    


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