Tuesday, 19 June 2018

19th June 2018 - I'm not an Einstein you know!

Thought for the day: "I wanted a herb-crusted fish dinner, but I couldn't find the thyme nor the plaice."

Yesterday was a day where I mentioned the famous Cream and Jam considerations for Scones - with the reference to the Music Festival being cancelled ...

I was then presented with this fine gem from Donald Trump

Jam First !!

Well, Athelstan over yesterday with a Grand Lodge Certificate presentation and a lovely turn out for three candidates.

Forms filled in this morning for Father in Law and Housing Benefit and calls from the DWP regarding attendance allowance for him.

More forms to fill in for the HSBC "Safety Care" assessment - which is a right pain as they keep asking for documentation that they already have - but that is bureaucracy for you - need to have them signed by responsible person - apparently a funeral director qualifies!

But when we think about forms and qualifications - I found this little gem in my wanderings today - Einstein - the rejection slip ...

So.... head in book for Rose Croix - acting Prelate  - ho hum - just a piece in the middle and a trip to Aberaeron.

Cheers !

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