Tuesday, 5 June 2018

5th June 2018 - It is hot !!

Thought for the day: "The red haired baker was a Ginger Bread Man"

As I went through today - I am sure that I had some good ideas for blog messages 

but it has been so hot that I really cannot think of any of them

and it is hot .. It was hot this morning  and it was hot this afternoon
this evening was not to bad except it was hot 
I am sitting here with my glass of scotch  -it is hot - not the scotch !! Silly !! just the room !

I really do not think I will put my brain into blog - writing mode...
I think I will just melt here and  think that thought the week has been very quick - and I would love to be here for another week.. it may be cooler in the UK tomorrow !


(did I mention that it was hot ?)  

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