Thursday, 7 June 2018

7th June 2018 - Back home - and it is still warm!

Thought for the day: "I don't believe in Astrology - I'm a Sagitarious and we're skeptical" Arthur C Clarke

So - back in Wales and it is 23 degrees and sunny.
Dog walked and shopping done - but sadly  the desktop computer seems to have died... Worked fine as I turned everything on and went to the loo - but when I cam back there was a blank screen and no input. Could be the video card, could be the mother board - could be the drive - goodness knows - I certainly do not know!!

So on this occasion a trip up to Crosshands and ResQ - hoping that they can come up with some answers tomorrow - in the meantime I am without my outlook and all my files - a bit of a problem..
Most of my files are on the cloud these days - but the outlook was never solved...

Fingers crossed ... don't really want a song and dance about it!

meanwhile a quick recap...

Well - a glass of wine it is then ...

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