Thursday, 30 April 2015

30th April 2015 - Just a thought

Thought for the day: "In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take prozac to make it normal."

enough said .... on the road


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29th april 2015 - Just a Thought

Thought for the day : "Life is sexually transmitted "

Can't argue with that 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

28th April 2015 - Just a Thought

Thought for the day : " Don't worry about old age - It doesn't last that long!! "

Off for a few days so unlikely to have much chance to get on line 

Sorry to all those who have birthdays  - sometime in the future I may have a chance to get birthday wishes guaranteed..

So - just a
thought and a statistic..

Monday, 27 April 2015

27th April 2015 - And loading

Thought for the day :" All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism."

So a full day loading everything into the trailer for Curious Pastimes Event 1.
Not as much as we would have had in the past - but also an opportunity to rationalise what we really need to have with us. Been a hectic run back and fro finding all those little things that we have always had int he past and you don't really think about - it will take a couple of events to make sure that we are carrying what we need - and not carrying what we don't need!!

Except for the Drunken Monk Teddies - they have to come anyway !

The new chicks are beginning to hatch today - we are not sure what they will look like. These are the Polish hen with the Sussex White Cock  - but one is out of the shell this evenign - we shall have to see how many more survive.

So, early start tomorrow and quite probably no real internet connection for the next few days - indeed the connection keep s dropping out this evening which is frightfully annoying. Always happens when you want the connection to stay up ....

So if you have a birthday for the next few days - you may not get a  card - sorry - it is just the way it is - when I finally get to a retirement then everyoe can have a guaranteed card every day ...

So, looking forward to seeing old friends and seeing if we can get the old "Moon" back on track again .. 

So - a quick glass and then to bed ...   See some people at PACCAR

Sunday, 26 April 2015

26th April 2015 - Seems I won a doughnut..

Thought for the day : "Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them to use the internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years."

Well I am back safely from the depths of Exmouth - which I could not mention yesterday on the premise that Ally (who was having a surprise 60th Birthday party)  might just have seen the post.. Not likely I know - but you cannot take the risk...

So a good time was had by all, with a certain amount of alcohol being imbibed and a few songs being sung. Surprisingly popular was the "Too tall to be a hobbit" which was quite fun...

We also had renditions of "3 happence a foot",  "North of Oldham - south of Diggle" and witht he help of the smart phone a stumbled version of the preamble to "Talking Vietnam Pot-luck Blues"

Everything is on the internet these days..

Weather held fairly well, and though there was a little rain the sun shone for most of the time. Revenstone seemed to have a good wekend and I am happy for them. Maybe someone made some money and can start thinking about paying for the business in due course.

Meanwhile, we carry on with the preparation for Curious Pastimes Event 1. I had reservations about where we are placed, but speaking with more players they seem to be happy that we are in the more IC area and it may turn out well for us. 

A trip to IKEA on the way home and a few lanterns and a couple of rather nice lights - Crescent Moon shaped - I thought they may be fun !!  Sadly - got them home to find that they did not have bulbs in them - Should have remembered that is how IKEA work!!

But I did get my special free bonus secret prize ticket...  There was  along queue for the IKEA families computer prize booths - so I took the opportunity of waiting until I got home to find what prize I had won. "you don't want to do that" said the young lass in IKEA. "You can look it up at home - but you have to come to the store to pick up your prize!!"

But, I looked at the queue and decided on the return journey...
I have just put my code into the prize draw and it seems I am a winner !!
I have won......     A Doughnut !!
And I have to go to Cardiff to pick it up ...

I think I will try a glass of Blossom Hill instead - the Chateau 41 is not ready yet!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

25th April 2015 - Another Saturday

Thought for the day :" Good Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die"

A small selection of Ales and other drinks for the forthcoming weekend..
We will of course be serving the famous Bothvar Beer  (Bombardier)

 And from other lands we shall have Estragale (Eagle IPA)

And a guest beer if it travels properly the great Si - Beer - Ia  - all the way from Siberia (Kite Try time)
 And for the cider drinkers - Jumpy Slack ( Scrumpy Jack - which may turn out to be Storngbow instead - have to see on the day )

Always nice to arrange bars with the correct drinks for the location...

So - travelling today for secret locations while Susie prepares for the Paul Potts Concert in Llanelli. Fingers crossed for them - there has been so much work going into the Charity Concert.

Paul Potts
 Should be a good concert...  

So - looking forward to a nice couple of gins later....

Friday, 24 April 2015

24th April 2015 - Planning and Pottering

Thought for the day: "You shouldn't write with a blunt pencil...   Its Pointless !"

With the work and the planning for the next event at Curious Pastimes, I found the following cartoon posted on the boards and thought to myself "Yes - we probably resemble that remark!!"

Meanwhile, in a garden at our rear - the pond is developing nicely... With the pond liner duly trimmed and sorted and a few pieces of turf to get started (the rest of the garden has some grass seed down but it does not really seem to be taking very well. Even though the chickens are being kept off that part of the garden...  So I took a couple of piccies for posterity (certainly not prosperity - which is rather lacking at the moment !!)

Looking good !

Susie is at the Selwyn Samuel Centre this morning. The big anniversary Choir Concert is on tomorrow night and though the centre has got the staging, no-one had thought about covering the front and making it look tidy - ready for a large concert with some guy called Paul Potts who apparently won a TV show.  So she has taken a load of material down and bought more gaffa tape and is making it all presentable. She has the Flower arrangements to do tomorrow - also off her own volition.  At least we both keep ourselves active.

So - Bookers it is and Lyme Bay - best check the stock levels 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

23rd April 2015 - Imports and less Important things

Thought for the day : "There's a new movie called "Constipation"....  It hasn't come out yet "

First day available for a nice lie in - and the phone goes at a quarter to nine. Such is life!
Thinking about table cloths - I know life is sad - but we need them for next week as there appears to be no movement upon litigation or negotiation.

So trip to Swansea to look at some material shops - 

Managed to find 18 metres of a rather nice fabric very similar to our previous table cloths - a good russet red and of a velvet style so useful and likely to last for many years.  At a very reasonable cost for the quality of material - not as good as some of the small amounts that we have been getting via ebay - but timing is now upon us - our first major event of the revival is upon us.

Also found some very good prices for Church Candles locally and have decided to use some of our old wedding bowls to hold the candles.

And today, surprise surprise, after weeks of silence from the other solicitors, seems I struck a nerve. So may I take the opportunity of welcoming one of my readers and followers who saw my post about the poor organisers of the Ravenstone Event. I can only presume that they got in touch with him and put his mind at rest as we received a response from the solicitors of the "other" party quoting my blog..  Okay they cut out the relevant part that said I was helping people, but obviously I have a fan !! Or at least someone who is watching what I say ...   Matters not to me .. The important thing is that someone finally got their act together and presumably have told the event organiser that they actually have a bar...   Only a day to go - Well done !!!

 I wish Ravenstone Event well  - I hope you are not disappointed.

Meanwhile - No good deed goes unpunished - it seems my olive branch has been spurned - so be it ...

Managed to pop across to some old friends in Pontardawe this evening and pick up some wall hangings and some plain hangings that could well have some painting and/or embroidery on them for extra design. Still think that we will be going for a simple look for the first event.

Now have access to a 35 mt x 25 mt Big top and set up crew - that is a large Marquee !!! Maybe will be sotring it for them in the warehouse...  Also may have access to up to 40 ft of Bars - that is a good thought.

And on other news : the saga of the import duties that are charged for gifts sent from daughter to mother..  It seems my sister sent a gift to my mother - two fitted sheets - floral - that we cannot get in this country, a couple of plastic cups and some solar butterflies..  Sadly - she filled in the customs claim correctly and over estimated the prices and suggested that they would be about $60. She was more shocked by the cost of mailing which was about the same !!!

Now it turns out that in this country - if you send a gift with a value over £36 then it is not subject to custims - but you have to pay the VAT. (for other trade stuff you pay after £15 and customs and everything)  So VAT is then payable - okay I can accept that I suppose - though I think a gift should be a gift .. But then they do not caharge VAT on the value of the gift - $60  - no! they add onthe cost of the postage (another $60) and apply 20% VAT on the lot !!     £16.84 was the calculation for extra payment ....    But not being all - that is what is paid to HMRC - or Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs!!   But Parcelforce then add a compulsory £8 admin charge to add insult to injury... 

I must say ..  they are probably the most expensive fitted sheets I have seen for a while!!  Though in fairness we could not find any in this country. Note to self ...  put in smaller parcel with a value under £35

Makes you feel a little sympathetic to Poldark and those who may have run some clandestine deliveries in the past .... maybe there is a little smuggler in my heart !!!

So - the site plan for CP is posted - time for some more planning

Glass of Blossom Hill tonight
Cheers !

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22nd April 2015 - No cars today - but Chickens galore

Thought for the day: "Some people are like clouds - when they go - everything is sunny"

Went to lok at a car today - down in Bridgend. got there and they sold it yesterday - and another that we might have looked at as well .. Seems there are only a few Terranos around at the moment ..

Appendent Orders in Bridgend went well - a nice ceremony and the Neath Conclavedid a good job - with some assistance from a couple of ringers like me ....

Susie managed to finish the pond - and it is clear and deep - strange to see fresh clear water in the pond - we have not seen that for a long time ..

The patio area is a little clearer now - though Susie's forest Arboratum is still growing in pots around the area and someone one day will have to relay the paving stones...  

Now the fence is down along the main garden section (no longer needed as the dogs no longer charge up and down and chase the chickens..)  and Susie with her new pond ...
And the pond liner was a little larger than we expected - in fact it could have managed a pond three times the size... we worked it out that we had calculated 5 metre by 3 1/2 metre by 1 metre deep ...  but of course it is only a metre deep in the middle and that is a stepped hollow - so in reality half of the depth was not really required...   We may be able to build a new pond in the next house...
Luckily we are not on a water meter!!

Beginning to take shape..

The sun shining on the new pond area..

Down the bottom of the garden the four chickies were showing an interest. We think that they are all boys - certainly they are starting to crow in the mornings. Always worried whether this affects the neighbours - our near neighbour said to Susie yesterday "haven't heard the crowing later" to which she replied - "Yes - he tasted good"  "Oh - rather liked hearing it in the back there "   Can't win !!!

While in the garage, the next brood are growing  - they are a couple weeks off being allowed out.. and there are more in the incubator..

Meanwhile, the girlies are enjoying all the extra earth and space and muck from the pond..

And we are all enjoying the unusual sunshine - and making the most of it ..

Nothing done on the business today  - tomorrow will be time to get back to work..

Glass of Scotch and off to bed methinks ..

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21st April 2015 - More Planning and not just for us

Thought for the day : " I ate a load of food colouring last night, I think I might have dyed a little inside"  

This evening I had a call from the organiser of the Ravenstone St George's Day event in Leicester area. He was panicking a little as he had not heard at all from the "Crimson Moon" regarding this weekend's event. This is on a Tuesday before a Friday opening event!!!

Now, I know it is not my problem, and I had taken a tactical decision not to approach the organisers with a view to stealing the event - mainly because I have things I want to do this weekend, and mainly because we are setting up for Curious Pastimes on Tuesday and it would put extra strain on the set up...   But I am staggered that they should be left in this situation.  Separately, I have seen a link from a singer who claims to be playing on Saturday Night in the Moon at that event - so a little research shows that this person is linked to those who are likely to be providing the bar.. However, the organiser cannot get hold of anyone by mobile phone, or email, or via facebook ....

Again, I have spent the last four months ensuring that I have made no adverse comments or personal statements on any social media or personally or verbally. I shall not change that now - but I felt obliged to try to assist the organisers - if only because that is the decent thing to do. If there is no TEN in place than it is too late for the village to get a license for the event - but the least I could do was try to put them in touch with any of the links that I would think might allow them to talk.

And so, after some research I have sent them details that I hope will assist them. On a personal basis I do not wish the bar to appear on the village green, but knowing that they have a new tent, I rather expected it to happen. I can live with that - especially if the way they treat their customers is to leave them up in the air with only days to go.... Maybe next year we will put a bid in to replace them.

Rant over !!!   Do I feel better ?  Well not really !

So, on other matters, emptied the trailer today and did a stock check so have a list of what we have.
Bookers all linked now, so have started doing a list on line of what we may need. Lyme Bay called and I will put an order in for some more mead by the end of the week.
Remembered that we will need glasses for this event - we have a few boxes but not enough for the whole event - so better to get a free delivery and enough for two events.

Checklist :
Curious Pastimes
TEN - Done
Tables and Benches  - Done
Bar Ordered - Done
Beer Ordered - Done
Bookers Changed - Done

Black Rat - found on line ordering - to do
Freezer - to do
Order Bookers - started  - to do
Redo Lighting for the Bar - to do
Collect wall Hangings - arrangements made for tomorrow - to do
Table Cloths - to do
Order Party Plastics - to do
Lyme Bay - to do

The Vale
Ten - done
Find Benches and Trestles - to do
Extra Staff Member - done - we will welcome Peter Scott as Bar Staff

Meanwhile - in the garden, the old pond is stripped out and the new pond liner is in place and water added to fill - it has to settle over night and then be trimmed tomorrow. Took some photographs but they will have to go up tomorrow. Garden gate fell off  - but managed to screw the hinges back so the chickens can't get out... Such is life..

So - a busy day all in all. Up early in the morning.. Appendant Orders for the red Cross of Constantine...    Never a dull moment...

Susie has steralised the demijohns and the latest Chateau 41 is settling....   Better have a glass of port tonight...   Cheers

Monday, 20 April 2015

20th April 2015 - First Viewer for House & Event Preparation

Thought for the day: " Death is the No1 Killer in the world "

So, the first visitor to the house since it arrived on the market. And ont he day that we decided to splash out (no pun intended) on a new pool liner and ground sheet, he really was most interested in the size of the garden - for conversion to fitnesss and athletic business. 

Was also interested in the potential for turning the house into flats - and walked around a few times - so there may be some interest - we shall see.

If nothing else we have a very clean and tidy house for a change

Meanwhile search for a new car is slow - nothing around except one in Coventry which keeps on popping its head up.  But it is a long way away if there are problems - and to be honest, there is smoething about Coventry that puts me off - can't think what !!!

So - a week away from travelling to the first Curious Pastimes Event and having to think about ordering for that event:

So - set up for PACCAR Event 1
We are envisaging using Bertha as the Bar Tent and Hilda (I think that is what we named the new tent - HildaBrand New) as the main sitting area.

Ordered from Sam McGee -
Double front Bar 2 x 8ft high bar
Single Back Bar - 1 x 8ft high Bar
1 rear trestle for shorts and display

Lager :  6 x 11 gallon  (sale or return)
Cider :  4 x 11 gallon  (sale or Return)

Bombardier : 1 x 18 gallon
Bombardier : 3 x 9 gallon
Eagle IPA    : 1 x 18 gallon
Eagle IPA    : 4 x 9 gallon

NB - the real ale is no longer sale or return so this is a gamble
We have 2 blonde ales taken from the last event - Unicorns - but the date is short so cannot guarantee whether they are drinkable.

We may have to take a lot of ale to the next events or find a home for them

Prices will follow so we can calculate properly the margins.

Pumps : 4 x handpull / 2 lager / 2 cider

We are currently carrying one still scrumpy cider - Navelgazer - 20 litres.
Consideration for Black rat - as it will be expected.

Black Rat Sales

For reference

PACCAR Scout Camp
Denham Lane
Chalfont st Peter

Next : Bookers
Seems that Watford is the closest store to Chalfion St Peters so I called them with the custiomer number and confirmed that they coudl deliver on Wednesday or Thursday prior to the Bank Holiday in the Chalfont St Peter area. As we are on site until late, they have no problem with adding a delivery as it can be late in the day and added on top of their other deliveries.
There has always been confusion int he past as to how the custiomer account gets transferred - but it seems that they have a new software available now - so having made the arrangemetns - they will trasnfer the account to Watford so I can look on line and choose what items I want delivered.
This will be an on line booking - paid for with credit card. Any Variations in the items delivered will be adjusted in due course.

So - a good day so far :
Checklist :
TEN - Done
Tables and Benches  - Done
Bar Ordered - Done
Beer Ordered - Done
Bookers Changed - Done

Black Rat - to do
Freezer - to do
Order Bookers - to do
Redo Lighting for the Bar - to do
Collect wall Hangings - to do
Table Cloths - to do
Seems about right to me ...

Cheers !

Sunday, 19 April 2015

19th April 2015 - Of toiling, Terry and Green Things

Thought for the day: "I'm just one step away from being filthy rich - all I need now is the money"

Cleared some more of the back garden today - Susie emptied the pond while I cleared the back garage area. Beginning to look a little better. took down one of the fences that used to keep the dogs off the garden as 'Thena does not come down the garden int he same way - and it looks a lot bigger.

First viewer tomorrow at lunch time.

My friends from Germany - the Hoodie Crows, finally made it back to their home country after a couple of weeks touring Wales, England and Scotland.

Once of my favourite songs from the gig at  the Tollgate was a song written by Sebastian as a tribute to Terry Pratchett - and I share it here today ... "The humour and the Rage" ( a song for Terry)


And so, as dinner is approaching in the evening I shall share some statistics for the day....

Hoping the Chateau 41 is ready soon - Not sure what glass I will be raising tonight...
but sure I shall find one !!!

Cheers !!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

18th April 2015 - Missed a car - House for Sale

Thought for the day : "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. "

Sadly, called this morning to arrange to view the car and it had gone. Though it was a little too good to be true. Ho Hum - start looking again. On a brighter note - we have a viewing of the house on Monday at Lunchtime - so that is a bonus..

*** FOUR STOREY PROPERTY WITH FIVE BEDROOMS. AMPLE PARKING & GARAGE *** A chance to acquire this deceptively spacious, traditional, mid-terraced property, set in a sought after location on the outskirts of Llanelli Town Centre. The property offers excellent family accommodation set over four storeys and comprising: Entrance Vestibule, Hallway, Lounge, Inner Hallway, Kitchen, Utility/Pantry to the Ground Floor, Three Bedrooms and Bathroom to the First Floor with Two Further Bedrooms to the Second Floor. The Lower Ground Floor offers Store Room, Bar and Utility/Washroom. Externally there is a front forecourt and enclosed rear garden with garage, and off road parking for several vehicles. VIEWING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO APPRECIATE ALL THIS PROPERTY HAS TO OFFER. NO ONWARDS CHAIN.

Wooden door with etched glass into:

Skimmed ceiling, original tiled flooring, wooden door with obscure glass into:

Skimmed ceiling, stairs to first floor, thermostat, smoke detector, radiator, door into:

LOUNGE/DINING ROOM 8.770m X 4.672m

Coved and papered ceiling, single glazed sash bay window to front with secondary glazing, wooden framed obscure glass window into Utility/Pantry, two recess alcoves, television aerial point, gas fire set on tiled hearth and inset with wooden surround, two radiators, two wall mounted lights, door into:

Papered ceiling, door into storage cupboard with shelving, door to stairs leading to lower ground floor, door into:

KITCHEN 5.110m X 3.787m

Coved and textured ceiling, uPVC double glazed window to rear, radiator, vinyl tile wood effect flooring, satellite point, BT telephone point, built in wine rack, concealed gas boiler, fitted with a range of wall, base and display units with complementary work surface over, walls tiled to splash back, one and a half bowl sink and drainer with mixer tap, plumbing for dishwasher, built in eye level gas oven and grill, built in four ring gas hob with extractor fan over, space for fridge freezer, space for table and chairs, door into:

UTILITY/PANTRY 2.807m X 1.797m
Bi-polycarbonate roof, wooden framed obscure glass window into Lounge, vinyl flooring, fitted wall units with uPVC double glazed door to rear, uPVC double glazed window to rear.

Split level landing, skimmed ceiling, smoke detector, stairs to second floor.

BEDROOM ONE 5.883m X 3.490m

Coved and papered ceiling, single glazed sash bay window to front with secondary glazing, sash window to front, two radiators, two recess alcoves, television aerial point, satellite point.

BEDROOM TWO 4.107m X 3.648m

Coved and textured ceiling, uPVC double glazed window to rear, radiator, two recess alcoves.

BATHROOM 2.947m max X 2.504m max

Textured ceiling, loft access, uPVC double glazed window to side with obscure glass, walls tiled to splash back, radiator, sliding doors into airing cupboard housing hot water tank and shelving, fitted with a four piece suite comprising low level WC, bath, pedestal wash hand basin and shower enclosure with electric overhead shower within.

BEDROOM THREE 3.542m X 3.215m
Coved and papered ceiling, uPVC double glazed window to rear, radiator.

Skimmed ceiling, smoke detector, "Velux" window to rear.

BEDROOM FOUR 3.417m X 2.942m

Skimmed ceiling, "Velux" window to rear.

BEDROOM FIVE 5.621m max X 3.810m

Papered ceiling, sash window to front, cast iron fireplace with wooden surround, television aerial point.

Opens into:
STORE ROOM 5.396m X 3.582m

Boarded ceiling, stairs to Ground Floor, radiator, archway into:

BAR 6.277m max X 3.007m

Boarded ceiling, tongue and groove panelled walls, stone feature wall, recess alcove with shelving, radiator, door into storage cupboard with window to side, built in stone bar, uPVC double glazed patio doors to rear, door into:

UTILITY/WASHROOM 2.825m X 1.798m
Brick ceiling, vinyl flooring, fitted WC, pedestal wash hand basin, plumbing for shower, plumbing for washing machine, space for tumble dryer.

To the front of the property there is a paved forecourt with gated path leading to entrance door.
To the rear of the property there is an enclosed garden with paved patio area, external tap, external light, gated access to further garden planted with mature trees, shrubs and plants, greenhouse, pedestrian door into Garage, hardstanding with space for several vehicles and double opening doors providing vehicle access from rear lane.

GARAGE 5.795m X 3.510m

Up and over door, pedestrian door to side.

This Property Has A Grade 2 Listing To The Front Only.

Looks nice - maybe I should buy it   ...

Friday, 17 April 2015

17th April 2015 - Some Reflections on LARP AID 2015

Thought for the day:" "I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens"
Spike M.....!

Sitting, waiting for the car people to come and collect the Terrano - getting our money back and looking for another one now.   Meanwhile looking through some phtographs taken by a good friend Pete Scott. Now Pete is a great photographer - in fact he sold me my current camera when he upgraded from a Canon D5 Mark 1 to a Mark 2 - I think he has a couple of Mark 3's now but that is another story.  He normally likes to chase storms and the Northern Lights and does an excellent job at it - selling the photos.

But LARP Aid Unreality Tournament this year was just down the road for him so it seemed a good idea to blag him an entrance as Press Officer and these are the results....

Full set on Facebook and Flickr - but a selection here ..

The Little Bottle Tavern was a mystery prize.. blind bidding to see what may be there ..
But back to teh tournament ..


Victorious with a spoon and lute..
And the bar was looking good..

and the singing was fine ..

Well the youngsters seemed to enjoy ...
and a fish...

and with that I shall leave you for today