Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May 29th 2012 - Off line for a few days

Early hours of Tuesday morning...   I know that there is no mobile signal - and therefore no broad band at the Llanthony site  - so do not anticipate any updates over the next week.
If I get a chance I will jot some random thoughts onto notepad and then upload them for each day after we get back to civilisation. Otherwise - expect nothing over the next week ...

Until then .....

Monday, 28 May 2012

May 28th 2012 - Loading Day

Early stop to drop the van off for the MOT.
Susie doing a trip to Bookers :
3 bags of Charcoal
4 boxes of Candles (50)
I box Ready Salted Crisp
1 Box Cheese & Onion Crisp
1 Nuts Roasted
1 Nuts Salted
2 Pork Scratchings
Jack Daniels -get a box

Thinking of doing a trip via Brecon to pick up the spares from Roger & Maxine - sent with them form the overstock at Chalfont St Peters. If so can get some Brandy and bits and bobs on the trip.
Considering whether I can do the main load in one trip after all. Don't need to take all the Moniack - could leave 6 cases behind for the next event.

No update from the wedding regarding the ingredients required for Cocktails at the wedding - so not really sure what to get, or whether we will be able to go ahead with that part...

T Shirt Posted - post has gone up for single T Shirt to £2.20 with the new prices. Means I will have to increase the prices. Sad - was good at £7.99 and £9.99 including postage. Seem to be making 35p profit now !! Still it is more about the advertising rather than the profit!!

Successful day so far: Trailer filled up. Everything ready to go int he van when it gets back.
Managed to get hold of my friend Ron Savory from Sticks 'n Picks music tuition and he is going to let me have some PA equipment for free entry to the Jude Ant Fest. Sadly going to have to go to Drefach to collect - but still better than the £120 a day I have been quoted so far. He will be bringing down his caravan and popping off to do a couple of gigs over the weekend. Still haven't heard form Dai Sharkey.
Posted Ron the links to galleries and events.

Had two new enquiries: One for a 40th Birthday next July / August - dependent upon availability of Curious Pastimes Event. also a birthday party (30th) for November this year in Norfolk.

4pm and van still not through the MOT - ready to go back and be re-tested - but that means no loading until after 5pm. However - on a more positive note - Ron has arranged a lovely little 60 watt BOSE speaker 8 channel PA system for us and will bring it down himself. Of course - the shop turns out to be in Crosshands not Drefach - he lives in Drefach - so spent a fruitless hour and a half looking for him !! All's well that ends well !!

5.30pm and the Van is back with full MOT - let the loading begin !!!
Taking of loading - uploaded a video from Saturday Night Race Night. Alun tells me the final sum raised was £3,300 which is phenomenal for a single evening for 90 people. and of course there was the entertainment :

9.30pm - finished as much as I can do tonight - though in fairness - if I am coming back for another trip then I may as well call it a day with a few bits and pieces now.
Costume sorted for the wedding - nothing fancy but Susie has done me a noce cravat and with the top Hat - it is making a small effort. Still no answer re some steampunk bits and pieces - oh well - run out of time really...


Sunday, 27 May 2012

May 27th 2012 - Sun - Day Morning...

Yes, another lovely day. Awakened to the sound of the police helicopter hovering over the house as teh Olympic torch wends its way from Llanelli  down to Burry Port. Sounds as though a large number of people have gone out to watch it go past..  I will give it a miss. I will watch it on telly later possibly or buy a torch on e-bay if I really want one.

Was also lucky to miss the Eurovision Song Contest last night while at the St Teilo Race Night. An excellent night we had - though the commentary on the films was the original commentary with the wrong horse names - rather than the over dub we used to have with the NSPCC where they only referred to the horses by number. 
Came clear as we watched that it would be fairly simple these days to record a few races from the TV and then overdub the sound in a video mixer and get the films done that way . Over £2,000 raised so very well done to everyone.
Susie won best hat ...
and I did rather well on the horses - considering my loathing of betting. Came in as winning jockey on one race winning £25 thank you very much, and two other races at £12 and £11.  all in all - I think I was up on the betting.

Trying to find some gear for the wedding next week. Susie finished her corset and has purchased a parasol and fascinator hat. I am trying to get hold of a friend who does Steampunk regularly - to see if he has anything I can use.
Still hunting for a PA system for the festival.
Morning of accounts I think - four more TABS in - only three outstanding now. Expect at the end of the month.
Off to Narberth this afternoon for the Mark Provincial Luncheon at the Nant y Ffin Hotel.

Emma agrees to help with a cello track for "Tapestry" song - still practicing with a metronome - very strange for me.

Lovely dinner in the Nant y Ffyn Restaurant at Llandissilio for the Mark Province.
Managed a few more galleries this evening - so almost up to date with the main website galleries.

Sent a letter off to Carmarthesnhire Council regarding the parking ticket that they gave me when taking my mother to the doctor - as the blue badge had expired the week before and we had not received the replacement. Hoping to get a waiver - though I think I am talking to someone who is very "jobsworth".
Me first letter was so obviously the standard - it even had "INSERT DATE HERE" in the text!!
Have copied the old and new badges and the confirmation of the renewal application in plenty of time - so will see whether I get a waiver or not ...

Was interesting in the first telephone conversation where we went from 'no give whatsoever' to "Well when I used to be in charge of the parking and tickets in the police we used to have the opportunity to exercise some discretion when there were particular circumstances ...  " to at least " well we will see what we can do if you send all the copies of everything .."

Last thing at night : all Cooliris Galleries updated and working - that was a mammoth task ... but all done ..
Have to work back on the other 2011 galleries but at least there are none that show an error ...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

26th May 2012 - Sunny Saturday

First cup of tea always tastes the best. Sun shining so will have to get the canvass put together early before the sun gets too hot.
Photo galleries moved on well last night - so 2012 is up to date on the website.
Have to look at 2011 as I was a little remiss and did not get many photo galleries up and running last year.
2010 has 9 galleries to update before hitting any of the old style.
Started the Caldicot gallery - and added a "Quick News" section to the front of the webpage.

Canvas nicely rolled up - gosh it is lighter when it is dry and sunny !!

3pm and the heat is really ... err   well hot !!!  Trailer mainly stacked and packed. Decision made to take two trips - so the van will be filled with the remaining tents and suchlike and come back for the stock.
Can't put anything in the van 'cos of the MOT on Monday  - so getting to the stage where I can think about stopping for the moment.

Susie has her costume for the wedding sorted - made a new corset to "steampunk" the dress. Haven't quite decided how I will be dressing yet ...
Steampunk - for the uninitiated is defined in this short song...

Have a Race Night this evening which we have licensed - but is a charity evening so not running the bar or anything- just attending. Bought Susie a horse - named it Beltane Bride after the Beltane marriage at the last Curious Pastimes event.

Might need a shower to cool off before doing anything else...

Friday, 25 May 2012

May 25th 2012 - Friday - nearly the end of another month...

Start of the day with a funeral. Peter had an excellent send off - with a basket work coffin - something I had not seen before. Amazed at the numbers who attended - saw many old police colleagues - most of whom did not remember me at all. Spend time with Alun, (Mabon) who used to visit my mother regulalry when she was living in Albert Street - who asked after her and wished to send best wishes on. Ex Supt Alan Davies was in fine fettle - gave him a lift down and heard much of his trips around the world. Hope I am as fit and active at 75.

Back to the keyboard - heat of the sun outside may be a little too hot for the moment.

Unfortunately, the van's MOT cannot be done today. The MOT station has a problem with its calibration so cannot be done until Monday morning at 11am. That will leave me only a little time for the loading of the van on Monday. Still need to get to Llanthony by Tuesday to get the tents up. Am thinking of two journeys if they want all the tables etc and am looking at the stock that I intend to take.
Better replace the Jack Daniels as we took a caning at the Wedding!!
Decided it is too hot to work outside - so popped in and uploaded another few galleries to FLICKR.
Seemed time for a Maiden's Cream...   A favourite of the Crimson Moon - Vodka Redbull and Vanilla Ice Cream Floater ..... 

Checked the website and the following existing galleries require updating with the new Flickr links:
  1. Erin's Naming
  2. Caldicot 2010
  3. Vampire Wedding
  4. Spearhead
  5. Highland Games
  6. Insurrection
  7. West Wales Masons
  8. Scurvy Scum
  9. Jude & Ant 2010
Previous galleries are standard without cooliris - so can wait to catch up.
Still need to look at the 2011 galleries that did not go on and the 2012 outstanding.

Ordered the beers for the Jubilee. very much putting a finger n the air - but weather looks as though it may continue - so have ordered 3 11's of Carlsberg on sale or return and 10 kegs
6 of Carmarthen Pale - 4% and blonde ale, 2 x Doombar, and 2 Speckled Hen .
Also picked up an extra gas at 70/30 rather than the 60/40 I normally use. They will be delivered to site on Thursday.

More updates upon the webpages - decided to catch up on this year's galleries as well - so now am up to date with this year's events, LARP Aid 2012, Glastonbury, Katie Bagpuss Birthday, and Curious Pastimes first event.  Means that the first view of the website is now acceptable again - though have put disclaimers on all pages blaming Facebook unashamably for being so crass!!

enough for one day .....  

Thursday, 24 May 2012

May 24th 2102 - Thursday again ?? How did that happen?

Van in for repair to anti-roll bars and MOT for tomorrow. Garage not yet authorised to do its on S7 MOT's so my have to find a gallon of fuel and drop it into the van so it does not run out on the way to Dafen.

Call to Caerphilly Castle and roger at CADW to enquire what is happening for the Big Cheese in July. It is one of the largest international markets in Wales - and we normally set up in the castle with a Mead Emporium  doing free tasters and selling by the bottle. He will be having a meeting later today and hopes to contact me again tomorrow. Last year the skte fee went up form £100 to£250 which is a lot of wine to move - but proved worthwhile so we wish to do it again this year - though it may be a quick turn around for me to get off to Germany for the Wayfayrers Arrival at Mythodea.

FLIKR account cost $44.95 for two years - so $22.50 a year for unlimited. Seems worthwhile if it gives the websites stability for the future. Managed the two main Calendars and Nelly Wedding onto Cool Iris.

Okay - the process seems a little laborious - but for future reference this is the way I am doing it:
Upload gallery of pictures to FLICKR - into the main Photo Stream.
Select all photos "not in sets" and create a set for the group with the title image at the main title.
Create Gallery for sets - or add to relevant Gallery - eg Crimson Moon Re-enactment, Crimson Moon LARP, Crimson Moon Calendars etc.
Go to Cooliris and select via Flickr - categorised in sets - choose the relevant set.
Add Pictures and go to advance options and add a background for the Crimson Moon Wallpapers site.
Ensure that title is changed
Publish and copy the embed code.
Enter Dreamweaver for the page and embed the code in the relevant template.
Change size from 400 / 240 to 640 - 397
save and upload.
Example here - Cowpie 
Hmm - further examination shows that I can embed the screenshow directly from FLICKR as well and customise  - so that will be the future option. May have to move my webshots galleries later as well - that will be a bind but no point in paying for two cloud sources.

Right - uploading picture takes some time - so painting the red packing cases black so that they can be better used as benches - painting out the lettering etc. Will have to put the Crimson Moon Logo on later as the template is in the van.
6 painted so not a bad start to the day.
Very hot ...

Must be getting near Gin o'clock.....

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May 23rd 2012 - Nothing important happened today

It's official - looked through the entire pages of History Orb and could find nothing of any real significance that happened today. Maybe I should take the rest of the day off !!!.

Spent a while cleaning the adverts from the Irish Pub Radio downloads.. Got some new words from songs which I will have to work on sometime in the future. Contacted my Wine supplier Vitis Wines, and decided that I was probably carrying enough stock to last me into July.

Uploaded sets of photographs to Webshots for safe storage in the could and copied to back up hard-drives.
Managed to Clear the Nelly Wedding Photos and the CP PACCAR photos from the desktop - giving me a little more space. Added another 30 or so to the LARP-AID Gallery.
Weather a little overcast - meaning that Susie cannot test the solar water heater properly - so she will be thinking about final repairs upon the last middle sections of the marquees. We will need the full set for the Jude & Ant Fest over the Jubilee weekend.  That meant I had to clear space in the living room again so that we can spread the canvass out.   Ho Hum - loading it up - taking it down - loading it up - taking it down.. Should be losing more weight by now - though am down to 14 stone 7 which is a stone and a bit loss since we started the season.

Contemplating opening a link to the blog from the websites. Susie read it yesterday and seemed to enjoy - so it may be something to consider.
Decided to add to the Crimson Moon Website :

Weather picking up and the water tank outside has hit 42 degrees - warm enough for a shower.
Up to the dump - sorry the Civil Amenity site - to get rid of the garden greenery. Susie has cut down the Honeysuckle that was overgrowing her veg and weeded various other parts of the garden so it all had to go to the dump.

Day turned into a day of frustration!!  In setting the link onto the Crimson Moon pages - found that Facebook had changed all the addresses for the galleries - so the Cool Iris photo gallery links on the gallery pages all failed - with a notice saying that the Facebook Images could not be displayed. So all the Photo Galleries were blown in one shot...
It may be that not many people actually look at the galleries - but it is the window upon the business and very frustrating to find that all the pages are defunct. Tried to add to the new links - and failed to the most part. Opened up a new Flikr account - cos I could not find the link to the old one - and starting to upload all the pictures to FLIKR instead - though there is a monthly limit on upload - so may have to go for a premium account  if the worse comes to the worst ... But means loading the photos to a third location and linking in that fashion. However the Cool Iris app is effective and looks good - so will be worth the trouble - I hope !!

Manged to get through the intricacies of FLIKR registration - requires you to take a yahoo account now and sign off the seventh generation to debt and despondency - but that is their problem !! ..   Also restricted to 300 MB - which was not even one gallery - so had to sign up and pay for a pro account...  But the galleries are working - and it will free me form Facebook - once I have reloaded ALL the galleries ...    oh well - just as well I had a couple of days off ...

Looks as though I will not get around to looking at the accounts and paying bills today .
Van in for MOT tomorrow  - so will be pacing the room waiting to see what needs doing !! and can upload a little tomorrow

Better have a little drinkie before bed ... Night !!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May 22nd 2012 - There are 223 days remaining until the end of the year.

Van touch up completed and a good wash all over. Hammerite paint all over my hands - but at least I won't rust.
Collected the Fleeces and T Shirts from the supplier - will have to post the T shirts off, first thing in the morning I think.
Found Pimms at £10 a litre in Morrisons and Bells at £15 a litre. Restricted to 6 bottles per customer - but there were only 4 bottle of Pimms and  1 bottle of Bells left !!  Pimms looked strange. The 70cl bottles were next to the litres at £15 - with the litres at £10.

Spent a while in the sun - and will have to go and photograph the garden so Susie can post on her galleries.
Put a couple of cans of lager into the fridge - could be refreshing later on.

Susie meanwhile is reconstructing her solar water heater for the Jude Ant fest next week. Thinking of making a ram pump as well if she can get a non return valve. That will enable us to pump water form the river up to the marquee - and then she can heat it in her construction. Sounds like a plan!!

Done the stock check of the Wines and Meads - moved 16 Meads and 26 Country Wines which isn't bad considering that there was plenty of wine on the tables and a full reception drink before hand.
Stock check doesn't include the running stock of Spirits - so listing £3K of stock in hand at present.

Dinner this evening included a sauce made with Black Beer & Raisin Vitis wines - she had run out of Marsala - so used it instead. I think we will have to open up a cookery page on the Crimson Moon Website - "Cooking with Country Wines"..   was excellent. Glass of wine and a touch of the Eurovision Song Contest. Can't help wishing that the Russian Grannies win this year. I just think that the Contest deserves it !!

Facebook just kicked me out and made me log in again - and then told me that feedback had been received that I was trying to link to friends with whom I was not acquainted  and made me remove all friend requests. In fact I was only aware of one that was out - and that related to the wedding - so not much problem - but not sure where the spam charge came from ....

Hit 18,000 hits on YouTube ...

Apparently it is World Goth day today ...   seemed a bit bright to me ...

Was reviewing the success of  TICTACTACTICS - the roulette naughts and crosses game that we trailed at the CP event at Paccar - and noted the photo

became how cold it was that event - with Pippa wearing a fur cloak during the middle of the day ....
Trying to find the creator of the game to give some positive feedback - but failing to find him at the moment - I was sure I "friended" him  - hmm maybe he complained ??

Sad late news .. just had an email from a police colleague - with whom I have had no contact since his retirement well before mine .. to inform me that an old colleague Peter young - who helped me build the early stages of Police Computing in Wales and pioneered the use of the PSION hand held computer in activity analysis has died after a short illness at home. I was not even aware that he was ill. I will be attending the funeral on Friday at Narberth. It is a tribute to Peter that a colleague emailed me after all this time - to make sure that I was aware...

Late night - so decided to finalise the last set of the Wedding Photos and store onto Webshots - my favoured cloud storage system  so i can archive them . Looked and saw that I had only processed a few of the LARP - AID Photos - so sorted another 50 or so to add to the website . Will have to update the main web pages soon...

Monday, 21 May 2012

May 21st 2012 - Is Summer a-coming-in???

Seems to be a change in the weather this morning - sunshine in Llanelli, the wisteria is out and the garden looks fresh.

Looks like a good day for the warehouse and unloading stuff etc.

In the meantime - the first version of Tapestry in in the "unlisted" section of Youtube. My mother wants to learn the words and it is much easier with the tune as well.
Just a first draft on acoustic - but fairly happy with the format
{for story behind it link here to previous blog entry} 

Cash up and accounts done from the wedding at the weekend. Finished uploading the photos from the wedding. Worked upon a "Music in the Crimson Moon" with "If I was a Mongol" videoed at the last Curious Pastimes event at PACCAR. Added the credits and intro and tried to cut out a mistake in the second verse. Using the Youtube video editor as my machine is incapable of doing HD 1080  without losing a lot of quality.
Have to wait for the results as it takes about an hour to process. Good excuse to go into the garden...

All the boxes of Wine and Mead brought into the house and the perishables.
Can do the stock take now when I am ready.
Washed the back of the van with the power washer to see what happened - it didn't fall apart - so used some white Hammerite paint on the bits with rust beginning to show through. Always a problem with Mercedes Vans - they go on for ever - but the rust starts to come through after a while.Looks quite good on the back - so will have to do the rest.

Video of "If I was a Mongol" has gone live

Quite dark and a fair bit of noise in the background - but Dave comes across quite well - and more important I now know the tune so can duplicate it.

Cold Meat dinner with fresh salads from Susie's garden  - bottle of red ... nothing wrong with the world ..

May 20th 2012 - A wedding for the Brewers - How Appropriate!!

So, a successful day for the wedding party. Nelly Kinns became Mrs Jack Brewer and we wish them both every success for the future.
The Venue was lovely. Tim & Bridget ( the owners ) are just coming to terms with what they may want to do with the old Tithe Barn after rebuilding it over the last 10 years after a fire that pretty well destroyed it.  A lovely job they have done with the reconstruction - it is a listed building and they have been tied to many restrictions - but the final result is wonderful to see.  Very much a labour of love - Tim has done most of the reconstruction as a labour of love ... without grant - and certainly worthy fo the TV program "Grand Designs"

It is set in Brockworth Village. Right next to the Church ( who decided to ring the bells up in peal at 9am this morning which was less than welcome after a late evening !!)  Parts of the building were from 12th century - but most had been completely rebuilt - but with green oak timbers....  A wonderful site.

It is near Gloucester - and on the roman road to that city. We were fascinated by the presence of pill boxes across the land. Only after return and a google search do we find that Brockworth  Village was such a good central point that it was the location of the manufacturer of the Hawker Hurricane for the war. The Works are now replaced with the Gloucester Business Park.

We were able to reflect upon the day before: Interesting points
a) Jack Daniels was the main draw!!    Okay - I normally put on a couple of bottle so Jack Daniels - but as we are still on our normal price of £1.50 for a single and £2.50 for a double  - we found that 5 bottles of JD and Coke went !!
b) Real ale  - One keg was used with maybe a few pints int he wastage ... 2nd Keg on standby not needed.
c) Lager - an almost full 11gall was mainly used
d) Gin ... we had four bottles available - Susie and I were the only takers of Gin o'clock all weekend!!
e) Caterer managed to run out of gas for the barbecue cooking ....  Felt sorry for the chef - was his fourth day working for the new company and they had sent him off with no instructions as to what the set up was - and insufficient gas to do the job.  I swapped the gas from the Overhead patio heaters and got the food there o time. Then had to negotiate replacement gas for the heaters - 'cos the room was very cold int he evening.
Funny how - when you have offered to try to help, then suddenly you are in charge of the heating and logistics... but we managed to get the caterers to bring another two gas canisters and there was enough heat to get the ceilidh running - then they wanted the heating turned off !!
f) Decided to get extra Wines - having looked at how many bottles of standard wine was on the table - but only used a couple of bottles - mainly for blush - which wasn't on offer on the tables.   But is now stock - better to have more than we need has always been our motto.

Managed to take a few photos of the event and also provide some pictures after the "official" photographer went . All posted upon Facebook  at Gallery

My favourites are the transition photos at

Here we have the basics of the Crimson Moon set up .
I took the bar, and also the 10 ft  trestles in case we had sufficient room. Also two 6ft Trestle tables. This gave me the adaptability to cover any options. Most weddings - you do not have a clear idea of the space that you are allowed to work in,   as many couples have a clear idea in their mind how much space you need !!  BY taking a large set up and a small set up - you keep the options open. In this case we were able to utilise a full area of the room - and therefore used both setups together. We took all our main Tapestry Hangings as well as the prepared hangings upon pre-prepared poles. As a result we could just expand upon the canvass offered. I then started looking at lighting and used the halogens for uplighting  to get the best effect.  Unfortunately - we decided that the main flourescent lighting had to stay on - so the customers could see what they were buying  ....     but  the atmosphere was still better ...

Meads and Country Wines proved popular .....  provides a difference ...

Nelly and Jack turned up as we were clearing - thought they were off on honeymoon already - but they decided to leave at a specific time last night to be traditional. Thanked them for including us on the invitation list - something we had not expected and were touched when we found we have place settings...

Got everything stored away in the Trailer and left by about 3pm. Hugs with everyone and the family - one of the lovely things about running the Crimson Moon - we tend to leave as being friends of the family - rather than the "paid bar ".   Muggy weather all the way home ..

Back in the house by 6pm - the dogs were happy - it was dinner time and they did not eat last night!!
Chinese meal and a bottle of wine.. Showers were important - sad to say - more important that Gin o'clock
and an evening of planet earth on TV, Coast  and some other rubbish that is on at the moment  - no energy to switch off ...     uploaded the Nelly Kins Photos ....    seems enough for one day ... Good Night !

Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 19th 2012 - Nelly Kins Wedding

A cold morning but a walk around the rape fields with the dogs, wet underfoot but the dogs had fun.

Susie has had the guided tour around the site and it is lovely.

Bar all set up now and the beer ( cwrw gorslas from local Kite brewery ) is excellent.
1.30pm and the wedding should be starting next door in the church - will have to set the fires on in a few minutes and start getting ready for the guests..

But the pictures of place are available.

gives an idea of the place..

Found an unsecured network so loading is no problem - love broadband!!
right - caterers have arrived so better get on with things...

Friday, 18 May 2012

May 18th 2012 -Today is the Feast of St Theodorus of Ankara - Patron Saint of Pub Landlords

Early start for the blog - as Falstaff says in Henry IV part 1 "To be up after midnight is to be up betimes..." so I am early today..

After my song writing attempts - my mother gets her poetry head on and sends me her latest - which to be fair is rather good . had the need to find some images for it - and posted it on her facebook for her  in a new gallery called "Poetry"

and here it is ..

  Not a bad effort I think..

The rest of the blog will follow a few hours sleep  - or not - broadband in and out like a meerkat at the moment.

Today is the Feast of St Theodorus of Ankara - Patron Saint of Pub Landlords - 3rd Century Roman fellow I am reliably informed.Hmm - Google seasrch suggests it could be any one of several days - but I will go with this one for the moment.

Still uploading videos to Youtube. upload failed again int he middle of the night - so set it going this morning - and will see how much is done by the time I finish loading the finishing touches...

Uneventful journey to Gloucester and find that the wedding is to be at a beautiful Tithe barn - partly back to 12th century or so - but rebuilt entirely following a fire. Listed building so it has been restored with great care. A beautiful setting - and a lovely spot to set the bar up.

Manage to get the trailer right to the door and unload easily. Glad we brought the extra trestles and tables as the wedding party are able to use a couple of extra tables and we can set up across the entire ant-room.

Manage to get it pretty well completed before Gin O'Clock - just a couple of extra items for the morning. Take the main light down and the back lighting looks good. Entertain Mine Host Tim & Bridget - the owners, and John and Layla his son and wife.

Back to the van for sleep and sadly find the air-bed is leaking in the middle of the night and have to pump a spare up at 5am.  Back to sleep..... Tomorrow is a big day for Nelly and Jack....

Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 17th 2012 - Thursday - "Clean Morning Room Windows"

(don't worry about the quote .. It relates to a play called the Playgoers which Susie and I acted in many years ago in local Am Dram.... Somehow needs to be said when saying "Thursday")

Preparation for the weekend's wedding. 120 people sitting down plus ceilidh in the evening. Setting up Friday and wedding form lunchtime on the Saturday through the evening . They are supplying their own reception - raspberry vodka in lemonade - which we will serve. They are also supplying their own wine for the tables - checked with them - it will be bottle between 3 so they will need some more.

Looking at taking the Lager from last event - almost full and single flash cooler. They suggest that they are Real ale drinkers so will take one keg of real ale and one spare - if unopened it will stay fresh for the next one.  Special request for Jaegermeister - we have the large bottle  :)  Susie will up to up to Glamorgan Ales to pick it up - save me running around as well. Might need to speak to my Wine Man form Chile.

Decided to take the Trailer rather than struggle
Allows us to take the freezer for the ice that we already have. Can set the van up as a camper van so no hassle with sleeping accommodation. 

Re-worked the Event Accounts book - so everything in order and proper dates in the ledger.
Have only one more box of invoices to work through.....

Better start a new list:
  1. Stock Check
  2. Get Beer : 2 x CWRW Gorslas @ £61.99 plus VAT  [done]
  3. Order Wines
  4. Load Trailer
  5. Set Van as Camper
  6. Finish Accounts up to date 
  7. Ink for Printer
  8. Pound Coins from Bank
  9. Cash deposit into Bank 
  10. Invoice Nelly re Wedding and take with us  
  11. General Sometime  : Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  12. General Sometime : Chase Whisky from Bonded Warehouse
As my business Account is with Abbey National / Santander I am unable to deposit cash - or rather I am limited in how much cash I can deposit per month - and it has to be deposited through the ATM machine. As a result I get free banking with them. However - that means that I have to deposit cash via my own account and then transfer - which is then free. Means that many bills can get paid form the personal account - but makes the written accounts slightly more complicated. Have to do extra cross checking at the end of the year to make sure that all amounts are properly accounted for - mainly for tax purposes. Otherwise it looks as though more money is going in than is the case.

Had to laugh at this - posted by Nancy :

Seems my favourite Wine supplier - Enrique from Chile - living in Llanelli - is out of business. Phone not answering and no reply on the email or facebook . Pity - wanted a nice selection of ectra wines for the wedding - will have to go to Tesco tomorrow after all.

Most of the list sorted. Managed to get everything ready for a quick load in the morning and then hopefully off by 11am for Gloucester.  Got the videos from the last event - "If I was a Mongol"  am uploading to youTube now.  Also did a quick vid of the "Tapestry " Song. Decided I want to get a cello in the backing . Am thinking of speaking to Emma  - but need the video to show the tune and working .

Typical of course - as soon as I start uploading to Youtube - the broad band falls over.. Seems to be holding up up now ...   Both vids HD 1080 - so will have to edit on line - my machine is not capable of doing it in real time.

In the meantime - found a lovely free download for music score writing  - Musescore .
Spent a pleasant hour writing "Tapestry" onto a score and adding chords for the basic song - then found I could transpose it the tone that brings it to the key i play it in ...    Excellent.  Now I have something to send to Emma to see if I can have some cello backing


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May 16th 2012 - Back to work..

Well after a productive day yesterday doing everything other than that which I should, back to the grindstone this morning .,
Well a distraction or two. Fired up the laptop and set the angry bird on it (30 watt speaker system in a cage)
Sorry - but I had no idea what angry Birds were ( and for the uninformed they are a silly and compulsive computer game, where you launch small birds via a catapault to knock down buildings with the intention of killing pigs...   you know it makes sense!!) . When I popped into Curry's to see if I could find a replacement speaker system for the laptop to use while away - I saw this bird thing and thought - "that would not look too  out of place in the tavern". Discovered later that it was specially designed for iPod, or iPhone - neither of which I have or wish to afford. Found this out when I registered it on the website for warranty purposes and the website insisted on me recording some form of i-application. Wrote to them and pointed out their mistake - as I only use it as an external speaker  - had a nice email back saying that though I was obviously crazy - they would amend the listing on the website.
Got the Virus scans working and added a few pictures to the Screen Saver - the series of pictures form LARP events and other events where Crimson Moon has been.

Found a nice Shoutcast radio called Irish Pub Channel - and excellent songs int he background.
Must learn "The old Dun Cow" - song "Macantyre!!"

Discovered I managed to forget to put the bins out last night - despite having a note on the living room door to remind me - and a note on the computer desk..   Oops !!

Facebook is being its normal distraction  - Saw a lovely picture of a Clockwork Orange - had to rework quickly and post ..

Day of accounts completed. Done Household year - end account sort out and run all bills and examined the 0% offers and started transfer of moneys from accounts.  Sort of Money Laundering in a legal fashion. See Natwest have bumped their charges for transfer up to 4% instead of 3% but still cheaper than credit card fees.

Had the go ahead from the photographer responsible for the Tapestry photo and the model to use the pictures - so can go ahead with the recording and production in my own time now. 

Succeeded in getting domestic accounts completed, new year business accounts set up, business accounts completed, Updated business lists for this year's events. oops - just found another box of accounts and invoices. Will have to be another day now .... Still getting there.

Have to load for the wedding tomorrow - hoping for good weather..
Still listening to Irish Pub Radio - excellent choice of music...
Susie managed to complete TEN's for most of the year's events now - and been doing her hand-made birthday cards this evening.  Probably just time for a glass of Scotch  before bed...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May 15th 2012 - Fatal tastes of Strawberry...

A day of non productive real work. Weather kind of blowy and the sun comes out occasionally.
Morning - putting further touches upon the Song - "Fatal tastes of Strawberry".
Started as a random comment from a player after the battle. Seemed a little poetic and meaningless but if you have ever met Lug of the Fir Cruthen - that would be about it.

Started with strange chords - and formed a sort of spoken chorus...  and then started seeing what would rhyme with Strawberry.. found a few lines forming ...
The image then came to mind of a Tapestry hanging from a darkened old room - and the Forest upon the Tapestry holds the image of a girl - and the song started.....

Finished the song and found a few corrections - sort of harps back to the style of Leonard Cohen - with shades of Kris Kristofferson in part of the chord progressions - but it is mainly a word craft - every syllable used - and repetition of the rhyming...

Later found a picture to represent the Tapestry and inserted it in Photo Shop and added the textures - then put the girl into the tapestry - to complete the picture...
The tapestry can be seen in many places - that is the magic of the Tapestry -
It can be in stately halls - or in some derelict building ...

The Tapestry - (May 2012)

She sat in the finest weave of the tapestry
Sewing dreams that only blind poets see
Lost in the dust of last winters forestry
Tempting, teasing, tortuous destinies...

The Stitches of time were unravelling slowly
The weft of her tears told the sorrowful story
She hung from the loom with silent anxiety
"Fatal" she said .. tastes of Strawberry...

    "Revenge" she whispered "always tastes Bitter Sweet
    Clean is the freshness of realised destiny
    Lips are cold - hearts won't beat
    Fatal tastes of Strawberry"

There 'tween the branches with leafy divinity
Long golden tresses give hope for futurity
Woven like time  through truth and duplicity
She drifted like wood smoke into sweet obscurity

Red was her bosom and armoured with dignity,
Bright was her eye with hidden simplicity
Sad was her smile, with a lack of security
Within my heart - I heard her call out to me ...

    "Revenge" she whispered "will always taste Bitter Sweet
    Clean is the freshness of realised destiny
    Lips are cold - hearts won't beat
    Fatal tastes of Strawberry"

Deep was my hunger as she reached out for me
Wide were my arms to grasp a pure destiny
High my ambitions, too high now it seems to me
As further she drifted, further away from me

Hidden in the finest weave of the tapestry
Lost in my dreams that only blind poets see
A soft echo drifted from last winter's forestry
"Fatal" it whispered .. "tastes of Strawberry..."

    Regret  I see now  will always taste Bitter Sweet
    Clean is the freshness of realised destiny
    Lips are cold - hearts won't beat
    Fatal tastes of Strawberry

Didn't get much else done today......
Oh well ..... 

Monday, 14 May 2012

May 14th 2012 - Monday - Back to Admin..

Another dry day - though dull and overcast.
14 TABS paid - 15 outstanding and there special arrangements.
No joy in the TAB being challenged - no-one can remember adding anything onto it other than by the person owning the TAB. I think he will have to set a password next time - or he was just not remembering correctly.

First verse of new song written - will be a strange one methinks - all inspired by Lug of the Fir Cruthen - "Fatal tastes of Strawberry!" Work in Progress. Must be playing the Kilkenny Cat last night that inspires.

Susie working on TEN's . Seems the laws changed in April and nobody bothered to mention it.
Licensing available up to 7 days now - rather than 96 hours.
Late Licensing in exceptional circumstances up to 5 days before event.
Form now has to be submitted to Environmental Health as well as Licensing Authority and Police.
Took five attempts to find the authority for Sheraton's Wood. There should be a simpler database - put the postcode in and get the relevant authority!!.   Also - all Authorities should be on-line booking by now  - but they aren't - many are still very slow...

Cleared the living room so I can see the floor now - still surrounded by paper - and the rest of the house is still a warehouse - but at least all the canvass is dry now.

List time :
  1. Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  2. Check accounts for outstanding bills
  3. Stock Check  
  4. Accounts - LARP-AID
  5. Find Oil for Bio-diesel
  6. Check on T Shirts / Baseball Caps / Fleece for Pippa / Polo for Bex 
  7. Chase Whisky from Bonded Warehouse
Susie is having a hate day with her TEN's . On line forms suddenly requiring digital signatures - and no idea what the passwords are - and no idea what was required. In the end - she found a digital security file and changed it - despite me saying that it would not work and would probably be encrypted. Shows what I know these days!!!.

Went in search of Cooking oil for the Bio-diesel and found about 60 litres  - enough for one batch I hope.
Called in about the T shirts but my man not there today - will have to pend that for tomorrow now.
Bought some Hammerite paint for the scratches on the van. Also some black paint to paint the boxes - looked shabby as red in the photos at the last event - were useful to prop up the broken benches - but would look better black. Also will be able to paint some more of the thick poles.
Found some more guy ropes in the pound shop to change the strings on the banners. Envelopes, for the TEN applications that aren't on line.

Funny little drawing made by one of the customers at the event :
updated Blogs -
May 6th - Reclaiming the Tavern Tavern
May 5th 2012 - Bynt-naming

Decided to have a quick look at the trailers for this year's Mythodea Expedition - which I am looking forward to in  August .. found the following trailer...

Point and click....

Sunday, 13 May 2012

May 13th 2012 - Should be Cow Pie...

Okay - should be at the Young Farmer's Agricultrural Show at Dorking - called the Cow Pie
All the stock for it is in the living room but none will go to waste. Checking the stock is still on the list of to-do's.
Sun is showing so will probably be able to hose down the last two really mucky muddy sides, and get them dry.
Still surrounded by paperwork - but will look at that later today.
Also, the Kilkenny Cat - a local hostelry, has decided to start an afternoon "Open Mike" session called Sunday's Cool - from 4pm this afternoon . May drift down there to see what is happening.
Also scheduled to visit the in-laws and outlaws during the day.
Susie thinking of walking to Burry Port with the dogs - wants to start her Training for Hadrian's Wall and have me pick her up for the return journey. Sounds like a plan.

Posted a few pictures onto Facebook under the title "Bothvar Reclaims the Tavern for the Wolves"

Time to check the lists :
  1. Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  2. Check accounts for outstanding bills
  3. Stock Check  
  4. Accounts - LARP-AID
  5. For Tomorrow - Find Oil for Bio-diesel
  6. For Tomorrow - Check on T Shirts / Baseball Caps / Fleece for Pippa / Polo for Bex 
  7. For Tomorrow -Chase Whisky from Bonded Warehouse
Drifted down to the Kilkenny Cat for an Open Mic session - did a few songs . Not been there before to play. Enjoyed - not the best set but only a few there. Ron Sticks & Picks insisted that I did the Auctioneer again !! Also Casey's last ride, Pubs of Aberystwyth, Hobbits. 

Updated a couple of previous blog entries from the event as I didn't have the chance while there...
Thursday May 3rd
Friday May 4th

11.30pm - didn't hit much on the list ..
Canvass sides washed and put away  - Result.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

May 12th 2012 - There's a funny Yellow Ball in the Sky...

Not quite sure what it is !! The house is warm - having kept the heating on overnight despite being May and there are fluffy white things in the sky with this strange apparition ...

Means I will have to get out today methinks.

Quick check of the lists :
  1. Upload photos from event (not many this time) {done}
  2. Post to Facebook 
  3. Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  4. Check accounts for outstanding bills
  5. Cloths - de-waxed and washed {done}
  6. Second set of sides drying {done}
  7. Stock Check  
 Lunchtime and yellow ball is still there. Played with the Karcher power hose on the carpets and the remainder of the sides of the marquee are hanging in the garden.Power hose removes latest black mould stuff from leaving the tent in the living room over the winter - but not really having much effect upon the engrained mud. Think we will have to keep the "lived in " look.

Doing some preparation for the logistics of the Hadiran's Wall Walk for Cieran in October. Flyers are now available so will have some printed.
Marquee sides all dried - and put away - except for two that will have the pressure hose on them tomorrow if the weather holds. Susie has completed the de-waxing and washing of the table cloths.
Checked update on the TABS - 13 paid  - 21 outstanding including a couple that are pre-arranged for later payment in the month.
Photos loaded to computer - only a few for the re-taking of the Tavern by the Wolves - will post those tomorrow.
Photos for the next loading video onto the computer - work for tomorrow again.
Downloaded the first episode of Grimm - and spent a fish and chip supper with wine and two episodes of Grimm...  
About enough for one day ....

Friday, 11 May 2012

May 11th 2012 - Friday - TFI? - Nope just another day ...

I do hate cold callers on the telephone - almost any time .. but especially at 8.45am after a take down!
Northern Power will NEVER get my business - and some poor chap has got a sore ear this morning. I don't know why I bother registering with TPS - no-one seems to check the opt out numbers before they call these days.

However -since I am up - saw a nice picture and posted on the old Book of Faces.

Have to check the list and probably add to it.
Caught up with everybody else's postings of FB last night in the end.
Caught up on E-mail - well sorted it into the 45 items for follow up.
Everyone seems to be posting that there is sun out today - well at least it is dry here even if no sun.
Forecast suggests that the weekend should be hot enough to dry the canvass - which will be nice.
There are 7 sides hanging around the house - each of them 20ft x 6ft - so it is a little difficult walking around at present.
Checking yesterday's lists - Tax Van - completed - love the on-line service - makes it so easy to spend money!
MOT due for the van on 15th says the garage - checked and is 27th May but ready to go now - need to book it in. Other vehicles are September - so no sweat there. Van booked in for 24th May.

11am - Starting the TABS:
1.25pm - finished notifications - and everybody found easily on the Book of Faces.
Amounts to over £850 - so a couple of hours well spent.

New Booking today for a birthday party in June. On the 23rd so will be a quick turn around from the next Curious Pastimes event - but it is at Tournament Stud - a site we know well. One day event - but since we have had Cow Pie and the Jhereg event cancelled under us so far this year - it would be rude not to enjoy.
Took the opportunity of updating the Crimson Moon Website while there. The Events listing and the main page.
Had a lovely picture taken while at Glastonbury - by a photographer called Nigel - "Point & Shoot"  Medieval Photography - changed my profile picture on FB.

Quick check of the lists :
  1. Cash Up last day [done]
  2. Check event finances [done]
  3. Start new year book on spreadsheet  [done]
  4. Upload photos from event (not many this time)
  5. Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  6. Check Mail  [done]
  7. Check accounts for outstanding bills
  8. Check Streamline - Credit / Debit Account [done]
  9. Go through Outstanding TABS and inform customers of amounts and payment details on BACS. [done]
  10. Tax Van [done]
  11. Check MOT's for all vehicles.  [done]
  12. Washing up from event catering  [done]
  13. Tapestries Drying  [done]
  14. Cloths - de-waxed and washed
  15. Hangings washed   [done]
  16. First set Canvass sides drying  [done]
  17. Second set of sides drying
  18. Website Updated   [done]
  19. Stock Check 
  20. Transfer cash to Susie for catering   [done] 
Hmm - done the calculations for the event - and does not make good reading. 25% down on last year - but I suppose it was an exceptionally cold event with poor weather and not the sort to drive people into the Tavern - particularly with the soft drinks which I am holding large stocks now.

All the Tabs reported  - a couple came back questioning the content - listed the tab and  happy with detail. One queried and thinks that others put drinks on his tab . Have queried back with the girls in case we can see what may have happened. Scanned the tab and sent to  Pip and the customer .. will see if we can identify anyone playing the tab game ...
and so to bed ....

Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 10th 2012 - Unloading and Checking....

Thursday morning - central heating still on - and the rain is still falling.
Up at 8am - seems to be a habit these days and a cup of tea to get the world starting.
Delft seems to think that we ought to be going for a walk - and is bouncing all around the room. I have tried to persuade her that walks are an "event" thing - and that she need s to get back to normal - whatever that is.

Trailer is parked in the Masonic Hall - full. Van has been divested of immediate items last night - but now requires to get the rest out - including all the damp canvass. Not soaking wet for the main part - thank goodness - but damp enough to rot over the next week or so if left. Will have to experiment with the power hose to see if we can clean any of it since it is wet anyway.

  1. Empty Van   [done ]
  2. Empty Trailer of stock to house   [done ]
  3. Cash Up last day
  4. Check event finances
  5. Start new year book on spreadsheet 
  6. Upload photos from event (not many this time)
  7. Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  8. Check Mail 
  9. Check accounts for outstanding bills
  10. Check Streamline - Credit / Debit Account
  11. Go through Outstanding TABS and inform customers of amounts and payment details on BACS.
  12. Tax Van 
  13. Check MOT's for all vehicles.
That should do for starters.....   Time now 8.45am ....

11am - rain stops play ...
12.20pm - Van unloaded. Not even loaded Facebook yet - must be a first !!
2.15pm - Trailer emptied of main stock and all the wet stuff and put onto the hard-standing.

[where we live the back lane provides access to our back yard, hard standing and warehouse 13 that Susie built. ( Gallery  ) - however the long wheel base Mercedes van cannot back the trailer into the space as the turning circle is wrong.  Therefore - enough of the trailer has to be empties before we can reverse the trailer in - using the Suzuki 4 x 4 - which really isn't designed for 3.5 tonne trailers!!! ]

9pm - Closed for the day
Looking at the list - didn't really get much done !
Only the hard lifting stuff!!

Nice home-made stir fry for dinner and a glass of Blush - ... or two ...
Will have to look at the last few days and add some references for the time away
Too difficult to blog while away I think...

So end of the day - did not manage many from the list
Cleared Facebook backlog - 129 notifications, 23 messages and 7 new "friends"
couple of nice photos posted

Somehow still remember from the event "Fatal Tastes of Strawberry"

May 9th 2012 - The Journey Home..

Woke from the sleep of the dead - though on a very bouncy inflatable bed. Had to crawl on hands and knees to get out and found the first hour very painful form aching bones and joints. Yesterday was a very tiring, fast take down and my body was telling me all about it now!!.
 Visited Goldenray the Bio-diesel people in the morning - collected Methanol and some chemicals that we need. Was easier having left the trailer at PACCAR scout camp - and was just a quick jaunt to Hugh Wycombe. Van is heavy - but still bouncing so not right down on the suspension. Does not look too low either.

Back to PACCAR and pick up the trailer. Bottle of Mead for the Warden Steve and his wife - and arrangements made for the August Bank Holiday to stretch the take down across an extra day - so we don't kill ourselves trying to do it too quickly. Lovely fellow, says - "stay till Friday if you want"  - we won't but it is nice to know that we could.

Day of rain shows that we made the right decision in getting everything down yesterday.
Would have been a nightmare today. Trailer is well balanced and the extra weight does not appear to affect at all. Examined from outside and it does not looked overweight - though I think we are probably very close to the maximum train weight of 6.3 tonnes.

Return in reasonable time - but the weather is horrific. 464 miles return journey in all.

Abandon the trailer in the Car Park and empty the essentials from the van.
Hot Soup and cheese on toast and a bottle of wine and too tired to have a shower....   tomorrow is another day...  
May 8th 2012 - The Weather Gods are Smiling..

Tuesday... Rain all through the night and the glade is quiet this morning. Dee and Mark are still here as is Joe from "Having a Larp" - but the glade is once more saturated. The trailer is pulled up to the side of the tent - on a slight downhill to the road and the van is on the only solid piece of ground in front of us - ready for loading.
Decision early is that we will have to split the tents into section in order to store them.
Also looking at the extra stock - I have serious considerations about taking a load to Nancy and coming back - but decide to give it a try first. We can always load and see how the trailer tows and remove extra stock if necessary.

Load goes well - and though a very tiring day - we manage to get the whole thing packed away into the trailer and van. We are very heavy but do not seem to be running too low.
Weather Gods shine on us again - the rain holds off all day and by the time the top comes down - the breeze has dried it to the extent that it can be packed in once piece, The Sides are also drying well by the time that they are folded. Bot bone dry - but only dampness at the edges. They will need to come out when we get home - but they are not soaked and they are not heavy. (well not that heavy!!)

Leave the trailer at PACCAR and head for Nancy's. We are both very dirty and very tired. We did very little pack down last night - so we have done the whole 4 master plus two in less than 12 hours.
We are going to feel it tomorrow I think.

9pm by the time we get to Aylesbury for shower and  a hot meal. And a night inside - strange how hot the house feels ......
May 7th 2012 - Battles and Rain...

May 6th 2012 - Reclaiming the Tavern..

Sunday...Quick resume - battle, lots of dead, and undead, Bothvar and the Wolves realise that there are no Fir Cruthen  protecting the Tavern and since the "Widow" is being made outlaw again - it is better for her to be re-united into the Wolves - which allows the wolves to reclaim the Tavern..
So that is what  happened - gallery here

Few drinks and everybody is happy ... well the kiddies enjoyed it

Good night

May 5th 2012 - Bynt Naming..

It is important to make sure that all your Bynts have a proper Name...
In this case - we have Bex joining us - and though it seems unlikely - she has been flashing her knickers at all and sundry - and I have never caught a glimpse !!  I can tell that you are shocked !!

However - after much deliberation - the consensus is that Knickerbocker Bynt will be appropriate  ..
After much soul searching - this was added to Knickerbocker Glory Bynt - as Knickerbocker ( or KB) was too complicated ...   I think that she may end up as Glory Bynt - the Knickerbocker being understood..
May 4th 2012 - Let the Games begin..

Friday Morning - easy day really ... players will start arriving through the day ...
General clear up first thing but not really that much mess - managed to clear much of it last night.
Bottles already separated - just quickly separated the glass and the plastic in the main bins and had brought some blue bags form home to distinguish that they were separated.

Cash up - and work through the TAB book  ..
Separating each page into three for columns works well.
All names are recognisable and known - and properly identified - so no need to chase any up during the day.
Totalled every TAB up and drew line under to show what was Thursday TAB,
Often get queries from players / game team who do not get much chance to enter the bar later - that the TAB is too high - helps to show what was on the Thursday - the response tends to be - "Oh that would be it".
A forty or fifty pound TAB sounds better when they realise that the first day they spent £20-  ( not too bad for one evening drinking with mates) and then another £30 over three days  - which is only £10 a day.

Steady afternoon - and the Newbie Briefing is as usual fun. Richard watches carefully !! The new rule changes mean that over half the audience are the refs and game team themselves.
After the Briefing people drift away and I explain that when "Time-In" comes - we will probably be dead for an hour or so as the game starts.

Make a decision to kit up and travel the camps with "Radgast" (Richard) at time in - to see what is happening and give him a feeling for roleplay....  

7pm - Time In...
May 3rd 2012 - Calm before and in the Storm

Thursday before event...
A quick and late summary really after the fact.
Thursday was a dry day and fairly easy after the set up with the extra hand - Richard.
Deliveries all came in with no problems,
Party Plastics left the glasses at the Warden's office - and Richard manfully carried one back when returning form the loo - but the scouts brought the remainder over in the tractor which was kind.
Booker's arrived - with a slightly stressed delivery manager - Stuart - having to do the delivery himself - but by that time we had Pippa and a few hands to help, and Susie had rigged up a tarpaulin shelter out back for the stock. Managed in good time - and Susie ticked off the items as they came in which was an improvement on me running around with the clipboard after the delivery was finished - which was last year's method.

Sadly for Stuart, he had forgotten to put the tobacco products in - and as they accounted for over £1,000 - he would have to make another run. Luckily for him - he was delivering int he area again on the morrow - so I said he could wait till then - he seemed relieved.

Vitis came in and by that time we had Richard's partners with us. Had to explain that the extra stock was for Cow Pie - and that I was anticipating selling at least 3-4 cases of each Mead and a lot of the country wines at that event - rather than this - but it still looks a lot of wine and mead for a three day event. They haven't seen the CP crew when in action!!

Managed to open at 3pm - the licensed time and we were ready for the influx.
Good to see old friends again - most not see since August last year - Renewal.
Usual motley crew but numbers seem to be down ... though as I recall we experienced the same last year.
Of course - last year the traders and the food concessions were outside the play area - and the traders are all set up in our compound now - and the food concessions ( including Loads of Waffle ) are behind us...
So last year we accounted for the loss of trade by the set up - this year - we should have everything going for us  - good site, good location - just dependent upon the weather which seems uncharacteristically cold.

Sam and Pippa are with us for the evening as well as Richard - and Susie decides that we can stretch the corn beef hash between us so we close the bar at 7pm for half an hour. Jim (Pembridge) pops his head around and asks if we want him to serve while we are eating and we let him get on with it ..  Excellent having so many mates who are "moonies" ..

Thursday evening follows its normal course - though many are a little less exuberant than some former years - must all be getting older.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

May 2nd 2012 - Blogging by Candlelight....

Day 2 at event - and the rain is steadily falling - though lightly - onto the canvass above me. The fire is dwindling and I have glass of scotch by my side as I fire up the laptop in an otherwise medieval landscape.
We got the kitchen/living ten up last night with no trouble - after failing to get the trailer onto the intended plot. Ground far too soft and sticky -even with a borrowed Land Rover Defender to assist. Cut our losses and decided to unload everything and not have a Stock Trailer for this event. I think we may have decided the same last year !!

Most of the set up done today. 4 Master added. Bar in. Glasses delivered. Dressing almost complete. Only a small amount to do tomorrow. We should be fairly on time.

Forecast for next few days not great - but acceptable.

Tomorrow - Bookers, Vitis deliveries, and hopefully open by lunchtime.

Ho Hum - time for bed .....

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May 1st 2012 - No time to get on line

Steady journey up the M4 - bit of a hitch at junction 17 with an accident - but get to site by mid afternoon.
Weather surprisingly good after the weather forecasts and we get the living tent up with no problems Gin o'clock and see what tomorrow brings