Saturday, 26 May 2012

26th May 2012 - Sunny Saturday

First cup of tea always tastes the best. Sun shining so will have to get the canvass put together early before the sun gets too hot.
Photo galleries moved on well last night - so 2012 is up to date on the website.
Have to look at 2011 as I was a little remiss and did not get many photo galleries up and running last year.
2010 has 9 galleries to update before hitting any of the old style.
Started the Caldicot gallery - and added a "Quick News" section to the front of the webpage.

Canvas nicely rolled up - gosh it is lighter when it is dry and sunny !!

3pm and the heat is really ... err   well hot !!!  Trailer mainly stacked and packed. Decision made to take two trips - so the van will be filled with the remaining tents and suchlike and come back for the stock.
Can't put anything in the van 'cos of the MOT on Monday  - so getting to the stage where I can think about stopping for the moment.

Susie has her costume for the wedding sorted - made a new corset to "steampunk" the dress. Haven't quite decided how I will be dressing yet ...
Steampunk - for the uninitiated is defined in this short song...

Have a Race Night this evening which we have licensed - but is a charity evening so not running the bar or anything- just attending. Bought Susie a horse - named it Beltane Bride after the Beltane marriage at the last Curious Pastimes event.

Might need a shower to cool off before doing anything else...

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