Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 9th 2012 - The Journey Home..

Woke from the sleep of the dead - though on a very bouncy inflatable bed. Had to crawl on hands and knees to get out and found the first hour very painful form aching bones and joints. Yesterday was a very tiring, fast take down and my body was telling me all about it now!!.
 Visited Goldenray the Bio-diesel people in the morning - collected Methanol and some chemicals that we need. Was easier having left the trailer at PACCAR scout camp - and was just a quick jaunt to Hugh Wycombe. Van is heavy - but still bouncing so not right down on the suspension. Does not look too low either.

Back to PACCAR and pick up the trailer. Bottle of Mead for the Warden Steve and his wife - and arrangements made for the August Bank Holiday to stretch the take down across an extra day - so we don't kill ourselves trying to do it too quickly. Lovely fellow, says - "stay till Friday if you want"  - we won't but it is nice to know that we could.

Day of rain shows that we made the right decision in getting everything down yesterday.
Would have been a nightmare today. Trailer is well balanced and the extra weight does not appear to affect at all. Examined from outside and it does not looked overweight - though I think we are probably very close to the maximum train weight of 6.3 tonnes.

Return in reasonable time - but the weather is horrific. 464 miles return journey in all.

Abandon the trailer in the Car Park and empty the essentials from the van.
Hot Soup and cheese on toast and a bottle of wine and too tired to have a shower....   tomorrow is another day...  

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