Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 4th 2012 - Let the Games begin..

Friday Morning - easy day really ... players will start arriving through the day ...
General clear up first thing but not really that much mess - managed to clear much of it last night.
Bottles already separated - just quickly separated the glass and the plastic in the main bins and had brought some blue bags form home to distinguish that they were separated.

Cash up - and work through the TAB book  ..
Separating each page into three for columns works well.
All names are recognisable and known - and properly identified - so no need to chase any up during the day.
Totalled every TAB up and drew line under to show what was Thursday TAB,
Often get queries from players / game team who do not get much chance to enter the bar later - that the TAB is too high - helps to show what was on the Thursday - the response tends to be - "Oh that would be it".
A forty or fifty pound TAB sounds better when they realise that the first day they spent £20-  ( not too bad for one evening drinking with mates) and then another £30 over three days  - which is only £10 a day.

Steady afternoon - and the Newbie Briefing is as usual fun. Richard watches carefully !! The new rule changes mean that over half the audience are the refs and game team themselves.
After the Briefing people drift away and I explain that when "Time-In" comes - we will probably be dead for an hour or so as the game starts.

Make a decision to kit up and travel the camps with "Radgast" (Richard) at time in - to see what is happening and give him a feeling for roleplay....  

7pm - Time In...

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